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October 2, 2023   MONDAY MEMORIES & MAMMORIES Hot Update

"Eager Model"

Rodney is taking photos of Lovette in a skimpy bikini on his rooftop. But Lovette wants to do more than just pose! She shows him her huge tits then wants to suck his dick. Rodney is tryig to be professional but she keeps teasing him. He tells her they have to go back inside, but she's so horny she even starts blowing him in the stairwell. Back in the studio, she continues to blow him, then he finally consents to fucking her, first in her pussy, then in her ass, all the while telling her he's not paying extra for the fuck. After, he unloads what some have described as the greatest facial cumshot ever! He puts a butt plug up her ass, then gives her her clothes back, letting her walk out the door with cum still dripping off her chin and the toy still up her poop chute! - featuring Lovette, with Rodney

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October 1, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

"Milky Melissa"

Melissa's about to do a scene when she tells Rodney she's having a problem. Milk is leaking profusely out of her breasts and staining her dress. No problemo says Rodney, who is more than happy to clean up the milky mess with his tongue. He gets so turned on that he gives her the best pussy licking and and boning that she's had in a long time. You can tell it's true by the look on her face. Speaking of her face, Rodney's got some creamy stuff of his own leaking out of him, and all over her face is where it lands. - featuring Melissa and Rodney


September 30, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot Update

"Goo Sports"

Showing that they are good sports, the 3 losers from the casting call throw a ho party for Wolf. They bring along hot ho Elle Devyne. She blows all 3 guys and then gets gets fucked while still managing to suck 2 big black cocks simultaneously. She swallows all their cum, even sucking out a ton of jizz straight out of a condom like a crazy cum slut. - featuring Elle Devyne with Byron Long, Lexington Steele and Suave.


September 29, 2023   Friday Hot Update

"Just Passing Through"

Brooke is a cute girl next door with long legs and great boobs. She is passing through LA and while short on words, she is not short on oral skills. And she has got a hunger for dick today. She sucks Rodney's dick rhythmically until it's time to fuck. He grabs her sweet handful of a boob while he pounds her hairy pussy. She's gotta get out of town soon so Rodney wraps it up with a crazy thick facial to her cute giggling mouth. - featuring Brooke & Rodney

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September 28, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Free Shoes and Cum"

Rodney stops Kayla on the street and offers her a new pair of shoes if she'll help him out. He's doing marketing research and needs her opinion of the shoes on video. She goes on tape, but now he needs her to fill out a release form. This requires her to go back to his place, where he can't help but notice that she has a huge bush. He devours it, then sticks his dick in it. They suck and fuck, and he cums all over her face. - featuring Kayla Crawford & Rodney

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September 27, 2023   WILD WEDNESDAY Hot Update

"No New Shirts"

Back on the job, Rodney has ordered new shirts but the delivery girl brings a box that only has a slut dress in it. Well, it doesn't fit on Wolf so why not have the girl put it on. Of course, once she has the slut dress on, she has to fit the part, so she blows both of the boys and fucks them. She gets rewarded with a huge double shot of cum. - featuring Jade Marcella, with Wolf Savage and Rodney.

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September 26, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Nothing Like the Real Thing"

Monica is a big girl with a big appetite for sex. She's always sucking on a dildo when there isn't a man around. When Rodney sees her, he tells her it seems like a waste of good sucking to see her work that dildo. He whips out his cock and she instantly takes it in her wet mouth. Now that's more like it. She gives him some good, sloppy head with lots of drool. Then she gets undressed and, while sucking his cock, sticks her dildo in her pussy. But even that's not enough to satisfy her, so Rodney has to put a dildo in her ass as well. But again, there's nothing like a real cock, so Rodney fucks Monica in her ass, then blasts his hot goo all over her face. - featuring Monica Blewinsky & Rodney


September 25, 2023   MONDAY MEMORIES & MAMMORIES Hot Update

"The Long and the Short Of It"

Cherry and Tami have both shown up to compete in a wet t-shirt contest, but there is only one spot left. To make his decision, Rodney has them both slip on white tees, and then he hoses them down with his squirt gun. Each girl tries to seduce Rodney into choosing her, and before he knows it, they are stripping down and letting him get a first-hand look at their wet titties. He tries his best to remain impartial, but each of the girls try to curry his favor by sucking on his huge rod behind the scenes. Competition breeds camaraderie, and the girls take turns licking each others' tits and pussies before chowing down together on Rodney's stiff cock and balls. He ends up fucking both of them and then shooting a huge, messy load all over their mouths and breasts. Looks like everyone's a winner this time! - featuring Tami Monroe & Cherry Lawson, with Rodney


September 24, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

"Banana Bimbo"

Rodney watches Jada dance at a Strip Club. She shows her oral skills by getting a customer to volunteer a banana for her to suck on. And just as she's really getting into it, the crusty old customer wants his banana back, now she needs another banana to suck on. Lucky for her Rodney already has his banana out and is stroking away. So she strolls over and takes his big banana deep in her throat. Before you know it Rodney is up on stage and Jada is working his banana pole real good. She works his banana so good that he erupts all over her face with some hot sticky banana cream! - featuring Jada Fires and Rodney


September 23, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot Update

"The Leidy Is a Tramp"

Leidy is introduced by London to 4 Black guys hanging around the pool. She's wearing a grass skirt and wearing a bunch of leis. One by one, she gets each guy hard and ready with her mouth, then wraps their erect dicks in a lei. Once their all primed, London joins the 4 guys to form a circle around her as she blows all 5 on her knees. Then they carry her over to a blanket where they take turns fucking her, until all 5 guys explode on her face. - featuring Leidy, London and 4 Black Guys


September 22, 2023   Friday Hot Update

"Tickle Treat"

Daniella applies for a job doing tickling videos. Sounds innocent enough, she doesn't mind being filmed getting tickled. But then Rodney gets her to be the one doing the tickling. That seems okay until Rodney wants her to tickle his balls. She throws caution to the wind, she does that too! She goes even further and sucks Rodney's cock till his huge Rodney Blast tickles her pretty face. - featuring Daniella & Rodney

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September 21, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Fun in the Jacuzzi "

Honey Bunch is a voluptuous all-natural and very hairy girl from the Bay Area. Her big natural DD's love to swing free, bouncing up and down and side to side. Her wooly armpit hair peeks out from under her arms and you can't wait to see more. Her long dark hair frames her pretty face, and her thick hairy bush just calls out to be touched and licked. Honey jumps in the jacuzzi and gets all soapy. She pulls out a pink dildo to pleasure herself. She loves every moment of showing off all her special hairy spots and her hot clit that brings her orgasm! - featuring Honey Bunch


September 20, 2023   Cum Walk Wednesdays Hot Update

"Can You Blow Me"

Rodney spots Gothic Girl Genevieve walking through a parking lot, and asks her if she's as nasty as she looks? She is, so when he asks her for a quick blowjob, she's more than happy to offer. As they head to his place, he gets a quick sample in the stairwell, then takes her to the racquetball court so when he spanks her, each whack gets a nice echo. She blows him there, but she finishes the BJ at his apartment, but not before licking his balls and ass. He drops a huge cream thick Rodney Blast on her face, then leads her outside back to the parking lot so the world can see his handiwork dripping off her chin! - featuring Julianna Sterling and Rodney

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September 19, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Double D Discharge"

Looks like Rodney's going to have to fire his busty stepAurora from the company. But she just got a new apartment and doesn't want to lose her job. Aurora knows that her Rodney misses his ex-wife's big boobs, so maybe she can use her own massive assets to convince him to let her stay. She whips out her huge tits right there in the office. Rodney's shocked but Aurora grabs his hand, inviting him to fondle her massive mammaries. He's even more shocked when she pulls down his pants and starts sucking his cock. She's willing to do anything to keep that job. She swallows his big shaft deep and licks his balls too. Rodney can't help but to bury his face in her big bosoms. She continues her ravenous blow job which results in a huge Rodney blast of cream on a plate. Like a good little employee, she laps it up eagerly. How could Rodney possibly let her go now? - featuring Aurora & Rodney


September 18, 2023   Monday Memories Hot Update

"Anything for a Laugh"

Rodney is trying to hire a comedian for his best friend's Stag party. He figures a sexy girl telling dirty jokes would be a big hit. Jenny is definitely cute, but all her jokes are clean. But she wants the gig, so she shows Rodney that though her jokes aren't dirty, she's a very dirty girl and changes into lingerie, then gets on her knees and sucks his cock. He fucks her good then cums on her face. - featuring Jenny & Rodney


September 17, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

"Red Rescue"

Tiffany is a tall and lean Chocolate beauty queen. She's getting hot and horny sitting by the fireplace, playing with her yummy chocolate pussy. She badly needs some dick in her mouth, so Red comes to the rescue with his rod. She licks his balls and takes his shaft deep down her throat. She sucks his cock enthusiastically until he deposits a nice load of goo on her cute kisser. - featuring Tiffany Mason and Red


September 16, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot Update

"Slap and Pull"

Celeste is telling her friend Madison that she's bored with the men she meets lately. None of them seem willing or able to dominate her the way she likes. She wants to be slapped and roughed up by her man. Madison mentions Rodney and that they could get him over for to make a movie where she could be dominated the way she likes. Rodney gives Celeste exactly what she wants, a face slapping, hair pulling experience. He also fucks this girl hard up her ass. Madison helps out to with some cock sucking and spit swapping, but it's Celeste's showcase and Rodney Blast. - featuring Celeste and Madison with Rodney


September 15, 2023   Friday Hot Update

"Face Fucked or Fired"

Rodney's just discovered that one of his top employees has pornographic videos of herself posted on-line. He shows her the video and is stunned to see her masturbating and even sucking on a dick. Since he runs a respectable company, he simply can't have his top sales executive doing porn on the side and he's going to have to let her go. Sexy MILF Pixie Dust begs him to let her keep her job. She offers to suck his cock just like she did on the video if he will reconsider firing her. He's skeptical at first and will only let her lick his balls. After a while, he thrusts his cock in her mouth and demands her to suck it. She sucks and slurps at his rod but returns to sucking his balls whenever Rodney demands it. He has her take his schlong deep down her throat and then he fucks her face hard. He coats her face in spunk before ordering her back to work. - featuring Pixie Dust & Rodney


September 14, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Share and Share A-Lesbo"

Tate comes over to do her first-ever porn shoot. She's right in the middle of sucking Rodney's cock, when there's some serious pounding on the door. It's Tate's real-life lover, Devon, and she's pissed! Seems the two girls have been IRL lesbian lovers for 3 years, and Devon is angry that Tate has broken her vow to lay off men. But soon, Rodney is getting laid by both of them. He does them from behind while they kiss and lick each other's hairy pussies, and they end up in a wild 3-way. Devon takes a faceful of cum, and Tate kisses her cummy lips. - featuring Tate & Devon & Rodney

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September 13, 2023   Cum Walk Wednesdays Hot Update

"Can You Blow Me"

Rodney spots Gothic Girl Genevieve walking through a parking lot, and asks her if she's as nasty as she looks? She is, so when he asks her for a quick blowjob, she's more than happy to offer. As they head to his place, he gets a quick sample in the stairwell, then takes her to the racquetball court so when he spanks her, each whack gets a nice echo. She blows him there, but she finishes the BJ at his apartment, but not before licking his balls and ass. He drops a huge cream thick Rodney Blast on her face, then leads her outside back to the parking lot so the world can see his handiwork dripping off her chin! - featuring Genevieve Dekay and Rodney

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September 12, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Sub Dawn"

Plump and sexy Dawn comes over to look at a couch for sale and Rodney notices that not only are her stockings torn, but her big titties seem to want to burst out of her shirt. Upon closer inspection, he notices she is wearing some S & M gear under her clothes. It turns out she's a sub girl and does anything her Dom says. Rodney likes that idea and soon she's on his leash, having her big butt whipped and taking his hard cock up her snatch. She is soon on her knees doing his Dom bidding eating his asshole. He gets even kinkier covering her face with ripped fishnet stockings to face fuck her. Then he fucks this hot submissive BBW hard and then gives her a huge Rodney Blast right into her dirty mouth and the sub swallows it all! - featuring Dawn & Rodney


September 11, 2023   Monday Memories and Mammories Hot Update

"Play the Prostitute"

Victoria Hill is an aspiring actress who has just moved to LA. She answers an ad for a part in a movieplaying a waitress, but when she gets to Director Rodney's place, he tells her that part has been filled. However, there's still a part available to play a prostitute. Victoria's a little uneasy about doing that kind of role, but Rodney assures here there's no sex. But he does need to audition her, so he has her put on a sexy dress and actually takes her out to the street and has her get out of the car and pretend to be "hooking". He picks her up and takes her back. Once in side, he gets her to act super slutty. She's such a good actress that Rodney gets wrapped up in the role too, and can't resist whipping out his cock! Victoria may be acting, but she can't resist the site of his hard penis, and suddenly gets on her knees and puts his cock in her mouth. At this point, she's gotten pretty turned on herself and doesnn't mind his thick uncut dick down her throat. He lays her down and fucks her and she's so crazed she even licks his butt. Finally, he cums a ton all over her face. - featuring Victoria Hill & Rodney

"I Want a Rodney Blast"

Teddi Barrett is a big boobed girl from the South. She's not a novice, but has never had and is excited to get her first Rodney Blast. To get ready, she gives Rodney a super messy drooly blowjob, and to make it even wetter, she encourages Rodney to SPIT in her MOUTH! She licks his balls and shoves her tongue deep up his asshole. After fucking him, she takes his big cock right up her ass in several positions. Now he's ready to explode. She can't decide if she wants a huge facial or to swallow the hot load, so she figures out how to do both. He cums a massive mess of thick white goop all over her mouth and lips and cheeks, then she scoops it off of her face with her finger onto a plate, the slurps every drop of nasty goop into her mouth and down her throat. Mission accomplished. - featuring Teddi Austin and Rodney

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September 10, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

"Maia's Skills"

Maia applies for a personal assistant job. But she can't cook, she can't clean, she can't even do data entry. Rodney asks her what can she do. "I Suck and Fuck really good!" "You're hired!" Rodney of course exclaims, when she punctuates her skills by flashing her awesome bronze breasts and drops to her knees to show off her talents. In the end, her driver joins in to cum on her face with Rodney. - featuring Maia Ginger and Rodney (with her Driver)

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September 9, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot Update

"The Cock Brothers"

Four Big Dicked Black Studs show up for Rodney's casting call, each one hoping to be the new Cumm Brother. Rodney has brought in two super ho's, Elle DeVyne and Obsession, to test them out. They take turns sucking each guy off, while he wears the Wolf hat. Obsession is a major drooler, and Elle performs the gross task of letting Obsessions nasty drool drip into her mouth. But little does Rodney know that one of the applicants is actually Wolf in disguise. After the blowjobs, everyone is horny, especially Obsession who wants to take the two biggest cocks inside her, one up her ass and one in her pussy. Finally, all the guys cum on Obsession's face, but before Elle can lick it off, Rodney realizes that one of the dudes is actually Wolf, so of course, the original Cumm Brothers are reunited. Yes, Elle still gets to suck all the cum off Obsession's face. - featuring Elle Devyne & Obsession, with Byron Long, Lexington Steele Suave, Wolf Savage and Rodney.


September 8, 2023   Friday Hot Update

"Panties For Sale"

Rodney tries to find out how far a normal girl will go to be on TV. He offers Melanie some cash for her panties. She takes it and removes her panties right there on the street. Then he buys her dress. This girl really wants to be on TV, so much so that she hops in the van, strips off her dress, and starts sucking Rodney's cock. He takes her back to sign a model release at the office, where he continues humping her mouth with his stiff prick, then in her pussy he goes. This girl likes it rough, and rough she gets, till he goos up her mouth and tongue with a crazy amount of cum! - featuring Melanie Jagger & Rodney


September 7, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Hairy Bargain"

Rodney is offloading a guitar and Laila is interested but it might be too much. She is willing to bargain and wants to use her hairy pussy to help sweeten the deal. Rodney's love of hairy pussy wins and soon he is licking Laila and making her moan. This deal gets more sweet when Laila gives Rodney a blowjob . After worshiping Laila's hairy pussy some more Rodney gives her hairy armpit a Rodney Blast and spoons the goo from her armpit straight into her mouth to play with! She makes even more of a sexy mess drooling the spunk all over herself! - featuring Laila & Rodney


September 3, 2023   Cum Walk Wednesdays Hot Update

"Traffic Trollop"

Rodney spots Mercedes walking around in a short skirt and senses that she's quite the exhibitionist, so he boldly asks her if she'd be willing to let him cum on her face and walk around on the street showing off her facial. She loves the idea, and jumps in Rodney's Blastrovan and blows him till he's ready to explode. He gives her a huge Rodney Blast, then helps her out of the van and lets several passers-by see her very wet and dripping face. - featuring Mercedes and Rodney

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September 5, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Stiff Competition"

Honey is a Plus Size model looking for some catalog work and she comes over to Rodney's studio so he can see what she's got. He likes what he sees but tells her that the competition is stiff. Since she really wants the work, she makes Rodney big cock nice and stiff. Then goes down on her knees to show him a good sucking. The next thing you know, they are on the couch and Rodney's dick is deep in her pussy, banging her hard until finally rewarding her with hot goo all over her face. - featuring Honey Wells & Rodney


September 4, 2023   Monday Memories Hot Update

"Skating, Sucking and Semen"

Rodney can't help staring at super leggy Lana as she roller blades along the beach on the boardwalk in Santa Monica. She knows he watching her and her fine ass peeking out of her too short shorts, so she keeps going back and forth in front of him. She likes showing off, so she goes home with him so she can show off her blowjob skills. After fucking her, Rodney gives her a nice cum blast. - featuring Lana Sands & Rodney

"Double Fantasy"

Skye Blue lays down in her tanning bed and starts fantasizing about Summer while she masturbates. Meanwhile Summer is taking a bath and starts masturbating fantasizing about Skye. In the Double Fantasy, Summer joins Skye in the tanning bed room and Skye joins Summer in the bathroom where lots of huge boob sucking, pussy licking and dildo fucking takes place. Note from Rodney: This is what I would consider the best girl/girl scene I ever produced. It's also one of the two times I specifically wrote a music soundtrack just for the this scene. - featuring Summer Cummings & Skye Blue

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September 3, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

"What a Butt"

Petite black hottie Adora comes to Rodney's to audition for a job modeling bikinis. She will not do nude and just wants to stick to bikinis. She has killer bubble butt and muscular legs and starts to prance around for the audition. Rodney is still trying to get her to do nude because a body like that needs to be shared. All of the sudden she gets in the sharing mood because she sees Rodney's cock and decides to share her hot mouth with him. She takes his huge cock in her teeny mouth and gets it good and wet. Soon enough her little pink pussy is wet too and she shares that with him too. He bangs away and then she gets on top for a deep ride until he splatters her beautiful black face with a TON of white goo. - featuring Adora and Rodney

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September 2, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot Update

"Howard the Dentist"

Howard Ramone is a wild and crazy Dentist. His dental assistant Ashley gives him a blow job while they wait for their first patient. In walks Lena, who is shocked at the shoddy equipment and Howard's sleazy ways. When he cleans her teeth and asks her to spit, instead of a bowl she finds MIA'S MOUTH awaiting her drool. Soon they're all engaged in a wild and wet drool-a-thon, happily slobbering all over Howard's huge tool. They even get into a spit fight with each other, before finally swapping his big load, which ends up in Ashley's mouth, who gulps it all down with glee. - featuring Ashley Shye, Lena Ramone and Mia Domore with Rodney.


September 1, 2023   Friday Hot Update

"Horny Swinger"

Hot blonde Staci is checking out Rodney's place as a possible location for her next swinger's club party. Rodney mentions he does massage and can offer his services to the swingers at the party. Staci wants a sample, so Rodney rubs her gorgeous body. But being a sexy swinger, Staci gets right into the swing of things and sucks and fucks Rodney, then swallows his goo. - featuring Staci Thorn & Rodney

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August 31, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Pretty Lily Goes Solo"

Pretty Lily is the girl next door. She is delicate and soft-spoken. But guess what? She is super horny and loves to masturbate! She has a pretty pussy that is so hairy and very wet. She is willing to take you on her sexy ride with a teeny plaid skirt and a purple vibe she likes that always leads her to the Big O. Ready to watch? - featuring Lily Cameron


August 30, 2023   Wednesday Hot Update

"Falcon's First Video"

Falcon comes to Rodney to do her very first ever adult porn movie. She's a little nervous, but once she starts sucking on Rodney's cock, she relaxes and then really lets go when he starts fucking her. Finally, she's ready for a big juicy creamy thick Rodney Blast shooting directly into her mouth! - featuring Falcon & Rodney

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August 29, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Fellatio Friday"

Big beautiful babe Vanessa Logan is out on the street looking hot and goth. She asks Rodney for quarter for the meter and Rodney strikes up a conversation with her. She says she is down there meeting her girlfriends for Fellatio Friday. She and her girlfriends suck guys off on Friday for fun and they meet up at this place. Unfortunately she got there too late and now she is missing out on some hot cock. Rodney says he is pretty big and he can fill in if she wants. She is in and they go to his place and she whips out her colossal cantaloupes. Rodney can't believe his luck. It is Friday, he is off work and there is a hot bbw with amazing gargantuan tits in his apartment sucking his blaster and giving him a tit job at the same time. She even sucks his balls. After a rowdy and robust titty fuck and blow job, she wants him to cum all over her cute goth face. He shoots his white goo all over her face making it a gooey mess worthy of Friday Fellatio. - featuring Vanessa Blake & Rodney


August 28, 2023   Monday Memories Hot Update

"Home Cookin' Whore"

Rodney is is the mood for a hot home cooked meal. So he calls up Home Cookin Whores and has 'em send somebody over. Soon, sexy Bobbi Bliss is knockin on his door and read to cook. She wastes no time gettin in the kitchen and serving up some hot wet tuna and ass for Rodney to eat. Then like any good cook she drops to her knees and takes Rodney's meat thermometer deep in her throat for a good pounding. Before you can say, "Dinner is Served," Rodney is filling her open mouth with some hot goo to swallow down. - featuring Bobbi Bliss with Rodney

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August 27, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

"White Chocolate Sauce"

Knock, knock, it's young and sweet Candy Chocolate at Rodney's door. This precocious cocoa honey saw his advertisement in the paper about casting girls for an adult film. And she's hardly through the door before Rodney starts dropping his drawers and pulling out his gigantic cock. No interview necessary--she immediately drops to her knees and starts blowing him. Shooting the entire scene in POV, Rodney directs her to look up at him and keep eye contact while she sucks. Messy blow jobs must be her forte, because her mouth gets completely wet from slurping on his schlong and drool drips down her mocha breasts. Rodney then hikes up her red dress, and gives her brown sugar pussy a good pounding. After some more drippy face fucking, Rodney shoots his own sauce all over Candy's mouth, nose, and lips. All that creamy white cum sure stands out on her dark chocolate skin, and he uses a spoon to scoop and feed Candy his "jizz desserts." - featuring Candy Chocolate and Rodney

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August 26, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot Update


Britni is stranded in the desert, crawling on her hands and knees, begging for water. She comes across Michele and Annie giving Rodney an incredibly sloppy blowjob. There's plenty of wet stuff to quench Britni's thirst for liquids. Michele is Annie's slave, and Annie decides to initiate Britni into her club. She takes everyone back to her place, and the suckathon continues with Annie barking orders to the girls. It all ends when Annie takes a huge Rodney Blast into her mouth, drools it into Michele's mouth, and she in turn dribbles it down Britni's throat, who swallows it all. Then Annie drips some drool down Michele's throat. - featuring Annie Body, Bisexual Britni & Michelle Raven with Rodney.


August 25, 2023   Friday Hot Update

"Milk Machine"

Traveling saleswoman Mercedes reveals herself to a very sexy MILF. Not only is she a mom you'd like to fuck, she is a lactating one! She's on the road in a hotel room and unwinds with some masturbation and porn, but she needs more. She orders room service and seduces Rodney quickly with her large plump boobs. She gets down on her knees and deepthroat's his big cock. Next, she puts on the wettest show by squirting milk straight into Rodney's mouth. Rodney sucks and slurps her tits and never ending milk till he is ready to fuck her sopping wet pussy. Still squirting milk while he fucks her hard. This shameless slut needs more still and rims Rodney ass before he blasts his "milk" into her slutty mouth to swallow it all! - featuring Mercedes & Rodney


August 24, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Wet Hippie"

Gorgeous natural redhead Anna May and Rodney are out on Lake Washington watching an air show. After it's over, they put on a show of their own for other boaters. It's a red hot wet sex show. This epic open-air sex romp is chock full of spanking, hot lactating MILF boobs, and of course, the wettest cum shot straight to her pretty face and in her dirty mouth. - featuring Anna May & Rodney

HOT Anna May Trailer     JOIN NOW

August 23, 2023   Wild Wednesday Hot Update

"Quick Drink"

Cute Kelli is thirsty. She asks Rodney to get her a drink. He gives her a glass of water. But she wants something a little tastier. So he cums in the glass, and now she's much happier and she lovingly ingests every delicious drop of sticky semen. - featuring Kelli Cage with Rodney

Hot CUM Swallowing From a Glass TRAILER     JOIN NOW

August 22, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Suck Up"

College Professor Chibbles is grading college papers when extra thick Vanessa walks in. The previous night he saw the very voluptuous Vanessa at her job and she wants him to keep his mouth shut. Curvy Vanessa doesn't want people to know she's a hot stripper so she decides some sucking is the best way to keep her professor quiet. After a bit of sucking, she takes a hard cock in her chunky wet pussy. He grabs her by the love handles and rides her hard till he pops a load all over her pretty face. - featuring Vanessa Blake & Dick Chibbles


August 21, 2023   MONDAY MEMORIES Hot Update

"Nadia's First Video"

On October 31, 1994, what could have been just another girl auditioning for Rodney and thinking about doing adult video work for the first time turned out to be the start of a brief but brilliant career of one of the most exotic and hottest women to ever perform sex on camera. Nadia Nyce did 44 scenes for Rodney, but this was her very first ever. Whereas Nadia quickly became a wanton sex tigress who devoured cum, cock and pussy, here she is still sweet, innocent and shy. - featuring Nadia Nyce with Rodney Moore.

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August 20, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

"White Chocolate Sauce"

Knock, knock, it's young and sweet Candy Chocolate at Rodney's door. This precocious cocoa honey saw his advertisement in the paper about casting girls for an adult film. And she's hardly through the door before Rodney starts dropping his drawers and pulling out his gigantic cock. No interview necessary--she immediately drops to her knees and starts blowing him. Shooting the entire scene in POV, Rodney directs her to look up at him and keep eye contact while she sucks. Messy blow jobs must be her forte, because her mouth gets completely wet from slurping on his schlong and drool drips down her mocha breasts. Rodney then hikes up her red dress, and gives her brown sugar pussy a good pounding. After some more drippy face fucking, Rodney shoots his own sauce all over Candy's mouth, nose, and lips. All that creamy white cum sure stands out on her dark chocolate skin, and he uses a spoon to scoop and feed Candy his "jizz desserts." - featuring Candy Chocolate and Rodney


August 19, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot Update

= -

"Semen Server"

Sexy Skye Phillips is a lithe blonde with a hairy pussy. Her sex slave is Trinity, a big busty blonde. The task for Trinity today is to serve up semen for her mistress. In 3 separate segments, Trinity lollipops 3 guys until each cums into a glass, then she serves it to her mistress Skye, who swallows it down. Fortunately for Trinity, Skye shares some of the sperm with her and they both swallow. - featuring Skye Phillips and Trinity with Nick East, Steve Taylor and Byron Long.


August 18, 2023   Friday Hot Update

"Free Sample"

Encina has huge boobs and is a super slutty model, shooting for a photographer who only does fashion. She lets him know if he ever wants to shoot nudity, she's more than willing. It's not his thing, but she strips off her dress to show him her hot body anyway. Then she tells him he should consider shooting adult video, but he's not interested. Just in case he should ever consider it though, she offers to show him her oral skills. Before he can say no, the slutty model is on her knees sucking his dick and swallowing his cum. - featuring Encina & Rodney

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August 17, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Luna's Private Show"

Pretty Luna is a Horny Hairy Girl who hasn't shaved in five years. She's got hot hairy arms, legs and bush. Want to see? Well, she's eager to show you. So let's go some place more private so that she can put on a little show with the new huge toy to play she has! - featuring Luna Rae

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August 16, 2023   Wild Wednesday Hot Update

"Wet Their Beaks"

On the day of his daughter's wedding, organized crime boss Don Fellatio was visited by rival family leader, Vito Fornicato and his consiglieri, Antonio Cunnilingo. They wanted to congratulate the Don on the success of his new adult website, But more importantly to them, they wanted a taste of his success, a piece of the action, or as they say, they wanted the Don to "Wet Their Beaks!" Being that tradition dictates that the Don can not turn down a request on the day of his daughter's wedding, he agreed to give them a taste, to "Wet Their Beaks." The Don told them to whip out their beaks, then his girlfriend Emily George got on their knees and granted their request. Her mouth soon overflowed with saliva, causing her to remove her dress, revealing an enormous pair of natural hooters. Seeing his girl friend slobber all over the "beaks" of his two rivals, the Don got excited himself, and decided to get his beak wet as well. Wet was the key word, as Miss George totally drenched their penises and her breasts with her saliva, which continued to drip out of her mouth and all over her breasts and the Don's rug. It wasn't long before Don, Vito, and Antonio spewed thick creamy marinara sauce all over Emily's talented mouth and titanic titties. Thus ending the rivalry between their families by sharing a piece of the action! - featuring Emily George with Justin Syder, Jack Venice & Anthony Hardwood


August 16, 2023   BONUS Wednesday Hot Update

"Maid to be Made"

Rodney plays a hunch that his new maid, the gorgeous Natasha Nice has a secret submissive side. He slowly starts ordering her to do things, and gets her hot and bothered when he spanks her big luscious natural DD's. He demands she suck his rigid pole, and she lovingly slobbers all over it. This lovely innocent looking girl slowly unravels into a screaming lusty wench, as Rodney pounds her on the oval bed. He blasts a hot, sticky load all over her sweet tits. - featuring Natasha Nice and Rodney Moore.

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August 15, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot & Chunky Update

"The Big Fuck"

Mellissa is a chunky lady who's looking for some big fun. Rodney is a Chubby enthusiast with a chubby of his own. Watch as Mellissa's horny urges lead her to suck and fuck for the very first time in front of the camera. She strips down and let's Rodney spank her big ass, then she sucks his cock until it's wet and hard. Then Rodney pounds her pussy, shaking that massive frame of hers as they fuck. He tests her tight asshole for a first time reaming. Finally he rewards her hungry mouth with a dollop of goo. - featuring Mellissa & Rodney

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August 14, 2023   MONDAY MADNESS Hot Update

"3-way Swap"

Mia, Bethany and Nova all suck off Rodney, and he cums into Nova's mouth, who drools it into Mia's who then drools it into Bethany's, then back into Mia's and finally back into Nova, who swallows the whole mess. - featuring Mia Domore, Bethany, Nova with Rodney Moore.


August 13, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

"First Time BJ"

Rodney tries to cop a feel of Anna's big boobs while she's getting pounding by Red. But she pushes Rodney's hand away and demands he tell them another story. So he tells the tale of tall Narobi. She's very shy, but she does enjoy giving blowjobs so that's why she's answered Rodney's ad and has shown up to give him a nice blowjob. After some good sucking, he cums a nice thick goopy load all over her face, then has her get dressed with the semen still dripping off her chin! - featuring Narobi Brown & Anna Amore with Red and Rodney

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August 12, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot Update

"Perverted Pet"

Rodney has a new pet, but she's a little dick and cum crazed. So Rodney invites four guys over to give her lots of cum to swallow. Mia and Bethany suck the guys off, then they each take two big loads of goo into their mouths while hungry Nova is made to watch. Then Nova, unchained and very hungry, takes two straws, puts them into each of the girls full of jizz mouths and sucks up the 4 loads of cum from both girls' mouths. She savors every drop before guzzling it down! - featuring Mia Domore, Bethany, Nova with Nick East, Steve Taylor, Blake Leigh, Red Rodney Moore.


August 11, 2023   Friday Hot Update

"Rooftop Sex Stop"

Gorgeous tall brunette Rain Smith is prancing around on the rooftop talking to her friend about some sexy encounters. But she needs to go because she needs to go inside and suck some cock. When she says she needs it she needs it! She starts of by showing off a glorious firm butt and her hot big boobs. She wets her perky hard nipples and her sweet shaved pussy and then goes to town chowing down on Rodney's big blaster. She chokes on that big thing but just can't stop. Slobbering and drooling boats loads of spit, she means business. She give Rodney such a good blowing that he can't resist sucking on her magnificent boobs already slick from all of the slobbering. There is a lot of pussy and butthole licking and Rain returns the favor by tossing Rodney's salad. With her mouth wide open and her wanton tongue still working Rodney's cock, she waits for the cum load she deserves. She puts on her sunglasses because she knows it is going to be huge and it is! Rodney cums white goo all over her face and she loves it. - featuring Rain Smith & Rodney

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August 10, 2023   Tuesday Hot & Hairy Update

"Butt Wiggling Contest"

Honey and Michelle are asked to join a Butt Wiggling Contest so they immediately start practicing, showing each other their moves. They are down on the floor, shaking their hot asses when they realize they need to get ready to go, but Michelle says her panties are wet. She proves it by pulling them down and showing Honey her moist bush. Honey loves what she sees and wants to see more so she takes of her friend's shirt too. Soon they are both naked and exploring each others hot hairy bodies. Honey goes down on Michelle, making her even more wet. She takes out some vibrating toys and each one takes a turn pleasuring the other. Finally, Honey dons her purple strap-on and fucks Michelle. Now they're ready to go win that contest! - featuring Honey Bunch & Michelle Carlucci

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August 9, 2023   Wednesday Hot Classic Update

"Too Pretty for Porn"

Willow is super cute and super innocent looking. That doesn't stop Rodney from fucking her mouth, pussy and ass and drenching her face with a huge Rodney Blast! - featuring Willow & Rodney

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August 8, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update

"Full Figured Fun"

Rodney is walking through the park when he notices a very pretty chubby chick. After meeting Sera, Rodney learns that she is into erotic videos and uses that interest to have her do her first scene. Once arriving at Rodney's place it takes no time for Sera to end up naked. Not only does she have huge tits but she also is no stranger to giving a blowjob. When Rodney fills Sera's pink wet pussy she giggles with delight and her curvy body shakes with pleasure. Sera is no longer a first timer when she gets her very first huge Rodney Blast. - featuring Sera & Rodney

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August 7, 2023   Monday Memories Hot Update

" LIMEY LADY is LATE, but Rodney don't care BECAUSE of BIG BOOBS and BEHOMOTH BUTT! "

In this CLASSIC and very popular scene, English girl Marilyn shows up late for her interview to perform in Rodney's "Pretty Faces to Cum On!" But he's got another girl coming, so he tries to rush her. When he sees what an AMAZING HOUR GLASS body she has, he takes his time, admiring those crazy curves, the huge boobs and the wild big round ass! He rubs his face all over those big tits, then buries his face inside her big butt cheeks. Soon she's lovingly sucks his cock. Suddenly there's a knock on the door. It's Lacy, another pretty girl with a face to cum on. So Rodney hides Marilyn in the bedroom, then does a quick interview with Lacy, and gets her blowing him, but tells her to hold on for a moment, as he sneaks into the bedroom and has Marilyn blowing him again. Back and forth he goes, cock going from one room and mouth to another. Finally he tires of it and figures he'll have them both blow him and now he'll cum on 2 pretty faces. - featuring Marilyn, Lacy and Rodney

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August 6, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

"Weigh the Melons"

Rodney tries to cop a feel of Anna's big boobs while she makes out with Red after he gave her a mighty orgasm with his mouth on her black pussy! But she pushes Rodney's hand away and demands he tell them another story. So he tells the tale of tall Spantaneous and her Massive Mammaries. She has arrived to enroll in a big boobs contest. She's a little taken back by Rodney's methods of testing her titties. First he weights them, but when he decides the scale is not working right, he uses his hand instead. She doesn't understand why not only must he feel them, but his need to squeeze them too. She's really astounded when he has to test her big boobs "buoyancy" by bouncing his prick on top of them. Well, after a minute of her mouth's close proximity to his hard shaft, she cant help but stick her tongue outand give it a quick lick. But why stop there! She soon can't resist taking his whole cock deep into her mouth and slobbering all over it until it shoots a mighty load of thick goopy semen into her mouth, so much that she can't contain all of it and it dribbles out of her mouth down her chin and onto those gargantuan globes! - featuring Spantaneus & Anna Amore with Red and Rodney

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August 5, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot Update

In "Stroke Light On" 4 guys are at a strip club watching a hot strip show by sexy European Zarina. At 11 o'clock, according to the sign, they can actually jerk off for an hour. But when they're ready to cum, Zarina can't let all that good sperm go to waste, so she gets on her knees and blows them untill they all cum into her mouth one right after the other. But with so much cum in her mouth, some of it overflows, but she does indeed swallow most of it. So Rodney gets in on the action, and after fucking her and getting blown, he makes sure none of his semen goes to waste by unloading his sperm right into a glass and dirty nasty still thirsty Zarina drinks every drop down. - featuring Zarina with Guy DiSilva, Brian Sherwood, Nick East, Steve Taylor and Rodney Moore.


August 4, 2023   Friday Hot Update

"Never Too Old To Swallow"

Paula is in her late 40's, applying for a personal assistant position. But I just got a job photographing nude mature, older women and offer her position instead. I also offer her the missionary position, the doggie position and several others! She really knows how to give a super sloppy, drooly blow job, because she has been around the block! A big Rodney Blast is her due, proving you are never too old to swallow! - featuring Paula & Rodney

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August 3, 2023   Fat Thursday Hot Update

"Camshow Cream Dream"

Firecracker Kamille Amora loves to fulfill guys' fantasies while she is webcamming. She starts out by bouncing her bodacious breasts and giving soft, wet kisses to the camera. Then, someone in the room notices her hairy pussy, so she spreads wide her lips and gives a sticky close up. She imagines that you are there with her, licking on her sweet clit before delving deep inside her warm hole with your tongue. Next, she pulls out a dildo, pretending its your cock. On her knees before you, you watch her deep throat your dick while you squeeze her huge titties. She sucks on your balls and smacks your dick against her soft, rosy cheeks. But your greatest fantasy is to fuck her. So you lay her down on her back and drill her hole fast and hard, causing her boobs and tummy to shake uncontrollably. Then, you flip her over and fuck her doggy style while she screams with pleasure. You continue to pound this voracious slut in different positions, until you blast out a huge load of gooey, white cum all over her gorgeous face. - featuring Kamille Amora & Rodney


August 2, 2023   Wednesday Hot Update

In "Goin Down Under" Elizabeth is from England or Australia or somewhere where they talk like that. She's walking around on her lunch break when Rodney stops her on the sidewalk from the Nookie Wagon and tries to get her opinion on some products for a marketing research he claims to be doing...hmmm. The first product is panty hose, which she reluctantly tries on right on the sidewalk. Then he gets her inside the van to try out another item which turns out to be a flogger. She lets him whip her bum with it. Then he gets her to to try out a dildo, then to stroke his cock. Soon she's sucking his dick and letting him fuck her. When he's finished satisfying his lust (and hers), he cums all over her face, then has her walk out of the Blastrovan onto the sidewalk with goo streaming down her chin. - featuring Elizabeth and Rodney

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August 1, 2023   Tuesday Hot & Hairy Update

In "Bye-Bye-Bush! " Simone has got something on her mind. The temptation is just too great. It's the bush she is gonna shave it. Just when she is about to shave that big beautiful bush of hers, Rodney arrives! Just in time! Eager to show her just how beautiful her hair really is, he dives into her muff right away licking and loving her hairy pussy. He shows her the most important reason she shouldn't shave - because her hairy bush makes his cock hard. He rubs his dick across her shaggy carpet before plunging it into her fur-pie. She squeals in delight as he bangs her hairy hole hard. Then she shows her gratitude by sucking his cock. Rodney showers her face in his own special cream but at least it's not shaving cream! - featuring Simone Delilah & Rodney


July 31, 2023   Monday Memories Hot Update

In "Wet Wash" Rodney's Blastrovan is a little dirty, but just his luck, he spots Cutie Shayna Knight who is running a charity car wash for "Homeless Hollywood Strippers Thrown Out by Their Boyfriends." Rodney being a generous soul agrees. After the wash, Rodney asks Shayna to contribute to his charity, "Helping out a lonely guy who hasn't had sex in a while!" Shayna senses his need and hops in the van to help him out. Rodney dives right in for some pussy licking to get her nice and wet. Then Shayna returns the favor by swallowing his cock. Now it's time for some Blastrovan Banging, some more furious face fucking and finally Rodney gives a her big, thick donation of creme all over her face! Shayna climbs out of the van with Rodney's Creamy Semen still dripping off her face, and gets back out on the sidewalk to get more car washes for charity. - featuring Shayna Knight and Rodney

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July 30, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

In "Drooly Kayla" Big Boobed Anna still won't let Rodney touch her, even while she lets stranger Red suck her pussy. She wants to here more of Rodney's dirty stories with other hot black girls. So he tells her about getting a very messy sloppy drooly blowjob from Kayla, so messy and wet that she had to blow him in the bathtub so as not to leave a disgusting mess on the floor. She even drools his nasty sperm out all over her body. - featuring Kayla & Anna Amore with Red and Rodney

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July 29, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot Update

In "The Swallowing Game" Cutie pie Charlene is a contestant on the "Swallowing Game". In the make-up room, she blows BOTH the host and the male hairdresser. Both guys drop loads into the hot and sassy makeup artist Claudia's mouth. That dirty girl drools all of that goo right into Charlene's happy mouth. She makes sure to swallow every last drop! On the show, Charlene has to pick between 3 black contestants. She picks stud number 3 to swallow, but asks the host if she can swallow all 3 guys. He says okay, so she drops to her knees and blows and swallows them all. Still not satisfied, she then blows and swallows the producer! - featuring Charlene Aspen, Claudia D'Corazon with Ronny Cox, Red, Guy DiSilva, Kohl Mynah, Byron Long, and Rodney Moore.


July 28, 2023   Friday Hot Update

In "Creampie Payback" Sexy Olivia Austin found naughty videos of her husband with another woman on her husband's computer! Now she's out for revenge and what better way than to make a naughty video herself. So here she is at Rodney's studio hot, horny and ready for action. Rodney gets her on her knees and has her suck his cock and lick his balls. Then he tells her to get her pretty pink pussy good and wet. He slides his cock deep in her tight twat. He bangs her hard making her big pierced boobs bounce. They knock boots in lots of positions until he leaves his cream dripping from her hot love box. - featuring Olivia Austin & Rodney


July 27, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

In "Hair To Play" Hot little redhead Meka needs some action. Her soft round curves needs some attention. She plays with her full breasts and then moves on to her super hairy red bush! That lush bush is ready for more though and she lubes up a purple butt plug and happily stuffs her little asshole and then teases her little pink clit with a pink vibrator. She works that juicy pussy, asshole and clit till she cums all over the dildos and is finally satisfied. - featuring Meka & Rodney


July 26, 2023   Wednesday Hot Classic Update

In "Sad Casting" Rodney drives by the production offices of a studio doing a casting call knowing there will be a lot of girls hanging around in the front, feeling down in the dumps after getting rejected. How do you think he intends to cheer them up? Why, with a dick in their mouths and with a load dumped into their mouths, of course. A load, by the way, which they can share! - featuring Brooke Balantyne & Rio Marah and Rodney

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July 25, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update

In "Sloppy Slut" Chunky MILF concierge Auburn comes to give Rodney some fresh towels and notices his light setup. She asks if he is doing porn. He says he is doing foot worshipping vids and asks her is she wants to try it out. She does and Rodney goes to town on her toes. Now it's her turn to suck his toes and his cock. Turns out she likes being told what to do and gets told to give the sloppiest blow job and she delivers. She also likes rough tit play and gets worked over with the whip and riding crop and a banging kitty fuck. Rodney fucks her hard while he smacks her big floppy tits. Then he fucks her from behind while he shoves his foot in her mouth at the same time. She yells she is a sloppy wet whore that needs her tits spanked and her mouth filled with cock, spit and cum. Rodney isn't done with this dirty porn slut. He scratches and spanks her big ass til it's bright red. He smacks her boobs with the crop til he pops a huge blast all over her glasses. She takes them off of her face and that dirty slut licks them clean! - featuring Auburn Sunshine


July 24, 2023   Monday Memories Hot Update

In "Model for a Day" Rodney stops Lana on the street and asked her if she'd like to appear on "Model for a Day". He gives her a sexy outfit to wear and asks her to change in the back of the van. He holds up a sheet for privacy, but she can't tell that he can see right through it allowing him to stare at her big boobs. Then he tells her all about his UMT degree in Universal Masturbation Therapy, and how he's a certified Masturbator. He feels compelled to show off his skill, so he whips it out and jerks off. Then he tells her about his masturbation class where men and women were paired off by the teacher to masturbate each other. Of course, this is a perfect opportunity to illustrate the classroom technique, so he grabs her hand and gets her to stroke him. Well, you know where this is going. Soon enough, she's a-suckin' and a-fuckin' and gettin' a-gooed, all in the back of the van in traffic. In fact she takes that goo covered face right back out onto the street. - featuring Lana Moore and Rodney

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July 23, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

In "Hot Nipple Contest" Hot black chick Devine shows up to Rodneys to apply for the Hot Nipple Contest. Slim, lithe and super tight with huge black boobs and big round brown nipples, she feels like she definitely has a chance. Well Rodney has his ways of testing. He needs to feel the nipples not just look. He has to look at everything over all as well so, she has to get naked to reveal her tight body. Now it is time for the turn on factor... he has to look at her nipples and see if he gets hard. It is working. He is super hard and now she is super turned on. She wants Rodney to put his hard cock into her thick hairy bush. He fucks her hard. He finishes up with a super white thick Rodney Blast to her little sweet face, covering up a majority of it! It drips down in droves there is so much white goo. - featuring Devine and Rodney

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July 22, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot Update

In "Love 5" Julianna and Monique are cheerleaders for a doubles tennis match. While Monique blows the line judge, Julianna shares her drink with Guy. Then both girls take on all 5 guys, culminating in the guys shooting their loads into the cups on Julianna's hat, which she then slurps down. - featuring Julianna Sterlyng, Monique, Steve Taylor, Guy DiSilva, Nick East, Steve Austin and Brian Surewood


July 21, 2023   Friday Hot Update

In "WiFi Furry Fuck" Curvy, busty redhead Jonnie comes to neighbor Rodney's place because she can't get her internet working. She asks if she can use his wifi password. He is skeptical since he's afraid that his girlfriend may monitor his activity. Jonnie really needs to to look at some things today. To convince him to give it up she is gonna give it up. Jonnie happily reveals her gigantic soft boobs and yummy hairy pussy. She asks him if he wants to lick her hairy pussy. He does. Little does she know he is the master at working some pussy and works her good. Once she gets a taste of his oral skills, she wants his cock in her pussy. She works for it first by giving him some superb sucking on his huge cock. Then she rides him hard, bouncing up and down while her big ass and boobs bounce all over the place. Then she goes in for more cock sucking, licking up all her wet pussy juice and slurping up a storm. This girl is is crazy horny, and Rodney works her up so much she spreads those legs wide and goes to town on her till she squirts leaving her gaping wanting hole even more wet with squirt and girl cum juice. She is so grateful for the awesome fucking she sucks his cock one more time till he splashes her face with boat loads of thick cum. She tastes it and then swirls it around her pretty face to give it that, I just had an orgasm glow! So will Rodney give her his wifi pass? - featuring Jonnie Brightside & Rodney


July 20, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

In "Hairy Girls in Love " Hot Seattle grunge girls Lucy and Raven are very naughty. The cute pair a very hairy and are also exhibitionists. The two love birds go out for a walk and can't help but to play with each others furry armpits. They taking turns to playfully spank each others bare butts and caressing each others fluffy muffs while avoiding detection. - featuring Lucy & Raven & Rodney


July 19, 2023   Wednesday Hot Update

In "Foot to Mouth Deceive" Rodney stops Haley on the street and offers her a free pair of high heels and a foot massage if she'll give her opinion of the shoes. She consents, puts the 6 inch heels and walks up and down the sidewalk. She likes the shoes so Rodney gets her inside the van and starts massaging her feet. He tells her it will feel better if she closes her eyes, so she does. When she opens them a few minutes later she's shocked to find that he's been rubbing his penis on her feet. Well, she must have been a little turned on too because a minute later she's sucking that very same penis. He shoots all over her face, then she walks down the street with the goo still dripping off her chin. - featuring Haley and Rodney


July 18, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update

In "Sweet and Sticky" Gorgeous plumper Tiffany Star is upset because her boyfriend just cheated on her with a skinny girl! She goes to Rodney's, vowing to fuck the first guy who walks in. Determined to wreak vengeance on her disloyal dud, she sets her sights on Rodney With a quick ruse, she is suddenly on her knees and pulling down daddy's boxers. Married Rodney's worried about cheating, but when she starts polishing his knob with her tongue, he's all in. As she licks his shaft and works his balls, she squeals, "You're so much bigger than my boyfriend!" But that doesn't deter from trying to fit it all in her mouth! This horny red head isn't even wearing any panties, which makes it very easy for Rodney to start licking her butt hole. As he fucks her doggy style, her ass and belly jiggle up and down on his dick, making her moan loudly. Rodney plants his dick on her forehead so she can lick his nuts one last time, then he shoots a huge load of jizz all over her mouth. She spits it back out all over his cock, then sucks it clean, relishing in the sweet taste of revenge. - featuring Tiffany Star


July 17, 2023   Monday Memories Hot Update

In "Wet Shirt and Wild Blast" Rodney spots cutie pie Kylie and offers her a spot on his "The Crazy Things Girls Do for Money." He offers her money if he can hose down her T-Shirt. She finally agrees, and wets her shirt till he can see an unbelievably beautiful pair of natural titties. But now she's wet and cold, so he invites her in the van and gives her another shirt to put on. "What's A Rodney Blast?" she asks, reading the writing on the front of the shirt. "Oh, it's a promotional shirt from a new juice bar, a Rodney Blast is some super healthy shake made from cream and pineapple." Then he spots a band-aid on her upper thigh, and she reluctantly lets him 'kiss it where it hurts.' But now he's got a pain, his penis is all hard, so he gets her to kiss him there, and what a blowjob it turns into. Then he sucks on those luscious titties, and strokes his shaft right into her bald beaver. Then he confesses about what a Rodney Blast really is, demonstrating it by shooting one all over her face. She leaves the van and heads outside, goo still a-drippin off her face. - featuring Kylie Rachelle and Rodney

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July 16, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

In "Naomi Says No, Then Yes" Rodney has gorgeous Anna Amore over for a photo shoot. He wants to touch her beautiful boobs so bad, but she won't let him. Rodney starts to tell her stories about other pretty Black girls he's shot recently. First he tells her about Naomi. Naomi came over and posed for him, but he couldn't resist whipping out his penis and jerking off to her. She at first was outraged and threatened to walk out. But Rodney promised he wouldn't do it again. Of course, when he saw her hot ass, he had to whip it out again. She again was annoyed, but he explained that he hadn't had sex in such a long time, and she was so sexy he couldn't resist. As a solution to the problem, he said if he could jerk off and cum and get it out of his system, then the photo shoot could proceed without a hitch. But as he stroked away, it was taking longer than he thought, so he suggested if she just touch his hard cock, it would go faster. But his prick was dry, so he asked her to drool a little on it to get it wet. She did, and took it to the next level and put it in her mouth to really get it wet. Well, now she may as well just blow him, so she did. After he came all over her face, the story was over and it was back to Anna and her amazing tits. - featuring Naomi and Rodney

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July 15, 2023   Hot Saturday Update

In "Hang Up and Suck " Devin is on the phone when Christian comes in. With his cock out, he tells her to take off her top and she does. As she continues to chat away, he tells her to take off the rest of her clothes. When his cock is rock hard he tells her that her phone call is over. She hangs up, gets down her knees and takes him deep down her throat. After sucking his cock and licking his balls, she wraps his cock with her big tits and has him fuck them hard. He cums all over her rack and she laps it up. - featuring Devin Rae & Christian XXX

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July 14, 2023   Friday Hot Update

In "2 Hot Ho's" I stumble across a brand new Alley. This is a good one, because there's 2 horny ho's standing around in short skirts looking for a hot time. One is young and cute and the other is a hot milf that's been around the block. BUT BOTH are very horny and very eager. So eager, they offer me a tag team. How can I resist? so they're soon in the back of my van going down on the Rodney Blaster and licking ass till they both get a taste and swallow the cum! - featuring April & Gemini & Rodney


July 13, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

In "Hairy Viola" Viola invites Rodney to join her at a Bed and Breakfast. She shows him her extremely hairy pussy, which he can't resist munching on. Before long she's on her knees chewing and sucking on his throbbing pecker. Then Rodney slips his cock into her wild, wooly snatch and starts thrusting it in and out like crazy. He finishes her off with a big sticky Rodney Blast all over her kisser. - featuring Viola & Rodney

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July 12, 2023   Wednesday Hot Classic Update

In "Vacation Sex Romp" At last, the Cumm Brothers are on vacation in Seattle, Washington. While they have planned on sipping margaritas and eating salmon all day, their hostess Cassandra O. has something else in mind. How can these well hung men take a break from filming porn when there are so many women in Seattle who want to make movies with them? Including Ms. Cassandra! So, she slips into a sexy outfit and tries to seduce the boys. She's got on thigh high fishnets and a leather studded garter belt, but no panties. She rubs her exposed ass against Wolf's crotch and convinces him to suck her nipple. Then, she hops right over to Rodney and lets him fondle her breasts. Before you know it, she drops to her knees, and both guys whip out their cocks. She gives them a double blowjob, and then she keeps sucking off Wolf while Rodney eats her pussy. Then, Rodney slips his huge dong in her asshole and spanks her round cheeks. Wolf just keeps fucking her face with his big, black cock. The guys take turns drilling each of her holes, and then they team up to deliver a hot, interracial double penetration scene. Screw a vacation. Rodney and Wolf are right where they like to be-in the middle of some kinky, steamy action. Cassandra sits in Wolf's lap and rides his chocolate dick, then Rodney jumps on top and stabs her pink slit missionary. Finally, the Cumm Brothers round out their vacation sex romp by shooting their massive loads of jizz all over Cassandra's freckled face. - featuring Cassandra O, Wolf and Rodney

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July 11, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update

In "BJ Waiting" Hot BBW Crystel loves to talk on the phone but Rodney loves it when this huge boobed beauty sucks his big dick. Time to get off the phone and onto Rodney's meat. And that's just what she does, until she finds it difficult to speak with a mouth full of hard cock. She sucks him deep then resumes her call while Rodney dumps his creamy goo all over her pretty face. - featuring Crystel


July 10, 2023   Monday Memories Hot Horror Update

In "Cum It Does A Body Good" The Cumm Brothers are safely back home from vacation and recalling the weird cumm thirsty vampires they kept dreaming about when suddenly sexy Vampyress Analisa springs on them. She's thirsty for some cock and some yummy cumm. But this horny vamp doesn't just want to suck the boys dicks, she wants to be fucked in her ass. The Cumm Brothers are up for the task. First Rodney folds her lithe frame in half and pounds her butt-hole hard. Rodney creams all over her bush but she scoops up the delicious goo and swallows it down. Then she climbs onto of Wolf's stiff prick. While she's riding Wolf's cock, Rodney continues the ass-banging in some hot, Double Penetration action. Finally she gets all the cum she craves when Wolf spews his, sticky load all over her face then spoon feeds it to her. - featuring Analisa, Wolf and Rodney

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July 9, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

In "Tasty Melons" Rodney can't find any melons in the produce department of the food store. But he spots some melons on Rose's short sexy dress. He asks her if he can eat her melons, and she lets him, and sucks his cock in return. She licks his balls and ass, then after humping her honeypot, Rodney blows a load on her kisser. - featuring Rose and Rodney


July 8, 2023   Saturday Hot Vintage Update

In "Two Three Ways" Kiki and Marilyn have played with each other, but never had had a 3-way with a guy. So they join the Dirty Dating Service, and Rodney hooks them up with TWO 3-ways, first with Guy DiSilva then with Frenchie. There's ass fucking and cum swapping galore. - featuring Kiki & Marilyn Martyn with Guy DiSilva and Frenchie


July 7, 2023   Friday Hot Update

In "3 Girl Cum Swap" Petite Britni, who loves wearing her cheerleader outfit and her friend Misty Rain are special friends. They like to lick each others pussies and fuck each other with dildos. They show up at Rodney's suite wanting to fuck and suck Rodney. They kiss each other and while Britni is fucking Rodney, Oasis the cum slut sneaks in to get in on the action. They all playfully suck on the rod and taste Britni's pussy juice. They take turns with Rodney's meat stick till Oasis takes the big Rodney Blast in her mouth. They swap it three ways til petite, nasty Britni swallows it all and licks any remaining drops off of Oasis' face! - featuring Bisexual Britni, Misty Rain & Oasis & Rodney


July 6, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

In "Hairy Hippie" Madoula is a hairy hippy chick from Vancouver who visits Seattle to pose on Broadway in Capital Hill, then she shows off her body in Volunteer Park and the Seattle Aboretum, the high point being her spread eagle pose in a tree, where she masturbates herself to orgasm just seconds before a group of people come walking down the path. This hairy girl is a horny hairy exhibitionist! - featuring Madoula

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July 5, 2023   Wednesday Hot Horror Update

In "Goo Gobling Vampire Vixens" Vampire vixens Nicole Jefferson and Paisley Hunter are hungry for cock. These puny toys they have scattered around their lair simply won't do. Unfortunately, Rodney becomes their first hapless victim. Both girls slurp and suck on Rodney's stiff prick. They suck away rabidly but there's a hungry Wolf lurking in the background. He wants in on the action too. Soon the voracious vamps are chowing down on his meatstick too. Some super hot 3 way action ensures as the girls fuck and suck Rodney then Wolf alternatively. Wolf is the first to unleash a monster load all over Nicole's pretty face. Paisley licks off the delicious juice then takes more hot cream in her mouth from Rodney. The girls swap the spunk as they kiss passionately. - featuring Jana & Taboo and Rodney

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July 4, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update

In "Perverted Penis Policy " BBW hottie Tessa comes to Rodney's place to sell him an unusual kind of insurance. Rodney has decided to insure his world-famous cock. Tessa's insurance company can help but she needs to make sure that he has a healthy, functioning cock that can get hard and ready. She needs to see it RIGHT NOW. Rodney whips out his dick but he usually has pretty girls around to get him hard. Tessa's happy to help him out with that. She gently fondles his balls then wraps her lips around his growing member. She hungrily swallows him swollen rod. Rodney helps her out of her clothes before fondling her huge tits. Later she wraps those massive mammaries around his cock and titty fucks him. Well it's pretty clear by now his dick is working just fine. But can he cum? Well he proves he can by coating her entire face in a gallon of sticky goo. - featuring Tessa


July 3, 2023   Monday Memories Hot Horror Update

In "Goo Gobling Vampire Vixens" Vampire vixens Nicole Jefferson and Paisley Hunter are hungry for cock. These puny toys they have scattered around their lair simply won't do. Unfortunately, Rodney becomes their first hapless victim. Both girls slurp and suck on Rodney's stiff prick. They suck away rabidly but there's a hungry Wolf lurking in the background. He wants in on the action too. Soon the voracious vamps are chowing down on his meatstick too. Some super hot 3 way action ensures as the girls fuck and suck Rodney then Wolf alternatively. Wolf is the first to unleash a monster load all over Nicole's pretty face. Paisley licks off the delicious juice then takes more hot cream in her mouth from Rodney. The girls swap the spunk as they kiss passionately. - featuring Nicole Jefferson & Paisley Hunter and Rodney

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July 2, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

In "Naked Jestress" Caramel is tries out for a job reading dirty jokes in lingerie for an adult web site. She's fine with that, but not sure about the offer to read jokes nude. Of course, it doesn't take Rodney long to get her to try it out, and soon enough she's telling raunchy jokes in the raw. The jokes must have turned her on too, cos she doesn't seem to mind when he can't resist whipping out his penis cos her naked body is so hot!! So she starts sucking and humping Rodney and even licks his ass till finally he drops a huge load on her face. She can't believe all the semen on her face when she looks at herself in the mirror. - featuring Caramel and Rodney

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July 1, 2023   Saturday Hot Vintage Update

In "Testing the Dirty" Loni decides to try out the Dirty Dating Service, so Rodney brings in Guy DiSilva, who wants to be paired off with anyone Rodney can fix him up with. It's a good match up, as Guy really enjoys licking Loni's pussy and tonguing her asshole. Speaking of which, after his cock enjoys her sweet pussy lips for awhile, it dives deep into her asshole. He goes back to fucking her pussy, then pulls out just in time to cover those tasty lips with his thick cum! - featuring Loni with Guy DiSilva


June 30, 2023   Friday Hot Update

In "Hard Cock Research " Pervy Rodney somehow lands a job getting women's opinions on skimpy bikinis. He gets to test out how hot these bikinis are by researching how fast his dick gets hard after a pretty girl tries it on. He finds big titted Julie walking down the street and gets her to try on a teeny bikini. She changes inside the van and prances around on the street. Using his research methods he lands his product research quota AND a hot romp. She drools all over her huge hot tits and Rodney's cock. Then he gets to pound her pussy till he graces her face and mouth with a whole lotta cum! All for the research of course. - featuring Julie Faith & Rodney


June 29, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

In "Hairy Boat Ride" Charity notices Christi being too lazy on the back of the boat, so she tosses some cold Lake Washington water on her back. Christi jumps up, calls Charity a hairy bitch, and spanks her butt repeatedly. Now they are both too horny, so they take turns licking each other's hairy twats. - featuring Charity & Christi


June 28, 2023   Wednesday Hot Update

"16 RIM JOBS" - featuring Annie Cruz, Fiona Cheeks, Jade, Kayo, Kiara Rose, Lana Woods, Makenzie, Riley Mason, Ruby Bardeaux, Sadie, Shayna Knight, Sweet and Lo, Taboo, Teddi Barrett, Vanessa Roberts and Rodney


June 27, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update

In "Sorority Sex " Sexy college co-ed Luna really wants to join a sorority, but in order to join she needs to do something crazy. So she decides to seduce Rodney, while her future sorority sisters listen in. At first Rodney is pretty hesitant, but decides what the hell and and dives face first in to that cute little pussy. After a quick bit of lickin, he slides his meaty cock deep into her wet hole for some pussy poundin. Then he gets Luna on her knees so she can swallow his cock and lick his big balls. He goes back into that hot pussy of hers for some spirited fucking in every position imaginable before filling her mouth with a huge load of hot sorority sauce! - featuring Luna Knight

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June 26, 2023   Monday Memories Hot Update

"Fowl Play" In one of Rodney's all time favorite story openings, Rodneys is out on his dinghy. He spots beautiful Kim Odessa suntanning in a hot bikini and invites her to help him feed the duckies. Soon he's feeding her his dickie, then takes her back to his hotel room to plow her pussy and give her a nice facial. - featuring Kim Odessa and Rodney

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June 25, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

In "Big Reward" Rodney asks Adora to help him find his lost keys in the park. He offers her a reward for helping him. They find the keys, and he invites her into his van, where he's able to talk her into giving him one hell of a blowjob. He rewards her with a HUGE Rodney Blast on her Face. - featuring Adora and Rodney

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June 24, 2023   Saturday Hot Vintage VHS Update

In "Julie's First Video" In this early 90's scene, Cute Julie talks about what she enjoys sexually, then does her very first scene ever. - featuring Julie Van Dyke & Rodney


June 23, 2023   Friday Hot Update

In "Top Heavy Estate Agent" Selena is a Real Estate Agent, trying to sell Rodney's home. She comes by to look over his property, but he can't stop looking over her massive (and natural) 36 F Rack! As soon as she mentions that she desperately needs to sell a house to make ends meet, Rodney makes his move. He talks her into doing some modeling for him and soon she's stripping off her clothes for his camera. When she makes his cock hard, it's play time. She gives him head, he fucks her titties. Then he slips into her warm, wet pussy and fucks her hard until he shoots a Rodney Blast on her face and rack. - featuring Selena Castro & Rodney

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June 22, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

In "Bag Lady" While hiking through the Olympic Mountains, Rodney finds Angelina in her sleeping bag. But there's her clothes spread out next to the bag. Which means she's NAKED in there. After begging and pleading, she lets him watch her get dressed, but not before letting him lick her hairy pussy. He offers her a ride, and they head indoors where much fucking and sucking takes place. Angelina's beautiful face gets covered with a Rodney Blast. She slurps up the the Rodney Blast like it was her last meal. - featuring Angelina Smith & Rodney

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June 21, 2023   Wednesday Red Rump Spanking Update

In "Spotted and Spanked" Rodney discovers Shelley peeing in the bushes. He tells her she should have used the Porta-Potty and must be punished. He takes her back to his office and gives her a choice: a ticket or a spanking. She chooses the latter! - featuring Shelley Jensen

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June 20, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update

In "Porkers in Pairs" Cali and Holly are two BBW girls who respond to an ad for chubby adult talent. Rodney is pleased when the girls take off their clothes, exposing their huge tits. What Rodney doesn't plan for is that Holly will be doing all the sucking and Cail will take all the fucking. Holly gets Rodney's cock hard and takes it deep into her hungry chubby mouth before letting Cali's pussy gobble up Rodney's fat cock. In true chubby girl fashion Holly slurps up the the Rodney Blast like it was her last meal. - featuring Cali & Holly & Rodney


June 19, 2023   Monday Memories Update

In "Iron Rodney's Sports, Tofu and Pussy Burger Bar" Welcome to Iron Rodney's Sports, Tofu and Pussy Burger Bar! Iron Rodney is there waiting and working out like he always does an in walks Kasorn Swan. She is exotic, asian and hot and wanting a job. Rodney says he needs some extra help since they are running a special on pussy burgers this week. Rodney's specialty. She wants to know what a pussy burger is and he shows her. He starts eating her juicy pussy out. She loves it and wants more. There is the hot dog in the pussy burger special and she wants it hard, fast and deep. Her tight little pussy lets that slick cock in and out of her. Rodney is driving her wild with all of that big cock inside her pussy burger she has to taste it. He puts his big cock in her tiny mouth so she can taste her own pussy juice. She wants more pussy licking so she drools all over her body. Drooling all the way down to her pussy crack as the wet drool passes her big tan tits. Now she needs more cock stuffing her mouth if you can believe it, driving Rodney to pop a thick gooey protein shot all over her pretty exotic face. - featuring Kasorn Swan with Rodney

In "Saliva Sample" Cute Obsession is visiting Dr.Rodney because her boyfriend said her saliva tastes funny. Dr.Rodney needs a big saliva sample from her so whips out his big cock for her to suck on. As soon as Obsession has Rodney's Monster Pole in her mouth she starts drooling like crazy into a collection bowl. And after a hearty mouth fuck Dr.Rodney blasts out a huge thick load of Goo into the saliva bowl for her to lap up. This has to be one of the wildest drool job scenes ever filmed. Totally disgusting. - featuring Obsession with Rodney

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June 18, 2023   Sunday HOT Sistas Update

In "Sperm Clean Up" Cindy shows up finally, the porn girl Rodney mistook Cindy & Alpine for, but she's not very experienced. In fact, she hesitant to give a blowjob on video. So Rodney invites another girl, Alpine, who loves to suck dick, to inspire Cindy to have at it. Doesn't take much encouragement to get Cindy on her knees and penis in her mouth while Alpine takes over the ball licking and sucking. Rodney makes a HUGE MESS all over Cindy's face, but Alpine is more than willing to lick and suck off every drop of sticky thick spermy semen off her face. - featuring Cindy & Alpine

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June 17, 2023   Saturday Hot Vintage VHS CLASSIC Update

In "Researching the Dirty" Loni is doing research on dating services so she comes in to interview Rodney. She specifically wants to know why his service is called "Dirty Dating!" He tells her its for people with specific sexual needs as opposed to regular dating. He offers to let her experience first hand what it's like becoming a member. Of course, as always, Rodney must check out first hand her sexual skills, even to the point of fucking her up her tight asshole. - featuring Loni with Rodney

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June 16, 2023   Friday Hot Update

In "Long Leg Contest" Blonde Alaina is a tall, sexy and very naive girl auditioning for a long leg contest. First prize is a modeling contract. Rodney tells her if she wins she'll be modeling stockings, so he must check the smoothness of her legs. Can't have snagged nylons after all. When his hand starts to caress her pink pussy, he tells her it also wouldn't do to have snagged pantyhose. Then he shows her why she has a great shot at winning. She's got her rock hard! He tells her she should be proud of her body and use it, enjoy it. She agrees, and he enjoys all her beautiful body has to offer. She drools like crazy all over his cock and when covered in cum she swallows down the spoon fed goo! - featuring Alaina & Rodney

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June 15, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

In "Very Hairy Ember" Very hairy Ember knows you like to see hairy girls and boy does she have something to show you. It seems that since we last saw her, she's been busy growing lots of hair all over her sexy body, including her snatch. She is so horny after caressing and fingering her extra fluffy and thick body hair. She goes on to play with her nipple hair. She runs her hands all over her thighs and arm pits to feel all the lush hair. She even gives you a very up close and personal view of her hairy tight asshole. Finally can't help herself anymore and she has to finger her wet hole till she cums. - featuring Ember


June 14, 2023   Wednesday Hot Update

In "She Stayed Faithful (Sort of)" A man in a van stopped a woman on the sidewalk offered a woman money to sell him articles of her clothing. Conversation was at first strained, because the woman was French Canadian and spoke very little English, but soon the man was able to convey to her that he was offering her cash. It took an offer of $80 for her to sell him her panties. However, wearing coveralls, she was unable to remove them on the sidewalk. The man said she could undress in the back of his van, and he promised he would not look back at her. She was unaware that the man was able to sneakily watch her by aiming his camera at the rear view mirror. Suddenly he jumped back with her and asked her to look at his penis. He whipped it out, then asked her if she would touch the thing. She grabbed hold of the appendage and felt its stiffness. The man told her to think how good his large organ would feel inside her, and soon she was persuaded to remove her coveralls. The van starting rocking right on the busy street. When they went outside for fresh air, her face was covered in semen, and the man took pictures of her with goo dripping off her chin right on the sidewalk. - featuring Cassandra with Rodney

In "Innocent Girl Turns Slut in Blastrovan" A stranger in a minivan stopped a sweet innocent girl on the sidewalk, and told her he worked for a TV show called "The Crazy Things Girls Do for Money." He wanted her to sell him her bra, panties and dress, and then in addition to the cash, he'd give her a slut dress to wear. He got her to parade around the street in it, even though it barely covered her ass! Feeling slutty by parading around in public half naked, the girl came back inside and proceed to blow and fuck the stranger. After several positions, the stranger splooged all over her face. Not just satisfied to drop all that spunk in her mouth, he insisted that she parade his handiwork on the street for others to see. She then walked down the sidewalk as horrified motorists spotted her with goo dripping off her chin. Finally, as they sped away, she flashed pedestrians with nice tits, with her face still gleaming with semen! - featuring Daisi with Rodney

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June 13, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update

In "You Fucked Who?" Pretty and plump Cricket Rose finds out at work that her friend had sex with a step!. Now, back at home, Cricket can't get the image of fucking her step, Rodney, out of her mind! Wearing sexy, sheer lingerie, she begins to seduce him by rubbing on his already stiff cock through his pants. He can't deny that he's attracted to her, but this might not be a good idea? Maybe just a little touching is okay. But it's not enough for Cricket to just feel his cock, she wants to see it! And, of course, once she's seen his engorged member, she's got to taste it too! She starts by giving the head a little kiss, but soon she's on her knees completely swallowing his dick and balls. She even does something she has never done. She sticks her tongue inside Rodney's asshole. One thing leads to another, and soon she's on her back getting squeezed and stuffed. She's been a bad girl, and it's up to the dominate Rodney to teach her a lesson. He commands her to be quiet so the neighbors don't hear, but she can't stop moaning because it feels so good. At last, Rodney sits on her porcelain face and shoots a huge, drippy load all over her wanting mouth and cute tongue! - featuring Cricket Rose & Rodney


June 12, 2023   Monday Memories Update

In "She Stayed Faithful (Sort of)" A female walking along the sidewalk was stopped by a man in a van who claimed to be videotaping a cable TV show called "The Crazy Things Girls Do for Money." He offered her money, first for her bra, and then for her panties. When the price was right, the girl stripped off her girlie things right there on the sidewalk. He asked her if she would be interested in being on the show. The man gave her a nasty slut outfit to put on and asked her to parade it around on the street, so she did. The lady sensed that possibly she could increase her chances to be on the show if she did things for the man. But she told him she was willing to make him happy, but that she had a boyfriend and had promised him that she should would not ever have any other man's penis in her mouth or pussy. He asked her if her boyfriend specifically had told her she couldn't give another dude a handjob, she scratched her head and said "no." He asked her if he specifically said she couldn't suck BALLS or eat ASS! She said"Not specifically." So her mouth opened to take in his testicles, and her tongue darted in and out of this rectum. Pretty soon the man could take it no more and spunked all over her face then had her walk outside and leave with cum dripping off her chin. Apparently the BF didn't mention that either. - featuring Sadie with Rodney

In "Innocent Girl Turns Slut in Blastrovan" A stranger in a minivan stopped a sweet innocent girl on the sidewalk, and told her he worked for a TV show called "The Crazy Things Girls Do for Money." He wanted her to sell him her bra, panties and dress, and then in addition to the cash, he'd give her a slut dress to wear. He got her to parade around the street in it, even though it barely covered her ass! Feeling slutty by parading around in public half naked, the girl came back inside and proceed to blow and fuck the stranger. After several positions, the stranger splooged all over her face. Not just satisfied to drop all that spunk in her mouth, he insisted that she parade his handiwork on the street for others to see. She then walked down the sidewalk as horrified motorists spotted her with goo dripping off her chin. Finally, as they sped away, she flashed pedestrians with nice tits, with her face still gleaming with semen! - featuring Leah Stevenson with Rodney

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June 11, 2023   Sunday HOT Sistas Update

In "Oops! Wrong HO" The new shipping clerk Tina Burner thinks that it was Red in the video he showed her. But maybe not, cos the dude in the movie had red pubic hair. Red shows her it was him by dropping his pants. Sure enough, the hair is red. Now that she realizes it was Red fucking the hot black girl in the movie, she gets a little turned on herself and finally succumbs to the desire to chomp on his meat. Soon they are fucking. Suddenly Rodney comes in and seeing this hot black girl and Red going at it, he mistakingly assumes that she's a new porn girl who was supposed to come by for an audition. So Rodney jumps in and after she sucks both guys, Rodney sends Red on an errand while he starts fucking Tina. Red returns just in time to join Rodney in splooging all over her face. Red then confesses that Tina is NOT the new porn girl, but actually the new shipping clerk. Oh well, no harm done other than her face is now dripping with semen. Rodney takes her to the shipping room to get her started on her new job, with the goo still dribbling off her chin. - featuring Tina Burner

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June 10, 2023   Saturday Hot Classic Update

In "The Royal Wedding" King Testicles is wedded to the Royal Fiance. But when he hands her the glass containing the final shot of the King's royal sperm, the foolish wench downs it like a shot or bourbon. Oh well, looks like no offspring for the King. But he still has his duty to fuck his new bride up the ass, and what the hell, might as well let his fool fuck her too! - featuring Ashley Shye with Wolf and Rodney

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June 9, 2023   Friday Hot Update

In "Nasty MILF Number 2" Rodney is on the prowl for some action in his old stomping grounds the Alley. He comes across Domynitra a very very tall horny mature MILF, but he spies a second MILF Blondie Blue for some special action. She isn't shy about stating that she gives the best blowjobs. So Rodney is in luck to blow some steam and blow off some jizz. Blondie has been around the block so she knows how to suck a cock and rim ass. She tosses Rodneys salad using exceptional technique. Getting deep in there and shoving her face all up in his ass. Rodney graces her face with a heavy, thick Rodney Blast and her friend shows up to spoon it off her face and into her dirty mouth! Domynitra even steals some spunk for herself! - featuring Blondie Blue with Domynitra & Rodney


June 8, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

In "Loud Plant" Sexy maid Skylar is watering her plants, helping them to grow thick and bushy. Soon she's watering Lena's bushy bush. But maybe a little saliva will be better, so she gets on her knees and licks it. She decides it needs deeper stimulation, namely Rodney's rod. So in he goes, deep into Lena's bush,then pops goo over both their horny faces. - featuring Lena Ramon & Skylar Paige & Rodney


June 7, 2023   Wednesday Red Rump Spanking Update

In "Rockin' Twins" Two Black Haired Twins audition for Rodney's new band. One plays guitar and one plays bass and they both sing! But after they play a song for him, Rodney offers them the gig, but when they find out the girls in the band have to strip on stage as well as sing and play, they turn him down. Now he's upset that they've wasted his time, so out come the spanking tools and he has them get undressed and turns the cute buns red. Now they must play another song for him, this time naked, but he helps them out by playing drums on their butts as they sing! - featuring Leather & Rocket

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June 6, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update

In "Highway Ho" Rodney sees a chunky scantily clad Holly on the side of the road. That can only mean one thing! She is down to fuck! He approaches her to ask if he wants to get naughty. She does and they go for a ride! First Holly gives him a blowjob. Then they move the fun to Holly's place where Rodney gets to spank her massive tits and then stuff his hard Rod into her wet pussy. He fucks her hard, then cums on her face. - featuring Holly & Rodney


June 5, 2023   Monday Memories Update

In "Rare Singles" Celine visits Howard to try to purchase some vintage 45's from Howard for her boss, a private collector. But he instructed her not to go over a certain price for each record, but the prices are too low for Howard. Since she will lose her job if she doesn't come back with the collection. So she has to offer Howard a little more than just cash for each record, and he's more than willing to take advantage of the situation. He talks her into taking off her top, revealing her perky natural tits. He'd be more willing to negotiate if he was allowed to play with those tits. And if he could just lick her pretty little pussy, who knows what kind of deal he might be willing to make. What all is she willing to go through to secure a good deal for her boss? Before long, she's on her knees sucking his cock. She even let's Howard slide his cock into her tight hole. He pounds her hard in all kinds of positions all over the studio. She takes a monster blast of goo to the face and Howard even adds a bonus to the collection. - featuring Celine Maximus with Rodney

In "Sex Sisters" Smokin hot Agent Kaylynn brings Howard a brand new stripper named Rhiannon for his club. She's a little shy at first, but Howard and his big cock have no problem breakin her in and sexing her up with Kaylynn's help. - featuring Kaylynn & Rhiannon Brey with Rodney

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June 4, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot DOUBLE Update

In "Semen for Two" Red continues to show new shipping clerk Tina Burner the type of movies owner Rodney Moore makes. She still can't believe these girls enjoy having so much semen on their faces. But the next scene he shows her is even more shocking. Kayla takes a huge cumshot of semen into her mouth from Rodney, then drools it all over Mia's face. Tina can't believe what she's seeing! - featuring Kayla & Mia (with Tina Burner)

In "Savor That Semen" Red shows new shipping clerk Tina Burner another hot scene She wasn't shocked enough seeing the first two scenes with girls getting cum all over their faces and in their mouths. Now she totally freaked at seeing nasty Obsession actually suck the semen out of Red's condom that he just finished fucking her with!

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June 3, 2023   Saturday Hot Classic Update

In "Steal the Royal Sperm" Trisha is guarding the royal sperm. Sneaky Trisha attempts to steal the sperm by posing as a tourist. But Rodney and Wolf catch her in the act, so instead of arresting her, they both fuck her and Trisha the guard. - featuring Morgan & Trisha with Wolf and Rodney

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June 2, 2023   Friday Hot Update

In "First Time Facial" Rodney is on his way to meet a prospective model in the park, but meets shy girl next door Corey instead. She agrees to take some bikini pics with a mask on back at the studio, but of course Rodney can't help to whip his dick out. She is shy about sex but can't resist Rodney's big cock. So much she doesn't even care about hiding her identity more and cares more about giving a blowjob and getting her pussy licked. Once Rodney licks that pussy she wants even more and gets her first spanking and rim job. Corey wants cock now so Rodney fucks her all over and splashes her cute face with her first facial! - featuring Corey Madison & Rodney

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June 1, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

In "100 Percent All Natural " Athena is a beautiful, busty Hairy Girl from Seattle who wants nothing more than to bathe in the warm sun, working on her tan. The problem is that she lives in Seattle. So the only other way of getting hot is to go inside and masturbate for you. She plays with her big gorgeous natural breasts, then plays her her gorgeous all natural hairy pussy. - featuring Athena


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