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September 28, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Stunning girl on the street reveals thick, huge bush for Rodney to pummel!

"Free Shoes and Cum" - Rodney stops Kayla on the street and offers her a new pair of shoes if she'll help him out. He's doing marketing research and needs her opinion of the shoes on video. She goes on tape, but now he needs her to fill out a release form. This requires her to go back to his place, where he can't help but notice that she has a huge bush. He devours it, then sticks his dick in it. They suck and fuck, and he cums all over her face. - featuring Kayla Crawford & Rodney

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September 21, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Beautiful hairy girl with dangerous curves wants
to show you every inch of her perfect hairy body!

"Fun in the Jacuzzi" - Honey Bunch is a voluptuous all-natural and very hairy girl from the Bay Area. Her big natural DD's love to swing free, bouncing up and down and side to side. Her wooly armpit hair peeks out from under her arms and you can't wait to see more. Her long dark hair frames her pretty face, and her thick hairy bush just calls out to be touched and licked. Honey jumps in the jacuzzi and gets all soapy. She pulls out a pink dildo to pleasure herself. She loves every moment of showing off all her special hairy spots and her hot clit that brings her orgasm! - featuring Honey Bunch


September 14, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Wild and wooly 3 way with real life lesbo lovers
who share everything! They even share a huge Rodney Blast
with one lesbo tasting the cum on her lips and inside her lover's mouth!

"Share and Share A-Lesbo" - Tate comes over to do her first-ever porn shoot. She's right in the middle of sucking Rodney's cock, when there's some serious pounding on the door. It's Tate's real-life lover, Devon, and she's pissed! Seems the two girls have been IRL lesbian lovers for 3 years, and Devon is angry that Tate has broken her vow to lay off men. But soon, Rodney is getting laid by both of them. He does them from behind while they kiss and lick each other's hairy pussies, and they end up in a wild 3-way. Devon takes a faceful of cum, and Tate kisses her cummy lips. - featuring Tate & Devon & Rodney

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September 7, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Gorgeous hairy girl gets a Rodney Blast in her hairy armpit!
Rodney spoons the goo into her mouth to drool all over her hot bod!

"Hairy Bargain" - Rodney is offloading a guitar and Laila is interested but it might be too much. She is willing to bargain and wants to use her hairy pussy to help sweeten the deal. Rodney's love of hairy pussy wins and soon he is licking Laila and making her moan. This deal gets more sweet when Laila gives Rodney a blowjob . After worshiping Laila's hairy pussy some more Rodney gives her hairy armpit a Rodney Blast and spoons the goo from her armpit straight into her mouth to play with! She makes even more of a sexy mess drooling the spunk all over herself! - featuring Laila & Rodney


August 31, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Pretty Lily and her hairy pussy wants you to
watch her wild ride with a purple vibe to the Big O!

"Pretty Lily Goes Solo" - Pretty Lily is the girl next door. She is delicate and soft-spoken. But guess what? She is super horny and loves to masturbate! She has a pretty pussy that is so hairy and very wet. She is willing to take you on her sexy ride with a teeny plaid skirt and a purple vibe she likes that always leads her to the Big O. Ready to watch? - featuring Lily Cameron


August 24, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Hot red-headed MILF with lactating boobs gets an outdoor
fucking and a huge Rodney Blast straight into her dirty mouth!

"Wet Hippie" - Pretty Luna is a Horny Hairy Girl who hasn't shaved in five years. She's got hot hairy arms, legs and bush. Want to see? Well, she's eager to show you. So let's go some place more private so that she can put on a little show with the new huge toy to play she has! - featuring Anna May & Rodney

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August 17, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Hot hairy girl puts on an extra private
show for you with her HUGE toy!

"Luna's Private Show" - Pretty Luna is a Horny Hairy Girl who hasn't shaved in five years. She's got hot hairy arms, legs and bush. Want to see? Well, she's eager to show you. So let's go some place more private so that she can put on a little show with the new huge toy to play she has! - featuring Luna Rae

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August 15, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Cute XL chunky first timer, gets her first on
camera spanking, sucking and fucking.
She even gets a first time ass reaming and
cum swallow with huge Rodney Blast!

"The Big Fuck" - Mellissa is a chunky lady who's looking for some big fun. Rodney is a Chubby enthusiast with a chubby of his own. Watch as Mellissa's horny urges lead her to suck and fuck for the very first time in front of the camera. She strips down and let's Rodney spank her big ass, then she sucks his cock until it's wet and hard. Then Rodney pounds her pussy, shaking that massive frame of hers as they fuck. He tests her tight asshole for a first time reaming. Finally he rewards her hungry mouth with a dollop of goo. - featuring Mellissa & Rodney


August 10, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

2 hairy cuties show each other their butts which
leads to wet hairy pussy licking and hot hairy strap on action!

"Butt Wiggling Contest" - Honey and Michelle are asked to join a Butt Wiggling Contest so they immediately start practicing, showing each other their moves. They are down on the floor, shaking their hot asses when they realize they need to get ready to go, but Michelle says her panties are wet. She proves it by pulling them down and showing Honey her moist bush. Honey loves what she sees and wants to see more so she takes of her friend's shirt too. Soon they are both naked and exploring each others hot hairy bodies. Honey goes down on Michelle, making her even more wet. She takes out some vibrating toys and each one takes a turn pleasuring the other. Finally, Honey dons her purple strap-on and fucks Michelle. Now they're ready to go win that contest! - featuring Honey Bunch & Michelle Carlucci

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August 1, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Rodney convinces beautiful girl with big bush not to shave
it by pounding that furry pussy till he cums all over her pretty face!

"Bye-Bye-Bush! " - Simone has got something on her mind. The temptation is just too great. It's the bush she is gonna shave it. Just when she is about to shave that big beautiful bush of hers, Rodney arrives! Just in time! Eager to show her just how beautiful her hair really is, he dives into her muff right away licking and loving her hairy pussy. He shows her the most important reason she shouldn't shave - because her hairy bush makes his cock hard. He rubs his dick across her shaggy carpet before plunging it into her fur-pie. She squeals in delight as he bangs her hairy hole hard. Then she shows her gratitude by sucking his cock. Rodney showers her face in his own special cream but at least it's not shaving cream! - featuring Simone Delilah and Rodney


July 27, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Cute hairy redhead like to pummel her hairy
pussy and tight little hole with dildos!

"Hair To Play " - Hot little redhead Meka needs some action. Her soft round curves needs some attention. She plays with her full breasts and then moves on to her super hairy red bush! That lush bush is ready for more though and she lubes up a purple butt plug and happily stuffs her little asshole and then teases her little pink clit with a pink vibrator. She works that juicy pussy, asshole and clit till she cums all over the dildos and is finally satisfied. - featuring Meka


July 25, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Chunky hotel clerk finds her inner porn slut for foot fetish and rough tit play!
She gets the ride of a lifetime while getting her tits and ass manhandled!
The drooly slut gets a HUGE Rodney Blast to her glasses and licks up every drop!

"Sloppy Slut" - Chunky MILF concierge Auburn comes to give Rodney some fresh towels and notices his light setup. She asks if he is doing porn. He says he is doing foot worshipping vids and asks her is she wants to try it out. She does and Rodney goes to town on her toes. Now it's her turn to suck his toes and his cock. Turns out she likes being told what to do and gets told to give the sloppiest blow job and she delivers. She also likes rough tit play and gets worked over with the whip and riding crop and a banging kitty fuck. Rodney fucks her hard while he smacks her big floppy tits. Then he fucks her from behind while he shoves his foot in her mouth at the same time. She yells she is a sloppy wet whore that needs her tits spanked and her mouth filled with cock, spit and cum. Rodney isn't done with this dirty porn slut. He scratches and spanks her big ass til it's bright red. He smacks her boobs with the crop til he pops a huge blast all over her glasses. She takes them off of her face and that dirty slut licks them clean! - featuring Auburn Sunshine and Rodney


July 21, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Horny redhead will do anything for wifi! She squirts and sucks
her way to a hot fucking where everyones orgasm is thick and wet.

"WiFi Furry Fuck" - Curvy, busty redhead Jonnie comes to neighbor Rodney's place because she can't get her internet working. She asks if she can use his wifi password. He is skeptical since he's afraid that his girlfriend may monitor his activity. Jonnie really needs to to look at some things today. To convince him to give it up she is gonna give it up. Jonnie happily reveals her gigantic soft boobs and yummy hairy pussy. She asks him if he wants to lick her hairy pussy. He does. Little does she know he is the master at working some pussy and works her good. Once she gets a taste of his oral skills, she wants his cock in her pussy. She works for it first by giving him some superb sucking on his huge cock. Then she rides him hard, bouncing up and down while her big ass and boobs bounce all over the place. Then she goes in for more cock sucking, licking up all her wet pussy juice and slurping up a storm. This girl is is crazy horny, and Rodney works her up so much she spreads those legs wide and goes to town on her till she squirts leaving her gaping wanting hole even more wet with squirt and girl cum juice. She is so grateful for the awesome fucking she sucks his cock one more time till he splashes her face with boat loads of thick cum. She tastes it and then swirls it around her pretty face to give it that, I just had an orgasm glow! So will Rodney give her his wifi pass? - featuring Jonnie Brightside and Rodney


July 20, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Two Seattle grunge girls take turns playfully
caress their fluffy muffs in the great outdoors.

"Hairy Girls in Love " - Hot Seattle grunge girls Lucy and Raven are very naughty. The cute pair a very hairy and are also exhibitionists. The two love birds go out for a walk and can't help but to play with each others furry armpits. They taking turns to playfully spank each others bare butts and caressing each others fluffy muffs while avoiding detection. - featuring Lucy & Raven


July 13, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Super hairy Viola has a wild and wooly snatch and hair all over.
She invites Rodney to fuck her and splash her with a HUGE Rodney Blast!

"Hairy Viola" - Viola invites Rodney to join her at a Bed and Breakfast. She shows him her extremely hairy pussy, which he can't resist munching on. Before long she's on her knees chewing and sucking on his throbbing pecker. Then Rodney slips his cock into her wild, wooly snatch and starts thrusting it in and out like crazy. He finishes her off with a big sticky Rodney Blast all over her kisser. - featuring Viola

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July 6, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Hairy hippie chick exhibitionist flashes all over
town and the works her hairy pussy to orgasm!

"Hairy Hippie" - Madoula is a hairy hippy chick from Vancouver who visits Seattle to pose on Broadway in Capital Hill, then she shows off her body in Volunteer Park and the Seattle Aboretum, the high point being her spread eagle pose in a tree, where she masturbates herself to orgasm just seconds before a group of people come walking down the path. This hairy girl is a horny hairy exhibitionist! - featuring Madoula

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June 29, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Horny hairy boating bimbos are hungry for each others hairy hooch!

"Hairy Boat Ride" - Charity notices Christi being too lazy on the back of the boat, so she tosses some cold Lake Washington water on her back. Christi jumps up, calls Charity a hairy bitch, and spanks her butt repeatedly. Now they are both too horny, so they take turns licking each other's hairy twats. - featuring Charity & Christi


June 22, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Gorgeous natural camper sleeps in the nude and then gets down
and dirty with Rodney's cock! Naturally she gets a huge Rodney Blast!

"Bag Lady" - While hiking through the Olympic Mountains, Rodney finds Angelina in her sleeping bag. But there's her clothes spread out next to the bag. Which means she's NAKED in there. After begging and pleading, she lets him watch her get dressed, but not before letting him lick her hairy pussy. He offers her a ride, and they head indoors where much fucking and sucking takes place. Angelina's beautiful face gets covered with a Rodney Blast. She slurps up the the Rodney Blast like it was her last meal. - featuring Angelina Smith


June 15, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Super hairy and hot Ember shows off every
inch of her luscious hairy body before she cums!

"Very Hairy Ember" - Very hairy Ember knows you like to see hairy girls and boy does she have something to show you. It seems that since we last saw her, she's been busy growing lots of hair all over her sexy body, including her snatch. She is so horny after caressing and fingering her extra fluffy and thick body hair. She goes on to play with her nipple hair. She runs her hands all over her thighs and arm pits to feel all the lush hair. She even gives you a very up close and personal view of her hairy tight asshole. Finally can't help herself anymore and she has to finger her wet hole till she cums. - featuring Ember


June 8, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Messy drooly pussy licking, even messier tag
team blowjob and sex romp with 2 sexy hairy girls!

"Loud Plant" - Sexy maid Skylar is watering her plants, helping them to grow thick and bushy. Soon she's watering Lena's bushy bush. But maybe a little saliva will be better, so she gets on her knees and licks it. She decides it needs deeper stimulation, namely Rodney's rod. So in he goes, deep into Lena's bush,then pops goo over both their horny faces. - featuring Lena Ramon & Skylar Paige and Rodney


June 1, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Busty Seattle natural beauty stops working on her tan
and starts working on her very hairy pussy till she cums!

"100 Percent All Natural " - Athena is a beautiful, busty Hairy Girl from Seattle who wants nothing more than to bathe in the warm sun, working on her tan. The problem is that she lives in Seattle. So the only other way of getting hot is to go inside and masturbate for you. She plays with her big gorgeous natural breasts, then plays her her gorgeous all natural hairy pussy. - featuring Athena


May 25, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Hairy hippie chick is an outdoor exhibitionist AND
and a wet and messy blowjob enthusiast who gets a crazy big Rodney Blast to her face!

"Bench Spread" - Rodney spots hippie chick Cecilia sitting on a bench with her legs spread and wearing no panties. My what a hairy snatch she has. He takes her home and licks that snatch until it's wet enough to slide his dick into. After lots of fun on the couch, he unloads a big huge facial on her face. - featuring Cecilia and Rodney


May 18, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Beach babe is looking for a hot romp and Rodney
is around to pummel her hairy pussy! She gives him a
throaty blow job and coaxes his cum to cover her smiling face!

"Love Letters In The Sand" - Rodney finds sexy Amber writing in the sand. He writes her a message, she replies and next thing you know they are in the van humping. He licks her hairy bush, she chows down on his rod and she gets a big Rodney Blast. - featuring Amber Ways and Rodney


May 11, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Gorgeous, busty and very hairy cam girl gives
you the goods and fingers her hot and hairy fur pie!

"Show Me the Fuzzy" - Rhys is putting on a hot, hairy web cam show today. Her sexy fishnet one-piece allows her huge pile of pubic hair to poke right through. She teases her viewers with brief glimpses of her thick bush and hairy armpits, until she's ready to strip all the way down and start playing with herself. She fingers her fur-pie, then with a little more support from her customers, out comes her favorite toy, a big black dildo. She spits on it and rubs it between her big titties before ramming it in her hairy pussy. As an extra special treat for her customers, she cums all over the dildo then licks her pussy juices off of it. - featuring Rhys Adams


May 8, Hot HAIRY Update!

Beautiful Hairy Girl with Glorious Full Bush
Totally Submits to Rodney and Offers Up Her ASS!

"Twilite Moon" - Hairy Twilite answers an ad in a underground S&M paper for a submissive wanted. Her new dom is Rodney, who instructs her to do his every wish, including licking his feet, sucking his thick cock, taking it up her hairy snatch and deep inside her hairy asshole. She sucks up his creamy cum and dribbles it into a glass, then drinks it back down. - featuring Twilite Moon

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May 4, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Horny hairy girl takes one for the team and
gets her hairy snatch reamed and a face full of goo!

"Hairy Sacrifice" - Leah is a stripper with a problem. Her unshaved snatch is the problem. Her pubic hair pokes out the sides of her g-string. So boss Rodney can't hire her. She gets upset because now how can she support her unemployed loser boyfriend. Guess she'll have to whore out her body for the cause (keeping her dude supplied with with beer money). So she decides to do the boss, and boss man Rodney is more than willing. First she swallows his throbbing cock up to the root and lets Rodney pump away at her throat. Then she spreads her legs so the boss can thrust deep into that hairy, wet pussy of hers. Next the boss brings out the joyrider so she can hop on and ride' em cowgirl style. And afterwards he rewards her with a creamy Rodney blast all over face. - featuring Leah Stevenson and Rodney


April 27, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Two super beautiful extra hairy girls go at it
and everyone gets the pussy juice! Lesbo hairy rimming, anal
fingering and scissoring are just what these two furry girls needed!

"Furry Photos for Furry Pussy" - Mahonia is taking pics of super hot and hairy model Felix Weatherwood. Mahonia's getting turned on watching the Felix strip down naked showing off her incredible hairy body. She that she really wants to bury her face deep down in her furry bush but Felix wants to keep it professional. Mahonia continues taking photos of Felix pleasuring herself with a dildo. When the shoot is done, Felix leaves Mahonia to examine her pics. Mahonia is so horny and that dildo is just sitting there taunting her. She sucks Felix's pussy juice off of it then shoves it up her own hairy snatch. She's right in the middle of masturbating when Felix comes out of the bathroom. Mahonia begs Felix to let her lick her pussy explaining that she just has to taste her pussy juice. Eventually Felix says yes and lets Mahonia please her pussy with the toy. Then things really start to get kinky. Mahonia licks Felix's pussy and ass. Felix, in return, chows down on Mahonia's sweet bush. They pleasure each others' hairy pussies with the dildo and with their fingers. Mahonia teases Felix's butt hole then crams her fingers into both orifices. Finally the girls start scissoring each other until their both fully satisfied. - featuring Felix & Mahonia


April 20, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Cute black hippie chick is a fee spirit who wants to free Rodney's
sperm to grace her face after tonguing his Rod and tossing his salad!

"Coffee Shop Slut" - Rodney meets black babe Shadow at a coffee shop for an interview. She's ready to rock and roll so they go back to his place. He thinks he'll ask her a few questions to get her warmed up, but the first words out of her mouth are "I want to suck your cock!" Well, why bother with more questions after that. Turns out this cute dark skinned coffee shop girl is pretty nasty. She sucks Rodney's rod and tongues his ass. She really wants Rodney's cream and he gives it to her good. He serves her a huge face full of thick goo. - featuring Shadow Sada and Rodney


April 11, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Mistress Delilah is here to show you the pleasures of a beautiful
hairy DOM! Hairy from head to toe with a penchant for hairy pussy pleasuring!

"Dominant Delilah " - Mistress Delilah is one of the country's most well known dominatrixes. She also happens to be a very hairy girl. We must tell you upfront, her style of play is very rough and not for the timid. You'll get a glimpse of what one of her poor subs must endure by watching this scene. You'll also enjoy just watching a hot sexy girl show off her hairy body, play with a giant dildo and masturbate herself up close. - featuring Mistress Delilah


April 4, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Hot girl with hairy bush and big thick nips rides
Rodney's rod till he pops on her extra fluffy muff!

"Too Hairy To Hire" - Sunshine is at Rodney's studio to do some swimsuit modeling. She looks stunning in the suit but there's a small problem, she's completely hairy. Her legs are covered in fur, her armpits are hairy and her pubes are poking out from the sides of the swimsuit. Rodney can't use her for his client. She's so upset that she can't seem to find work as a model. Rodney assures her it's just because she's hairy and needs to shave but she thinks she's just not pretty enough. To prove her wrong, Rodney shows her how hard his cock is getting just looking at her sexy, lean body. He talks her out of the swimsuit and as she strips, he is even more turned on by her super perky nipples and hirsute body. He wants to rub the tip of his cock on her soft bush but when he does, his dick slips right in. He bangs her hairy pussy good then buries his face in her bush. She lowers her fur covered twat onto his dick and rides it hard. After lots more hot and hairy action, he finally he coats her hairy bush with cream. - featuring Sunshine and Rodney


March 28, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Super cute and extra horny Seattle girl
has a juicy hairy pussy to show you!

"Lovely Lola" - Super cute and petite Lola is a Seattle girl and a bit of a rebel. She knows you like hairy women and wants to show you what she has. Come back to her place so that she can stretch out, relax and show you her unshaved body. She's got hot hairy legs and armpits, but her greatest asset is her big, bushy pussy. Watch her play with that snatch, rubbing her pubes and clit until she cums. - featuring Lola deMilo


March 22, Hot HAIRY Update!

Two Cute Hairy College Girls Go At Each Other!
One of Them Likes a Big Dildo Up Her ASS!

"Natasha & Sabrina" - Natasha and Sabrina, two cute college girls, move into their new pad off campus. They love the room so much that the first thing they want to do is fuck in it. Sabrina even likes a big dildo up her ass! - featuring Natasha & Sabrina

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March 21, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Lick this Blonde Hairy Girl's Pussy
Then Watch Her SUck Cock and Get a Nice Facial!

"Hairy Vagina" - Tiffany shows up at Rodney's place in response to an online ad, "Free Cunnilingus for Hairy Vaginas." As soon as she's inside Rodney gets to work licking her pretty blonde pussy, he even throws in some analingus while he's down there. Tiffany is so pleased with his pussy licking skills that she offers to return the favor and starts sucking his swollen cock. It's not long before Rodney covers face with a healthy dose of hot drippy goo! - featuring Tiffany and Rodney

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March 14, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Cute hairy waitress goes full sexpot
after a taste of that cock!

"Stripper Strike" - Rodney goes to a Strip Club only to find out that all the Strippers are on strike. He asks the cute waitress if she'll strip for him but she tells him there is a No Hair policy in the club - and she has a full bush! Rodney gets excited and talks her into trying out the pole. She's not only got great moves, but beautiful natural tits and a great ass. When he finally sees the pubes she's been packin, his cock comes out rock hard. He snacks on her snatch, then gets his dick deep up inside her. He fucks her hard, she moans as she rides his balls. She spreads her cheeks as she takes him deep in her wet pussy. Then her gives her a Monster Facial. - featuring Tatiana Kush and Rodney


March 8, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Un-WOKE Wednesday Hot Update, Where We Up-Rez a FUN Fantasy Scene from the PAST
that Some TODAY Might Consider Politically Incorrect!
Today Rodney's HAIRY GIRL friend brings over a LESBIAN to do a Girl/Girl Scene. Rodney Can't Understand
Why She'll Suck on a Dildo, When She Can Suck on the REAL THING Being WAVED in her FACE!

"Another Dyke Bites the Dust" - My hot hairy friend Sapphire has found a new girl, but she's only willing to do girl/girl. Why? Because she's a Lesbian. She's on her way, so since I won't be able to do her, Sapphire gives me a little nookie. When Simone (a real lesbian) arrives, I can't believe she hasn't sucked a man in over 5 years. She's got great tits, so I keep trying to get her to try a man again until finally I get to put my dick in the dyke's mouth. She watches me fuck Saphire, then they share the big load. - featuring Sapphire, Simone and Rodney

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March 7, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Gorgeous hairy friends cheer each other up by
caressing and licking every hot inch of their hairy bodies!

"Too Hot Too Hairy" - Morgan is upset when her boyfriend breaks up with her so she calls her friend Veronica for support. She comes over to cheer her up and the first thing she tells her is that she needs to have fun asap. She gets her on her feet to dance and that makes her feel a little better, but when she gets her off her feet and eats her hairy pussy, that makes her feel alive! Watch as these two hot hairy girls love and lick each other all over. - featuring Scarlett and Rodney


February 28, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

What to do when you are too hairy and too hot? Drool up a
storm and suck cock to get a cool spunk splash to the face!

"Too Hot Too Hairy" - Scarlett is too hot. Literally, too hot. Even after she gets all the way naked, she's still SO hot. She tries to cool her hairy body with a fan but it's just not working. Rodney has a solution! He rubs down her hot, hairy body with an ice cube. He rubs it all over her especially where where all that hair keeps her warm. But she's STILL hot. Maybe she just needs something to take her mind off of how hot she is. Maybe if she sucks Rodney's cock, she won't think about the heat. She gives Rodney a drool-filled blow job. Slobber soaks her tits and her hairy pussy but at least she's not hot anymore. She rubs her drool into her thick bush. Then plunges her fingers deep into her wet pussy. Then it's back to more intense cock-sucking. Rodney cums in her mouth and all over her lips. Maybe all that spunk will finally keep her cool! - featuring Scarlett and Rodney


February 21, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Super cute hairy girl gives you a personal tour of her hot
and hairy body and then toys her yummy wet muff just for you!

"Hairy Delight" - Cute hairy girl Rozie wants you to come and enjoy her hairy delights. You start out by kissing her and then working your way down to lick her furry armpits. Don't forget about those big nipples! You start sucking on her puffy nipples and fondling her huge natural breasts. She knows you want to lick her butt so she spreads her ass cheeks wide and lets you bury your face in her furry crack. Finally you get to the prize you're really after, her massively hairy pussy. Be sure to lick that fur-pie good, getting it nice and wet. She wants pleasure herself and she wants you to be a good boy and watch. So sit back and enjoy as she plunges her fingers and her dildo up her hairy snatch. - featuring Rozie Cheeks


February 20, 2023 Monday Memories Hot Update

Another of My ALL TIME Favorite Scenes Gets UP-Rez'd!!
Super Cute and SUPER HAIRY Twilite Moon Goes APE FOR ANAL
in This HOT SCENE of Hairy ASS FUCKING and Messy FACIAL!
PLUS..Twilite Was an ANAL VIRGIN prior to this SHOOT!!

"Ape for ANAL" - Rodney spots Twilite Moon and notices she's very pretty, and pretty HAIRY. He offers her a stuffed toy at his hotel room. She loves the Teddi Bear, and rewards Rodney by letting him lick her SUPER FURRY PUSSY till she cums. Then she sucks him, and he goes right for her asshole with his cock. He shoots a huge load of goo into her mouth. This was not only Twilite's first anal scene, it was also her first anal experience! - featuring Twilite Moon and Rodney

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February 15, 2023 Un-WOKE Wednesday Hot Update

Where We Up-Rez a FUN Fantasy Scene from the PAST
that Some TODAY Might Consider Politically Incorrect!
Today Super HAIRY Annie Body Luvs To Be Played With!

"Petting Annie Body" - In this fantasy scene, Annie Body is SUPER Hairy! She has super long thick curly hair on her head, and a glorious red thick bush. She loves to be petted, and she loves to suck cock. She really enjoys her big thick Rodney Blast. - featuring Annie Body and Rodney

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February 14, 2023 Hot HAIRY Update!

Cute Hairy Girls Ember & Katrina Blow Rodney and SWAP CUM!

"Hairy Show" - Rodney hires Ember and Katrina, a couple of beautiful unshaved ladies, to put on a show for him. They strip each other down, showing off their hairy armpits and furry legs. Then, they start petting each other's hairy pussies. Rodney convinces the girls to crawl to him and start sucking his cock. Both girls chow down hungrily at his meat. He gooes up both their faces with a huge load that the girls' swap back and forth. - featuring Ember, Katrina and Rodney

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Nicole & Autumn     "Hairy Helper"

February 7, 2023    

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Autumn tries to help her shy friend Nicole to get her boyfriend to have sex with her. She shows her how to undress sexily, then can't resist licking her beautiful hairy bush. Nicole returns the favor too. When Autumn puts on the strap-on, Nicole drops to her knees and sucks it, then Autumn plunders her prime hairy pussy.

Eve Eden     "Succulent Statue"

January 31, 2023    

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Rodney finds a statue of a hot redhead on the beach. As he admires how lifelike and succulent the staue is, he notices that it even has real pubic hair, and when he touches it, she comes to life! Now just like a statue, his massive penis has turned to stone. So not one to waste an opportunity he slides it deep in her pussy for some quick action. Then he gets a better idea, so he takes her back to his van where it starts a rockin' (so don't be a knockin'). The van is fun, but way too small, so he drives her to his place where she rides his pole hard until he serves up a hot and sticky Rodney Blast for her to swallow!

Khira Khan     "Too Cute"

January 29, 2023     TRAILER

JOIN NOW and watch Cute and Hairy Khira Khan

Khira has searched all over to find Rodney, because she desparately wants to be in a Cumm Sistas movie. She knocks on Rodney's door, ready to go. Rodney is more than willing to do her, but looking at her, he tells her she's too cute to be in a porn movie, she doesn't look like a porn ho. But she really wants him to fuck her on video, suck his cock, lick his ass and enjoy a huge Rodney Blast. She finally convinces him to drop his pants and let her have at his hard cock!!

Kaci Starr     "Locker Room Warm-Up"

January 24, 2023    

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Pretty Kaci is having trouble opening her locker so she asks Mark for his help. When he opens her locker he sees some sex toys at the bottom. Kaci explains that getting off before working out is part of her routine and good for her tight, petite body. To show him how thankful she is for getting her locker open she gives his dick a workout and in the end he sprays Kaci's hairy pussy with his goo.

Tiffany     "Hairy Pussy Passion"

January 17, 2023    

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Hipster Hairy girl Tiffany wants to play with you today. She tempts you with her long hairy legs and sweet hairy pits. She has a lot more to show you. The pleasures of hairy pussy are about to get up close and personal for you. She wants to show you her little asshole too!. She is a dirty little thing and soon needs to fills her hairy pussy hole with a big purple dildo. She probes her pussy with passion and gets off right in front of you giving you a very real and hairy orgasm!

Rebeka Kane     "Afternoon Suck"

January 10, 2023    

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Rodney is relaxing and Rebeka is having fun trying to get him energetic and horny enough to get it on! She uses all the tricks that usually work. She touches his big dick and rubs her hairy pussy in his face. She pulls his pants down and takes his cock in her mouth. She sucks him and is successful, he is ready to return the favor and lick her hot and hairy pussy. Finally, with one hand on her huge boobs and one on his cock, Rodney douses her pubes with a well deserved Rodney Blast!

Tess Morgan     "Game Day Fuck "

January 3, 2022    

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Cute petite Tess wants a massage but her bf wants to watch the game. So she uses the massage chair instead. But she gets horny and starts playing with her already wet hairy pussy. She gets impatient and wants her pussy licked now, so she interrupts his game and shoves her pussy in his face. Now everyone wants some action. She sucks his cock and he pounds her fur pie till he spurts his spunk all over her curly pubes.

Lilly Day     "In Hairy Heat "

Added December 27, 2022    

JOIN NOW and watch Horny and Hairy Lilly Day

Lovely Lilly Day is thinking about some sexy stuff. She was just wishing you would come over so you could have naughty fun! She was also thinking of you licking her hairy bush. Lilly massages her big natural breasts while you take care of her pretty pink pussy. She fingers her hairy muff and gets herself ready for her huge dildo. She pulls out her big toy and starts to suck on it getting it nice and wet so it slides into her furry snatch. She pounds her pussy with that dildo then gets in the joyrider and rides on another one making her huge juggs bounce up and down. She finally makes herself orgasm with her dirty imagination!

Another One of my All Time Favorite Scenes Gets Up-Rez'd.
It's Full Bush Kelly Jean in the Classic "The Rental Agent!"
Kelly Jean outdoes herself in acting, rimming, ass fucking and cum swallowing.

Added December 26, 2022     Hot Hairy TRAILER

JOIN NOW and watch Kelly Jean in the CLASSIC "The Rental Agent"

Kelly Jean is anxious to rent Rodney an apartment. She gets a bonus if he leaves a deposit. But he gets a boner and talks her into letting him deposit it in her mouth. And her hairy pussy. And her butt. Speaking of butts, nasty Kelly sticks her tongue in Rodney's butt, and after drilling her asshole, he gives her 2 Rodney Blasts on her face and in her mouth. She gets the Deposit she wanted.

Slim and hairy nympho gets her ass eaten and pussy licked
before a huge Rodney Blast to her pretty face!

Added December 20, 2022    

JOIN NOW and watch Stacey Stax in "A Taste For Cock"

Stacey is a full on hairy lesbo, at least that's what she tells her friends. It's true that she's very hairy, but when she's on the phone with her best friend, she's also sucking Rodney's Rod. It seems that somewhere along the way, she got a taste for cock and loves it too much to ever give up. And Rodney is only too happy to provide. He snacks on her beautiful bush while she gossips on the phone. He sucks her toes and ass, all the while she chats with her lesbian friend. She makes excuses so that she can put the phone down and get that cock back in her mouth, but soon she's talking away again while he gives her a big Rodney Blast to the face.

Horny hairy girl spends an afternoon playing with her
super hairy body and servicing her wet and juicy pussy!

Added December 13, 2022    

JOIN NOW and watch Myrica in "Lick That Hairy Pussy"

Myrica is with a guy who refuses to lick her hairy pussy. That is clearly not acceptable and she calls you to be the man she needs. As she gets undressed you will be excited to know its more than just her pussy that is hairy. Myrica has sexy hairy armpits. Show her your skills by getting on your knees and plowing your face into her hairy snatch and work your way towards her hairy butt hole. After you've made her wet Myrica decides to play with some toys while you watch her.

Super hairy girls show each other their ultra
hairy pussies and how to get them to orgasm!

Added December 6, 2022    

JOIN NOW and watch Ember & Rebeka Kane in "Hooked on Hairy"

Rebeka is retiring from a hairy girl service to run the agency but needs to find a hairy dancer to replace her. Ember applies, and she certainly is hairy enough, with massive armpit hair and a huge bush. But she's naive about what an dancer actually does. So Rebeka shows her how to handle clients and toys!

Kirsten     "Great Oral Offer "

Added November 29, 2022    

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Wolf finds cute Kirsten lounging on a rooftop. He leaves her a note, offering to lick her hairy snatch. When she reads the note, she gets horny and doesn't want to miss a good pussy licking. Wolf licks her furry twat so well that she returns the favor on his cock, then she really gets turned on riding him until he cums all over her wet furpie.

Hot and hairy office worker
decides to take matters into her horny hands!

Added November 22, 2022    

JOIN NOW and watch Viola Starr in "Frustrated and Hairy"

Viola Starr is enjoying a lunch time quicky when her fuck buddy gets off on her hairy pussy before making sure she gets off. Not only that but he doesn't want to lick her hairy pussy or her hairy armpits! Still feeling horny Viola decides to give you a shot. The noises coming out of her mouth show you have what it takes to get this hairy girl wet. After spending time with you Viola's horny cravings are fulfilled and she is able to get back to work.

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Wild hiker turns out to be hairy AND horny!
Rodney inundates her face with a tsunami of goo!

Added November 15, 2022     Huge Hairy Girl Facial Trailer    

JOIN NOW and watch Cecilia in "Beaver Watch"

While hiking through the woods of Portland, Cecilia warns Rodney to watch out for stray beavers. Little did he know she was speaking of the furry snatch between her long legs. After he spots her hairy twat on display, she gets on her knees in the forest and blows him, then he takes her back to his hotel for some humping, followed by a big blast of goo all over her face, mouth and teeth.

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Vanessa Lopez     "Hooker Alley 3 - OOPS!"

Added November 14, 2022     TRAILER 1     TRAILER 2

JOIN NOW and watch this Cute Latina Hairy Girl Get SUPER NASTY!!

Rodney sees cute Vanessa walking down Hooker Alley. When he propositions her for a "date", she gets completly offended, because "Oops" she's not a hooker. So after apologizing profusely, Rodney offers her a ride home. On the way there, he finds out she's a college student, but she needs money for books and Rodney has money but needs hot sex, so they head back to his place to work out a deal. Once there, at first Vanessa is a little nervous because she has a boyfriend and wants to stay faithful so she sucks his cock just for her books. And she's really getting into it, drooling up a storm and then even lapping away at Rodney's butthole. After some serious knob sucking, Rodney still wants to put his cock in her furry pussy, but she wants to stay faithful to her boyfriend. And the only way to do that is for Rodney to fuck her right in the butt. And does he ever, first with her legs way up in the air, then some hot reverse cowgirl, and finishing up with some deep doggystlye ass fucking before cumming on a plate for her to lick clean!

Sasha and Peaches     "Old Friend"

Added November 8, 2022     TRAILER

JOIN NOW and watch Two Hairy Girls Go At IT

Sasha is excited to see her old girl friend who's visiting. She fondly remembers how well she ate her hairy pussy. But when they get together, Peaches says she has a BF and can't cheat on him. But when Sasha starts crying, Peaches can't take it and gives in the sucks her pussy and fucks her!

New to being hairy, pretty Fawnna just came
over to get her pussy licked and ass fucked.

Added November 1, 2022     Fawnna and Her Gorgeous Tits Takes It Up the Ass BIGTIME Trailer    

JOIN NOW and watch Fawnna in "Hair Today Gone Tomorrow"

Hot Fawnna comes over telling me I should do a sex scene her for Horny Hairy Girls because she has grown all her pubic hair out. But it's stubbly at best, but what the hell, she at least made an effort, so we do a hot anal scene. If only I had known the moment the scene was done, she'd be whipping out that razor blade and going bald again.

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Pretty hairy girl shows you every inch of her hot and hairy body
Of course, she has hair in ALL the right places!

Added October 25, 2022    

JOIN NOW and watch Mahonia in "Hairy Confession"

You and the beautiful Mahonia have just come back from a date when says she has something to show you. What she exposes to you is her sexy hirsute body!!. She invites you to take a closer look at her hairy armpits and furry legs. She pulls off her lacy lingerie revealing her big thick bush. You get in close and lick her hairy pussy. Then you get the honor of watching her pleasure herself with her fingers and dildo. She pumps her shaggy snatch until she's shaking with orgasm.

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Rodney Stops Angelina Smith from Shaving Off All her Body Hair in the Tub!
But She Did Shave her Legs. So Now She Must Be Spanked!

Added October 19, 2022     Hairy Angelina Spanking Trailer 1    Hairy Angelina Spanking Trailer 2

JOIN NOW and watch Angelina in "Just in Time"

Angelina decides to shave all her body hair, even though she knows Rodney will be really pissed. She gets in the tub and shaves her leg hair. But Rodney comes home early and just in time to stop her from shaving her arm pits and hairy bush! But with her leg hair now gone, she must be punished. You'll LOVE this hilarious spanking scene as Rodney adoringly spanks her gorgeous body all over!

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Gorgeous hairy girl gets a top notch fucking in
the ass and big cum shot to drool all over herself with!

Added October 18, 2022     Hairy Lena Trailer 1    Hairy Lena Trailer 2

JOIN NOW and watch Lena in "Hairy Space Invader"

Rodney's playing Space Invaders on his laptop in the park when beautiful brunette Lena walks by and wants to play. After she plays for a few she quits the game exposing an intimate photo of a super hairy pussy on the screen. Lena tells Rodney she has one of those too. Rodney admits that he really loves hairy pussy. He loves taking pictures of hairy pussy too so Lena follows him back to his place. Once inside, Rodney snaps a few pics but is quickly licking and sucking on her fur clad clit. Before long she's sucking his dick while he tugs on her long luscious hair. She rides his stiff rod for a few then sits on Rodney's face as he lubes up her butthole with his tongue. Then she slides her wet ass down onto Rodney's cock. He pounds her sweet tight ass too and in all kinds of positions. Finally he shoots a huge load into her mouth and she lets it dribble down her belly and onto her hairy bush.

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Daring extra hairy girl gets naked outside in the rain and then
comes back in for an even wetter blowjob and messy facial!

Added October 11, 2022    

JOIN NOW and watch Ember in "Hairy Dare"

Rodney dares Ember to run out onto his balcony NAKED, in the cold, in the rain, and where half of downtown Seattle can see her! She does it, then he locks her out. There she is, naked and cold, locked out as traffic goes by. Finally he lets her in, cold and wet and furious at Rodney. But she makes a deal with him, she'll still suck is dick if he agrees to lick her hairy pussy first. Anxious for a blow job, he plunges into her hairy muff. He gives her a long pussy licking before she gets on her knees and starts sucking. She only takes a moment to pleasure her hirsute pussy with her fingers before going right back to sucking and licking on Rodney's rod. Then he plunges his prick into her furry hole. Finally he unleashes his gooey mess into her open mouth and all over her face.

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Hairy nudist hiker is horny for someone to blow and fuck. Rodney gets back
to nature and obliges this hairy cutie splashing her muff with spunk!

Added October 4, 2022     Hot Hairy Kinzy Jo Trailer

JOIN NOW and watch Kinzy Jo in "Birthday Suit Summer Camp"

Rodney is at a campgrounds and goes for a hike. He runs across a lost and naked Kinzy Jo, who has drifted too far from the nudist colony. He can't help get hard when he notices her hairy pussy, and after some coaxing, persuades her to help him out with a blowjob. Now she's a little horny too, so she lets him fuck her, till he shoots goo all over her bush.

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Gorgeous Luka shows off her beautiful
and very hairy body with a smile and a dildo!

Added September 27, 2022     Hot Hairy Luka Trailer

JOIN NOW and watch Luka in "Natural Hair"

Sexy Luka is looking for her boyfriend but finds a letter and huge dildo instead! The letter says since you won't shave you can have the dildo instead of me. Luka can't believe she can't find anyone to enjoy her beautiful wooly hair. Luka is beautiful from head to toe with sexy hair everywhere. Well she takes that dildo and rubs it over her hairy pits and over her belly till she gets to the spot that really counts. Peeling her panties aside with a sexy smile she gets busy with the huge dildo. Her hairy wet pussy is a sight to behold and so is her sweet face while she cums!

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Hairy Ann gives Rodney a hot dip
deep in her wet furry pussy!

Added September 20, 2022    

JOIN NOW and watch Ann Parker in "Peepin' and Pokin'"

Rodney shows up early for an appointment with cute Ann. He accidentally sees her still showering. He notices her hot and hairy bush, and later cannot discuss business with her as he's consumed by the thought of her thick pubes. He whips his dick out, and she decides to let him have a go and lets him deep inside of her alluring hairy snatch.

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Hairy beauty needs help and Rodney
gives it to her AND to her hairy snatch!

Added September 13, 2022    

JOIN NOW and watch Ophelia Unit in "Hangers and Whores"

Pretty Ophelia's locked out of her car, so she sits on the curb lamenting. Her legs are spread, revealing a hairy crotch for the world to see. Rodney can't help staring, but she asks him for a hanger to get into her car. He takes her home, but only has plastic ones. Since they won't bend, they're useless. After seeing her bush, his cock won't bend either, but it's far from useless. It has a definite purpose, plowing away at that hairy snatch, till he pops a hot creamy load all over her hairy pussy

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Sweet girl next door with hairy pussy can't help
to fantasize and play with all her hot body hair and toys!

Added September 6, 2022    

JOIN NOW and watch Teddy Snowflower in "Furry Fantasy"

Teddy fantasizes about you caressing her hairy body. You run your hands up and down her furry legs. You gently lick her hairy armpits and the nipples of her huge natural tits. Then bury your face in her big, furry bush. She moans in ecstasy. Her fingers find their way to her fur-covered clit and she pleasures herself. She fantasizes about you plunging your cock deep into her hairy pussy. Her body twitches in delight as she tells you how good that feels. Too bad it was just a fantasy. Or was it?

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Voluptuous goth girl with big bush gives a hot
handjob till Rodney gives her huge tits a Rodney Blast!

Added August 30, 2022    

JOIN NOW and watch Polly Garter in "Gothic Bush"

Polly answers an ad for Gothic Modeling but Rodney has the wrong idea of what's Gothic. No matter, she's a good sport about it and is soon modeling a very non-gothic, see-through pink nightie. But when Rodney sees that she has a massive bush, he can't control himself and starts to jerk off. She laughs and goes all in with modeling his cock in her hands and between her massive rack. This gothic photo shoot ends with a Rodney Blast all over her hot big tits.

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Pretty hairy girl has a wet and furry pussy she wants to show you!

Added August 23, 2022    

JOIN NOW and watch Cecilia Sweet in "Stay at Home Hairy"

Pretty and super hairy Cecilia plans a date on the phone with a guy who is super cute. She sends him a pic of her hot hairy pussy but he decides she's too hairy and asks her to shave before they go out. She loves her hair so of course she won't agree to that!! But now she's horny so she decides to stay home and pleasure herself. She begins by pinching her perky erect nipples. Then, she readies her hairy hole with her fingers until her furry bush is good and wet. She fantasizes about a guy who's into hairy girls and willing to dive into all that hair and lick her yummy bushy pussy. She continues to play with her nipples while imagining a guy chowing down on her fur pie. Finally she takes out her big red dildo. She shoves it deep into her hairy snatch and fondles her clit until she cums.

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2 Hairy New Nursing Students Complete Their Final Exam
by Sucking and Fucking Each Other and Dr. Rodney, and sharing a Rodney Blast!

Added August 20, 2022     HOT HAIRY 2 Girl TRAILER


Student Nurses Michelle and Shelley are ready for their final exams. Their exams consist of sucking on dildos, licking each other's hairy pussies, fucking each other with strap-ons, and sucking and fucking Dr. Rodney and sharing a tasty Rodney Blast.

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Two hairy cuties share each other's hairy
pussies, and then Rodney's cock and cum blast!

Added August 16, 2022     Hot Hairy Emma & Jenny Trailer

JOIN NOW and watch Emma & Jenny in "First Time Face Fuck"

Jenny and Emma are two hot Seattle hairy girls. Jenny's friend Emma has never been with a girl before. The girls start off with some heavy kissing and tittie sucking before taking Rodney's big pole down their eager throats. After taking turns sucking and licking Rodney's cock and balls, Emma does something she's never done before, eat a girls hairy pussy. But to everyone's surprise, she dives right into that fuzzy muff like a pro. then Rodney goes back and forth humping those hairy pussies before giving them a creamy load of hot jizz to share!

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Hairy amateur tries her hand at the face fuck and facial.

Added August 9, 2022    

JOIN NOW and watch Alexia in "First Time Face Fuck"

Cute Seattle girl Alexia shows up at Rodney's studio responding to an ad for girls to give blowjobs on video. Lucky for Rodney, Alexia has never given a blowjob on video, but she's seen his videos and loves giving blowjobs, so Rodney wastes no time putting his big dick in her eager mouth. He starts out nice and easy as she fondles his balls. Then Alexia takes off her top to expose a nice pair of firm titties before he shoves his massive cock back into her mouth for some good ole facefucking. Rodney isn't ready to cum yet, so he makes her get naked and hop on the couch to play with her fuzzy little pussy while he watches. Now it's time to put his cock back in her mouth for some more deepthroat action and a rimjob before he unloads a hot thick Rodney Blast all over her mouth.

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Pretty Zooey is ready to share all her hot body hair with you!
Watch her work her wet and wild pussy!

Added August 2, 2022    

JOIN NOW and watch Zooey in "Zooey's Juicy Muff"

Pretty hairy girl Zooey is recounting a horrible date where the man was dumb enough to ask her to shave her hairy pits and hairy legs. That man didn't make the cut but luckily Zooey meets you. She's loves that you appreciate all her body hair. Make her night better by licking her hairy legs and working your way up towards her hairy pussy. She even has a thick treasure trail on her soft belly for you to spend time on. She even has hair on her big soft nipples. Your tongue gets her so wet giving you even more to lick up from that juicy muff.

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Legendary Lena Ramon is an ancient relic with a hairy
bush and epic drooling skills who loves to take it up the ass!

Added July 26, 2022    

JOIN NOW and watch Lena Ramon in "Ancient Relic"

Brett is visiting the Ancient Relic Museum, and finds a very interesting exhibit. A hot girl with even hotter pubic hair! It's been so long since he's seen any he's forgotten what it tastes likes, so he does some muff diving. This leads to some fierce wet cock-sucking and butt stuffing, with a big face blast by the legendary Lena Ramon.

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And It's One of the BEST!! You dont want to miss "PORN STAR NADIA!!


JOIN NOW and watch Nadia Nyce in "Porn Star Nadia"

Rodney is selling his bean bag chair, and Nadia wants it. He recognizes her as a porn star, and she admits it was her she saw fucking on film. She tries to get him to lower the price by kissing him, but he tells her he's faithful to his girlfriend. But when she sticks her tongue down his throat, he tells her no one has ever done that before, and he really likes it. So he stops complaining when she starts sucking on his cock. Now he can't resist licking her HAIRY PUSSY, and fucking her too. He finally cums a ton on her beautiful face. She's in a rush to leave, so she walks out the door and heads outside with cum still dripping off her chin. He chases her down, and asks her for her autograph. She signs it for him, then head out into the world with a sticky face.

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Hairy stripper newbie can't wait to work the pole then work Rodney's pole.
She gets her hairy pussy plowed, followed with a gooey Monster Facial of course!

Added July 19, 2022    

JOIN NOW and watch Viola Starr in "Hairy Stripper"

Times are tough and hairy girl Viola Starr finds a job that is perfect for her. She responds to an ad looking for hairy strippers and meets Rodney. With no experience she's going to need to prove to Rodney that she has what it takes. After a lesson in pole dancing is when the real fun begins. Rodney teaches Viola how things work in the backroom. She gives a sloppy blow job before having her hairy pussy fucked. Viola gets to taste her pussy juice on Rodney's cock before getting a Monster Facial.

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Rodney finds cute Asian girl in Bubble Bath, she blows him,
he licks and fucks her HAIRY PUSSY and she gets a nice Rodney Blast!

Added July 12, 2022     HOT HAIRY BRIDGET TRAILER

JOIN NOW and watch Asian Bridget in "Bridget Bath"

Rodney finds Bridget in the tub taking a bubble bath. He turns off the jets and turns on his jet, his cock into her mouth. When he stands her up, he must lick and fuck that HAIRY PUSSY. She gets a nice Rodney Blast on her cute Asian face.

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Shy girl next door with yummy fluffy muff likes to get
spanked on her tight buns and super spunked on her sweet face!

Added July 12, 2022     Hot Hairy Kimmy West Trailer

JOIN NOW and watch Kimmy West in "Spanked and Spunked"

Sweet girl next door Kimmy's parking meter reads times up, so Meter Man Rodney tells her he has to give her a citation. She asks with him not to, so he offers her an alternative. A good spanking for punishment instead. She agrees, so it's up to his place, down with her pants, and lots of spanks on her sexy buns and even on her tender and hairy pussy. Her yummy fluffy muff turns Rodney on and he licks it so she gets horny and wants to give him a blow job as well. She does. She is so sexy sucking that cock he gives her a huge Rodney Blast to her cute face. There may have not been time in the meter, but there's plenty of spunk in her cute mouth.

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Cute Hairy Girl asks Rodney to take her picture, then sucks and fucks him!


JOIN NOW and watch Claudia in "Miss Washing Machine"

Claudia asks Rodney if he'll take her picture so she can participate in the Miss Washing Machine contest. He tells he she's should win cos she's so hot and sexy. She proves how sexy she is by sucking his cock and fucking him. She wins a big Rodney Blast on her face.

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Horny hairy model masturbates but wants more. She furiously starts sucking
cock on the fly and soon the cum flys out of Rodney's cock all over her face!

Added July 5, 2022     Giselle TRAILER

JOIN NOW and watch Sunshine in "Goo Day Sunshine"

Horny hairy girl Sunshine has just finished her solo scene for Rodney. While she's finishing up the paperwork, she decides she might like to try something else, at least a blow job scene. Excited, Rodney immediately drops his pants, Let's do one right now, he says and she goes right to work on his thick cock. She gives him a super sexy, super sloppy blow job, gagging on his giant rod as he thrusts it deep down her throat. Because she's making such a big slobbery mess, she gets naked. She's got big perky nipples, hairy armpits and a nice full bush. She crawls between Rodney's legs and he fucks her face before turning his attention to her hairy pussy. She squeals in delight as he licks her fur-pie. Then she goes back to sucking his cock. He cums a huge load in her mouth and she lets it dribble down her chin and onto those perky titties with thick nipples.

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