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November 23, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Hairy Girls Love Cock "

Sexy and hirsute Simone Delilah has invited Rodney on her show "Hairy Girl Lovers," for obvious reasons! But he's not there just to tell the viewers how much he loves hairy pussy--he's going to show them! He starts out by rubbing her hairy legs and sniffing Simone's smelly skirt. She shows him how's she started to let her nipple hair grow out, but Rodney goes straight for what he really wants--that fuzzy snatch! He tickles her fur covered clit with the tip of his tongue before burying it deep inside her tight, wet hole. She grabs the back of his head to pull him in tighter while she grinds her bush into his mouth. After eating her out, Rodney pulls out his hard cock, and Simone drops to her knees. She sucks his dick and licks his balls with such enthusiasm and skill, you would think the show was called "Hairy Girls Love Cock!" Simone fingers her unshaven slit while still gagging on Rodney's swollen member, until he shoots a huge load of creamy, white spunk all over beautiful face. - featuring Simone Delilah & Rodney

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November 29, 2023   Cum Walk Wednesday Hot Update

"Good Girl Gone Bad"

Hot pornstar Allison Kilgore has a problem. Her twin sister Alecia has turned into nympho since Rodney last shot her, so she is out in famed Hooker Alley trying to get some hot sex. She needs Rodney's help asap. But Rodney needs some help too. He needs to do some public pop shots for his latest movie. Can he include her? She says of course! She immediately shows off her huge tits and gets to work sucking his huge prick. She fucks him with her hot mouth, her sweet pussy and her tight tight asshole! She works up Rodney's load before they go out to find Alecia out on the streets. They do and Rodney hires the wide eyed Alecia on the spot for his movie too!. She is hot to trot and is ready to give Rodney's friend Red a blow job. Red fucks her but has to save the big facial for Rodney's movie. Rodney takes his turn and gives her face a monster facial for her to walk around in public with. She smiles with the goo dripping down her face and walks around a busy street. - featuring Allison & Alicia Kilgore and Rodney

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November 28, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Rooftop Chubby"

Rodney gets a call that there's a horny fat girl on the roof of his building and as soon as he can, he races up to see for himself. There he finds Anya, a very big girl indeed, enjoying the view on a lovely day. He introduces himself and she confesses that she's the horny girl he's heard about. She invites herself over to his place and shows him just how horny she is. She whips out her 38 DDD tits and then chows down on his cock. He fucks her hard until he cums in a condom, then Anya sucks and swallows the goo straight from the condom. - featuring Anya & Rodney


November 26, 2023   SUNDAY SISTAS Hot Update

"Roses Are Red, Violet BLEW ME"

Cute Violet sneaks up on Rodney while he's relaxing on his porch. She sucks his cock until she gets her reward, a thick goopy load of goo landing on her tongue for her to swallow. - Violet Demarco with Rodney


November 25, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot Update

"Strip Club Orgy 2"

Whitney and Sylvia put on a quite a show. Syliva lap dances Wolf, then Kyle and London request the girl/girl show. After an amazing performance, Sylvia blows Wolf, then London fucks her up the ass, while Kyle does Whitney, and they both get facials. - with Sylvia May & Whitney Wonders with Kyle Stone, London and Wolf Savage

"House Call"

After singing Rodney "Happy Birthday," Nadia gives him his birthday surprise. She's hired party girl Kymberly Kyle to give him a lap dance, but he gets a lot more than that. A wild threeway with the girls doing each other and Rodney. - Nadia Nyce & Kymberly Kyle with Rodney

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November 24, 2023   Friday Hot Update

"Yes, COCK In My Mouth, PLEASE!"

After doing an interview about the best ways guys can pick up a girl like her, she can't wait to finally get on her knows and give Rodney a thorough blowjob. - featuring Erika Kole & Rodney


November 23, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Massage Facial Cream"

Hairy babe Katie is desperately in need of a good back rub. Good thing Rodney's available to give her a much needed rub down. He offers her a free massage for her first time. Katie spreads herself out on his table. As Rodney begins to do his work, he's surprised by how hairy Katie is. He continues to massage her back, butt, and hairy legs. He even gives her his special, one-of-a-kind foot massage. Then he moves to her front side. She's nervous her boyfriend won't approve as Rodney begins to massage her breasts and thighs. But the massage feels really good so she keeps going, she may want to keep coming back for more. Rodney might have to start charging but there is one way to keep the massage free, if she gives him a blow job that is. Who can pass up a free massage? So she starts sucking Rodney's cock. He licks her hairy pussy in return. Before long they're banging right there on the massage table. He pounds her hairy hole hard in all kinds of positions. He finishes the massage by coating her face and hairy armpits with his special "facial massage" cream. - featuring Katie Zucchini & Rodney

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November 21, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Co-Sign for Cum"

Busty BBW beauty Bunny De La Cruz really needs her Step Rodney to co-sign a lease on a new place. He doesn't want to. But Bunny's big huge rack is calling him. In an effort to convince him to help, Bunny thrusts his face into her bosom. As she grabs his swelling cock, she tells him she can help him out if he'll help her out. It doesn't take long before Rodney succumbs. Bunny starts sucking his cock and licking his balls. She strips down and sticks her big ass up in the air. Rodney plows her hard from behind and her curvaceous meaty hips jiggle all over! He bangs her in all kinds of positions, tossing her around like a big rag doll. Finally, he spews a huge wad of spunk all over her pretty face. - featuring Bunny De La Cruz & Rodney


November 19, 2023   SUNDAY SISTAS Hot Update

"Double Booking"

Kynthia is ready to do a scene with Rodney, but she makes it clear she doesn't want any other women around. Then Alexxxis shows up to do scene too, and also wants to be the only girl. What's he going to do. Hop back and forth between them with his dick hanging out dripping with their saliva and pussy juices. In the end they agree to work together, with more blowing and fucking, culminating in their taking a joint Rodney Blast. - Alexxxis & Kynthia with Rodney

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November 18, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot Update

"Backyard Blast"

Rodney and Wolf are taking an evening walk when they her some odd sounds in the distance. When investigating they find a punishment session in progress. Lil'Lee is spanking Ashley Shye's gorgeous bubble butt. Rodney goes inside and finds KC with a dildo up her ass. He pulls it out and sticks his cock in it's place! Meanwhile, the two girls outside slobber all over Wolf's cock, one girl drooling up a storm and letting her salive dribble off Wolf's cock into the other girl's hungry mouth. KC joins the girls and they crawl around on the grass. Then everyone goes inside for more fucking, including more anal, then all 3 girls share and swap two huge cumloads. - Lil' Lee, Ashley Shye and K.C. with Wolf and Rodney


November 17, 2023   Friday Hot Update

"Secretly Submissive"

Rodney comes to the office of MILF hottie Marie Missouri. He's here to see about replacing her hardwood floors. But when she looks in his bag supposedly for flooring samples, what she finds instead are some interesting and very naughty looking toys! Seems Rodney grabbed the bag for the BDS&M party by mistake. Marie is intrigued and asks Rodney to show her how they work. Rodney is more than happy to show her the ropes. He starts to spank her ample booty with one of the floggers. Then he moves on to one of the paddles. The more he spanks her butt, the more turned on she gets. She admits to being secretly submissive so when Rodney orders her on her knees, she's thrilled to oblige. She starts sucking his cock, faithfully submitting to any orders he commands, she gobbles his rod and licks his balls. Then he fucks her feet 'til he spews his load all over her face. She sits back at her desk and continues working with goo still dripping off her chin. - featuring Marie Missouri & Rodney


November 16, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Shoe Store Pubes"

Honney Bunny goes to Rodney's Shoe Store and discovers that it's Foot Fetish Friday. She finds a pair of shoes that she likes and Rodney starts to give her a free foot massage that comes with the shoes. As he massages her cute little feet, he catches an up-skirt glimpse of the massive bush she has hiding away. Rodney confesses how much he loves pubes so she shows him what she's got. Soon his face is buried in her hairy snatch munching away. Honney loves it and she eagerly welcomes his big cock deep inside her bushy pussy. They fuck hard until he gives her thick pubes a free Rodney Blast. Rimming, a kinky foot job and some vag gaping make this scene a must for a hairy lover! - featuring Honney Bunny & Rodney

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November 15, 2023   Cum Walk Wednesday Hot Update

"Bus Stop Blowjob"

Rodney is out driving in sunny LA and he sees a hot blonde girl waiting on the bus. He asks her if she wants a lift. She does. Anything is better than waiting on the bus in LA! She hops in and says her name is Kelli. She is horny and isn't shy... next thing you know her top flies off to reveal a pair of amazing big natural tits and she gets right down to sucking Rodney's big cock. She has fun sucking him off and is ready for his huge cumshot to the face. She loves the cum dripping down her pretty little chin. She laughs and gets out of the car and walks around blushing with a face full of dripping cum! Rodney can't help but to ask for a public photo shoot with all of the cum all over her face and a pretty smile. She poses for the camera happily and then is off to face the day with a face full of cum! - featuring Kelli Cage and Rodney

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November 14, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Sucking Cock Cures Writer's Block"

Busty cutie Zoey is busy writing away at the cafe but Rodney's is just about to close up shop. She begs him for just a few more minutes so she can finish her work. When he says he has plans and has to leave, she offers him a blow job. Well who could resist? Rodney gives her a few minutes but fondles her huge tits while she works. There's only so much she can do while her big boobs are being felt up so she drops to her knees and starts sucking Rodney's cock. She gives him one enthusiastic blow job and a rim job. Before long, he's got his dick deep in her pudgy pussy. He bangs her hard all over the cafe in all kinds of positions. He even humps her cavernous belly button. She sucks his cock some more before he spews a huge stream of spunk all over her face. - featuring Zoey Savage & Rodney


November 12, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

"Must Read Article"

Storm is reading a magazine. But hands on her big black tits and a dick in her face throw her off balance. She sucks hard on the big cock. Then a huge load of goo coats her face. But with cum oozing off her chin, she still manages to read her fascinating article. - featuring Storm and Rodney

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November 11, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot Update

"Vantasia in Heat"

Vantasia sucks off a banana, then slobbers all over a dildo, then all over Rodney's cock, then after some rousing humping, he puts a funnel in her mouth and drools into it so she can swallow his spit, then Rodney cums all over the leather couch, and Vantasia licks it all up. - starring Vantasia and Rodney

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November 10, 2023   Friday Hot Update

"Slap the Bass, Suck the Dick"

Scarlette comes over to audition to play bass for Rodney's new band. She wants to be a rockstar! He wants to see how she plays of course, but he really needs to see how she will look on stage. He gives her a short dress and ho heels to continue the audition. She isn't too happy about having to look that sexy, but she looks so hot! Of course, Rodney takes his dick out and she can't resist the lure of his big dick. She immediately starts deep-throating Rodney's dick like a rockstar AND a porn star. She looks so good slobbering all over that dick and making it slick enough to slide into her pretty rockstar pussy. She even plays the bass while Rodney fucks her juicy pink pussy deep and hard. She can't help but stick her tongue up his ass too! She is so sexy, that Rodney cums all over her pretty smiling face with a ton of cum! Looks like she has a hot future in porn and rock! - featuring Scarlette & Rodney

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November 9, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Pro Pit Progressive Plan"

Rodney spots a beautiful hairy babe, Rusty out on the street and notices that she has a generous amount of armpit hair. As part of his "Pro Pit Progressive Plan" he wants Rusty to pose in some sexy outfits to show that hairy girls can look hot in skimpy clothing too. Rodney gets her to model a skimpy little dress that clearly shows off her armpit hair and leg hair. He has her pull aside her panties exposing her massive bush. He even gets her to pose completely nude, for the hairy girl cause of course. Rusty looks so hot that Rodney can't help whipping it out, and soon Rusty is on her knees, slurping on his tool. She sucks on his rod and licks his balls. In return, he buries his face in her hairy pussy. She goes back to sucking his cock and he drops a huge load all over her face. - featuring Rusty & Rodney

Hot Hairy Rusty Teaser     JOIN NOW

November 8, 2023   Cum Walk Wednesday Hot Update

"Brock on the Block"

Hot slender brunette Aspen Brock is on Rodney's casting couch telling him she wants to contribute to his public pop shots movie. She is so beautiful and tan with an amazing tight ass! Rodney is ready to work with her asap and so is she. She sucks his cock happily and gazes at him with big blue eyes while she works that pole. Her blow job skills and sweet smile are making him want to cum, but they have to get in the car to continue so when he does grace her face she can do the deed she was there to do! After more sucking in the car he unleashes a huge load all over her gorgeous tan face. She gets out of the car and prances around with all of that great goo dripping from here face! People even honk at her from the street! - featuring Aspen Brock and Rodney

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November 7, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Dear Johnson"

Voluptuous vixen Marilyn Mayson needs to rest up because she had a guy over for sex! Step Rodney finds the note he left and now she's in big trouble. Rodney has to tattle tale, that she let a boy stay overnight and fuck her brains out. Marilyn begs her step not to tell on her. She tries to change his mind first with a back massage then with her giant boobs in his face. She finally convinces him to rip up the note with a nasty blowjob. And just to make sure he won't change his mind again, she lets him fuck her too. Marilyn's big tits and ass jiggle and shake as he plows her hard. She sits her big ass down on his face smothering him with her massive pussy. Finally, he fills her hungry mouth with a huge load of spunk. - featuring Marilyn Mayson & Rodney

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November 5, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update


Devin is a hot sexy African model posing for some strip tease shots. I can't help but jerk off watching her strip and seeing her juicy black butt and huge tits. Then, when the camera girl is done, she drops to her knees and gives me a super sloppy blow job. She also lets me bang her tight black pussy. After several hot positions, she shows her love for cum on her face. - featuring Devin Deray and Rodney

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November 4, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot Update

"Juice Bar Sluts"

When a hot blonde slut walks into a jucie bar and orders a "Semen and Seven", the waitress goes in the back and blows the cook until he blows his creamy load into a glass for her. She then mixes the drink for the cum-thirsty woman but it's not enough to satisfy her cum lust. Soon she's sucking all the stiff cocks in the juice bar and the waitress joins in on the nasty fun. They both suck and swap until they have their fill of hard cock and warm sticky goo. - starring Julie Knight, Olivia Saint with John West, Dick Tracy, Troy Michaels, Wolf Savage

Hot SUPERSLUT Cum Swapping Teaser     JOIN NOW

November 3, 2023   Friday Hot Update

"Pint Size Pussy"

Small but sexy Teeny Tanya is bored while Rodney is on the phone with business. When he finally gets off the phone, she seduces him with her succulent tits and her cute hairy snatch. He carries her wee body from the desk to the couch where he throws her tiny legs up over her head. He licks her little clit before shoving his massive cock into her pint-sized pussy. He pounds her tight midget muff hard. He even gets a hot foot fuck when he rubs his rod between her tiny feet. Rodney decides she hasn't sucked his cock enough today so he gives her a good spanking on her little butt. Eager to please, she wraps her lips around his big dick and starts sucking. He rewards her with a monster Rodney Blast to her small face. - featuring Teeny Tanya & Rodney

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November 2, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Furry Phone Fun"

Beautiful hairy girl Maria is on the phone with her boyfriend who's away on a business trip. They both miss each other and can't wait until they can get naked and do the nasty. So they engage in a little phone sex to ease the tension. Maria's boyfriend gets off, but now it's her turn. So she pulls out her little purple toy and and works her cute little fur pie into a hot and hairy orgasmic frenzy. - featuring Maria


October 31, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Too Many Steps"

Rodney's staying on the 15th floor of a hotel with a broken elevator. As he descends the stairs, he finds a very tired girl whose feet are killing her from climbing all those flights in high heels. He offers to rub her feet. He takes a chance and rubs her thighs. She gets so turned on and decides to rub his cock. She does it so good that soon his semen is climbing up his shaft and and spilling onto her face. - featuring Dimond Jewels & Rodney


October 29, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

"Tiffany Returns"

Tiffany Biggs only did a couple of scenes several years back, but now she's ready to try it again. And Rodney is more than willing to let her try and take that big dick of his in her mouth. She slobbers it up and swallows it down as Rodney unloads a huge creamy load on her pretty face. - featuring Tiffany Biggs and Rodney

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October 28, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot Update

"Who's In Her Pussy?"

Sportscaster Venus interviews 2 baseball stars Rodney McGuire and Wolf Sosa. Sports groupie Claudia joins in, and while getting blowjobs from these 2 hot girls, they do an X rated version of a classic routine. In "Who's in her Pussy?" the answer is, they both are, and in their mouths. They both get faces full of cum. For some unknown reason, at the end of this scene, a huge black penis is getting a frothy BJ from both girls, and another huge load of cum on Claudia's face. - featuring Nina Whett & Robin Wood with Big Dick Fred aka Mandingo, Wolf and Rodney


October 27, 2023   Friday Hot Update

"Alecia Responds"

Mature but shy MILF responds to an ad for women who like to give blowjobs. She is shy but wants to try out sucking cock on film. She starts out very tame and sweet but once the cock is in her mouth she wants more. She gets a little fingering and a lot of fucking before she gets a huge facial! - featuring Alecia & Rodney


October 26, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Diamond in The Rough"

Rodney meets a hot little newbie porn starlet. She comes from the Midwest where they don't shave their hairy bushes. They keep them glorious and full. She isn't a shy one. She shows off her extra hairy pussy just like that! Of course, Rodney can't resist the power of her hot, hairy snatch. And she can't resist a great pussy licker. He gets her extra wet and then fucks her every which way. She may be a newbie to porn, but she rims his asshole and sucks his cock like a porn pro. She gets it super wet and drooly. He fucks her hard while pulling her beautiful long hair. He finally cums into her naughty mouth for her to swallow with a smile. - featuring Diamond & Rodney

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October 24, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Can't Get Goo Outta My Mind"

Rodney confesses to his curvy step Klaudia Kelly that things haven't been well sexually between him and his wife. Ever since he found an old DVD of his wife having sex with her previous husband, he can't get that image out of his mind when they try to have sex. They even went to a doctor who suggested Rodney have sex with another woman, with wifey's approval of course, just to clear the mental block from his head. But they don't know anyone willing to do that for him. Klaudia's got a much better option. What if she takes care of him? Rodney does like big curvy women after all. Though a bit reluctant at first, he finally lets Klaudia suck his cock. Then she whips out those big boobs he likes so much. He fucks her face and her giant tits before plunging his prick in her pudgy pussy. He bangs her hard making her big belly shake. Before long she plants her huge ass right on top of Rodney's face smothering him between her massive thighs. After some more banging and cock sucking, Rodney spews a massive load of jizz onto her tongue. - featuring Klaudia Kelly & Rodney


October 23, 2023   MONDAY MEMORIES Hot Update

"The Clothing Clerk"

Temptress works at a clothing store and Rodney is shopping for a sexy dress for his girlfriend. Since Temptriss is about the same height, he gets her to try on a hot black mini-dress. He gets so turned on that he can't help pawing her body. She doesn't seem to mind and soon is sucking and fucking him and takes a Rodney Blast in the mouth. - featuring Temptress with Rodney


October 22, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

"Butt Temptation"

African babe Promise wants her butt spanked, but Rodney doesn't want to whack her because he has to do a scene later and doesn't want to get turned on. But he can't resist the temptation when she wiggles her cute, black bootie in his face. He spanks her juicy african ass anyway. And no way can he say no when she goes down on his hard dick. She sucks his cock voraciously letting her drool cascade down her dark, ebony body. He ends up completely coating her face with his creamy white goo. - featuring Promise and Rodney

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October 21, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot Update


"Eyes of the Beholding Ho's"

Two Ho's, Nina Whett and Robin Wood are stuck with the Cumm Brothers so they make the best of it, with lots of sucking and fucking, ass eating and ass humping and of course, big FACIALS!! - featuring Nina Whett & Robin Wood with Wolf and Rodney


October 20, 2023   Friday Hot Update

"Workin Overtime"

Big tittied babe Olivia Austin is such a hard worker, she's willing to work overtime to get her reports done. However, boss Rodney is shocked when he sees how she's dressed for casual Friday, she doesn't even have pants on. He wants to send her home but she really needs to get that paperwork done so he lets her stay. She's still working after hours when the office starts to get a little hot so she takes off her shirt. She's only wearing a tiny bikini that barely covers her ample breasts and gorgeous curves. When Rodney sees her, he's amazed at her hot body. She figures now is a good time to ask for a raise as she flashes Rodney a peak at her giant tatas. However, when Rodney is reluctant, she drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock. Seems like she's really getting a "raise" out of him now. She sucks his cock and licks his balls. He licks her tight, round ass, and then sucks on her toes. It's getting late and Rodney wants to cum but, he still needs to punish her for dressing like a slut. So he makes her write ,"I will not dress like a slut" a hundred times on her note pad while he covers her boobs with a hot Rodney Blast! - featuring Olivia Austin & Rodney


October 19, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Hairy Marcella on Vacation"

Sexy and very hairy Marcella is a free spirit. She is on vacation in Cali and is living it up. First, she goes to Venice Beach and dances showing off her hairy armpits and hairy legs. It's not long before she gets in the car to masturbate because she is so horny. She plunges her fingers into her super hairy pussy. She caresses all her soft and wild hair. She even shows you her sexy nipple hair. She needs to get off before she goes out for more fun. So she fingers herself to a wild orgasm. - featuring Marcella


October 17, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"The New Bra"

Rodney has designed a new bra for big-busted women. Nikki and her 38 DD boobs come over to model it for him. It's pretty see-through and Nikki is shy, but she soon warms up to the idea as Rodney whips out his cock and starts jerking off. They are both turned on and soon Nikki gets on her knees and takes his cock down her throat. She gives him a thorough sucking, then smiles as he unloads his balls all over her round face, giving Nikki a Monster Facial! - featuring Naughty Nikki & Rodney


October 15, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

"Soul Food"

Businessman Rodney is too busy to go leave for lunch, so he orders take out. His power lunch is some Soul Food pussy, and leggy Tiffany Mason shows up tp deliver it. Rodney starts out by getting her up on the the desk so he can eat that hot pussy of hers. Then after dining at the "Y", she joins the feast by swallowing his thick cock up to the root. For the main course, Rodney places his long prong deep in her wet pussy and pounds her hard all over the office desk and floor. Finally Tiffany gets a big creamy dessert all over her waiting mouth. - featuring Tiffany Mason and Rodney


October 14, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot Update

"The Shipping Clerk"

Rodney has hired a new shipping clerk, Bobbi Bliss, who seems more concerned about when she can have her lunch hour then getting his orders out. When lunch hour finally comes, she discovers that her asshole boyfriend who doesn't want her to work has put a dirty sponge in her baggie instead of a sandwich. Now she's hungry with nothing to eat. Well, being a good boss, Rodney offers her something to munch on and a huge load of goo to wash it down with. When lunch hour is over, she used the dirty sponge to wipe the huge load off her face, at least what's left that she didn't swallow. - featuring Bobbi Bliss with Rodney


October 13, 2023   Friday Hot Update

"Fantasy Cream"

Rodney loves girls with big boobs and he loves girls with hairy pussies. If only he could find a girl with big tits AND a hairy pussy! Lucky for him, voluptuous babe Jonnie Brightside is there to make his dreams cum true. Not only does she have a huge, all natural rack, she's also got a thick, full bush of beautiful red hair. She drops to her knees and sucks his cock deep into her throat while kneading his balls with her hand. Then she wraps those huge boobs around his rod and titty fucks him good. Rodney gets to admire her luscious fur-pie and her voluminous ass up close. She sucks his cock some more while he fingers her furry twat till she squeals with delight. Rodney can't hold back either and he coats her face with hot load of cream, but was it all just a fantasy? - featuring Jonnie Brightside & Rodney


October 12, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Hirsute Hair Suds"

Beautiful hairy girl Ember is frolicking alone in a hot bubble bath. She rubs the bubbles all through her thick hairy armpits and then vigorously fingers her luscious hairy pussy, but that's not enough. So she crawls out of the tub and over to Rodney's stiff cock. Once there she proceeds to take his cock deep in her waiting throat and Rodney obliges her with a world class face fucking. Now it's time to slide his cock deep into that luxurious hairy pussy. He fucks her hard in the missionary position and then goes deep doggy style fucking that hairy wet pussy till he can't hold it anymore. He pulls out lays on his back and pumps out a huge blast of goo. Good girl Ember doesn't wanna leave him messy so she laps up all of his creamy goo and drools it out into her thick hairy armpit. - featuring Ember & Rodney


October 10, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    


"Hailee Unleashed" ++

Hailee is a big girl who wants to try her hand at modeling, but she won't do nude or adult work. She changes into some lingerie and soon Rodney has her topless. She's nervous but she says she needs the money. Rodney tells her that there is a lot of money in S&M modeling and soon he has her on all fours, wearing a collar. She looks so great that Rodney has to masturbate. When she catches him, she's upset at first, but the sight of that big dick is enticing and Hailee takes that cock into her mouth and starts to suck. The next thing you know, Rodney and Hailee are sucking and fucking until it's time for him to blast her face with his goo. - featuring Hailee & Rodney


October 9, 2023   MAMMOTH MAMMARIES MONDAY Hot Update

"Bargain Boobs"

Asian Lynn Isuzo works as a cleaning lady for Rodney's Shoe Store, and since it's a slow day, she gives him head. But they're interrupted when huge boobed Sofia Staks comes in to buy some heels. Lynn leaves, while Rodney shows Sofia some shoes. He offers her a foot massage, but when he starts sucking on her toes, she gets turned on, and gets naked. He plays with her massive melons as she sucks his cock, then he fucks her, first in her pussy, then up her ass. Finally, he cums all over her foot and her 50 pound breasts. Cleaning lady Lynn returns and cleans all the cum off with her tongue. - featuring Lynn Isuzo & Sofia Staks with Rodney.


October 8, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

"Nipple Friday"

Rodney stops by a fruit bar. The very voluptuous waitress offers him complimentary strawberries. She tells him it's "Strawberry Tuesday." Then she tells him that there's a free hors h'oeuvres every day of the week. Rodney returns later in the week for "Nipple Friday." Carmen the waitress offers him her succulent nipples to suck on, then takes him into the VIP room where she sucks on his strawberry until it squirts hot sticky juice for her to enjoy! - featuring Carmen Hayes and Rodney


October 7, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot Update


"Elle's Finale"

Elle's stamina is legendary! Now she finally takes on Wolf and Rodney. They screw her everywhere, in every hole and she even gets a double penatration. Obsession stops by for some 4-way cock partying and Elle takes the massive double cumshot on her face after ever orifice has been throughly pummeled. - featuring Elle Devyne & Obsession with Wolf and Rodney


October 6, 2023   Friday Hot Update

"The Sensual Dominatrix"

Cute blonde Valentine is not like any other Dom Rodney has been to before. She's a sensual dominatrix and instead of treating Rodney with whips and chains, she instructs Rodney to get on his knees while she whips out her massive breasts. She puts her giant knockers in his face and even allows him to fondle and suck on them. Then she commands him to worship her cute feet and he sucks on each cute little toe. Rodney aims to please as he moves on to her butt hole, licking her hot asshole nice and clean. It must be Rodney's lucky day because Valentine feels like sucking cock today. He whips it out and she sucks that cock like a pro. She even licks his balls and gives him a rim job. Her final order for Rodney is for him to cum all over her face and he's happy to oblige. - featuring Valentine & Rodney


October 5, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Hairy in the Park"

Cute and sexy Maura is a secret exhibitionist. The secret is out though and today is your lucky day! You get to follow Maura through the park as she flashes her way through the trees. She has a hot furry bod and she is ready to show it to you. With a sexy, coy look she shows you her hot pussy fluff. All that hot hair is on full display. After you gaze at her leg hair, she has something else she wants you to see. She has a special, furry spot on her slim hip that she caresses in the open air. Next up she shows you her thick nipple surrounded with thick hair as well. For the finale, she plunges her fingers into her wet hairy pussy in broad daylight! - featuring Maura


October 4, 2023   Wednesday Double Bonus Hot Update

"Poor Students"

The girls are not doing well in college, so they hire tutor Rodney Moore who has some unusual teaching techniques. He gets these two cute girls to start making out with each other, then he gets them to take turns blowing him, then they share his cock together, and they both fuck him and share the Rodney Blast! - featuring Claudia and Cosmika with Rodney

"Making Contacts"

Tyra is modeling for photographer Rodney Moore, who can't resist trying to touch her hot body. She finally decides to leave the shoot, but while she's getting dressing in the bathroom, she finds a letter from another female model thahking Rodney for giving her a great contact in the industry that led to her success and that it was well worth the blowjob she gave him. Wanting to really get ahead, she figures if that girl got where she did just from blowing Rodney, what will he do for her if she not only sucks his dick but lets him fuck her and takes his cock up her ass? - featuring Tyra Olsen and Rodney


October 3, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    


"Let's Goo Lunch"

Ever since she accidentally saw him in the boys bathroom, Chubby babe Drea can't stop fantasizing about her boss Rodney's huge, uncut cock. She tells her friend about her daydream where Rodney asks her what she wants for lunch and she says, "What I really want is your cock." As she tells her story, her dream plays itself out. Soon she's on her knees chowing down on Rodney's big meat stick. She takes her clothes off revealing her ample bosom and curvy hips. Rodney pinches her big tits while she takes his balls in her mouth. She finishes her "lunch" with a huge dollop of sweet Rodney cream down her throat. - featuring Drea & Rodney


October 2, 2023   MONDAY MEMORIES & MAMMORIES Hot Update

"Eager Model"

Rodney is taking photos of Lovette in a skimpy bikini on his rooftop. But Lovette wants to do more than just pose! She shows him her huge tits then wants to suck his dick. Rodney is tryig to be professional but she keeps teasing him. He tells her they have to go back inside, but she's so horny she even starts blowing him in the stairwell. Back in the studio, she continues to blow him, then he finally consents to fucking her, first in her pussy, then in her ass, all the while telling her he's not paying extra for the fuck. After, he unloads what some have described as the greatest facial cumshot ever! He puts a butt plug up her ass, then gives her her clothes back, letting her walk out the door with cum still dripping off her chin and the toy still up her poop chute! - featuring Lovette, with Rodney

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October 1, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

"Milky Melissa"

Melissa's about to do a scene when she tells Rodney she's having a problem. Milk is leaking profusely out of her breasts and staining her dress. No problemo says Rodney, who is more than happy to clean up the milky mess with his tongue. He gets so turned on that he gives her the best pussy licking and and boning that she's had in a long time. You can tell it's true by the look on her face. Speaking of her face, Rodney's got some creamy stuff of his own leaking out of him, and all over her face is where it lands. - featuring Melissa and Rodney


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