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April 20, 2024   Slutty Saturday Hot Update

"Nylon Repairman"

Danka is walking around in public with a run in her stockings. Fortunately, I happen to drive by in my Nylon Repair Van. I take her in the back and fix her ripped nylons, then we rip it up on the floor. She gets a big Rodney Blast.

- featuring Danka & Rodney

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April 19, 2024   Friday Hot Update

"Night Ho"

Rodneydecides to take a stroll through the park at night, and no sooner does he get a few feet away from his van does he come across a tall, sexy, scantily clad ho. She asks him if he wants a BJ and he concurs. They head to his place where she gives him some very messy wet head. She even slobbers all over herself while doing it. Rodney then explodes more of a mess all over her messy face! - featuring Michelle Raven & Rodney

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April 18, 2024   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Hairy Bongo Beater"

Ali beats on a bottle in a beatnik bar, but even hipsters don't want to see her pubes poking out, it distracts from the beat. So manager Rodney tells her she must wear panties. She complains that they itch her too much, but he insists, and sure enough, when the panties go on, she starts scratchin' herself down there. Whatever makes her itchy must be contagious, cos now Rodney's itchin'. Itchin' to get his cock in her mouth. He helps relieve her itch by licking her snatch, then he shoots a load on her face. - featuring Ali Kat & Rodney


April 17, 2024   Wacky Wednesday Hot Update

"Work of Art"

Rodney wants to get inside Chase's hairy pussy, but she wants a present first. So he gets a lifelike statue of gorgeous redhead with great tits. That makes her happy so she gets on her knees and blows Rodney then guides him into her furry snatch. But suddenly, the hot redheaded statue with the great tits comes to life and joins in on the fun, offering her mouth to enhance the pleasure for both Chase and Rodney. Finally, back to her original statueseque pose, Rodney drops a huge goopy thick white load into her mouth which she greedily swallows! - featuring Chase McCaw & Ginger White and Rodney

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April 16, 2024   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Chunky Ho"

Shanelle is a BBW ho that Rodney finds walking the streets. He hires her and brings her back to his place where she exposes her huge tits while giving him a hot, sloppy blowjob. Shanelle has a big chubby ass and a tight, wet pussy that Rodney dives right into cock first for some hot, hard fucking. Next, he pulls out the Joy-Rider and lets Shanelle bounce up and down on his thick meat. Then Rodney stuffs his pulsing prick in her puffy pussy and pumps her doggy-style. And just before he cums, he slaps on a condom and blasts a huge load of hot goo in it that Shanelle hungrily drinks down. - featuring Shanelle & Rodney


April 15, 2024   Monday MANDINGO MADNESS Hot Update

"Real Big"

Mandingo is taking S&M photos of model Queeny Love who's blindfolded. After playing with a whip, Mandingo gives her a black dildo to suck on. But she wants something bigger. So Mandingo whips out his huge monster cock, and she sucks on that. When he removes her blindfold, she's quite pleased to see that the huge thing in her mouth is made of flesh. She sucks it wildly until it squirts all over her face and on his belly. She laps up every drop from his stomach, then blows big cum bubbles

- Queeny Love with Mandingo

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April 13, 2024   Slutty Saturday Hot Update

"Hot Interview"

What started out as a simple porn girl interview turned into a full hot scene as the short curvy MILF couldn't get enough of Rodney's Penis!

This Scene was Shot in One Complete Take! NO CUTS OR EDITS!!!!!

- featuring Miss Pomodoro & Rodney

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April 12, 2024   Friday Hot Update

"Facial Frenzy"

Sometime mid-afternoon on a typical sunny southern California day, a slender girl went nuts. Kaylynn, a striking brunette, accosted 4 men on the street, screaming and shaking them. She was demanding that they immediately cum on her face. This woman was desperate to have sperm splattered on her. She had a psychotic desire for man-syrup to be sprayed on her. She was a lunatic for love sauce. Frankly, she was nuts for nut juice. - featuring Kaylynn & Mandingo, Wolf Savage, Mark Wood and Rodney

Nasty Cum Crazy Kaylynn Trailer   JOIN NOW

April 11, 2024   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Bushy Breakfast Bang "

Meka is being a very bad girl. She's about to leave for a photo shoot without making Rodney's breakfast! Rodney won't stand for it so he gives her rear a good spanking and turns her creamy butt cheeks bright red. Looks like she's going to be late for her photo shoot because Rodney makes her suck his dick as well. She doesn't seem to mind as she laps eagerly at his huge schlong. Rodney spanks her boobs and butt some more before ramming his rod deep into her hairy pussy. He bangs her from behind first then she rides his cock reverse cow girl style. They fuck each other long and hard in many positions. Occasionally Rodney spanks her rear a few more times just to remind her what naughty girl she is. She even bounces up and down on the joy rider for some wet & wild hands-free fuckin!. Rodney is almost ready to blow but, he thrusts his pole back into that furry little pussy doggy style for some more fuckin and hair pulling. Seems that's all he needed as he pulls out and coats her ready eager tongue with his hot sticky cream. Oh well, now Meka is so late for her photo shoot that, she might as well make those bacon and eggs right? - featuring Meka & Rodney


April 10, 2024   Wild Wednesday Hot Update

"3rd Time's the Charm"

Hot redhead MILF Blaze stops by to do her 3rd scene with Rodney. This time around, she's going to let him fuck her, and boy is she glad she did cos she screams and hollers and moans and groans the whole way threw. After lots of fucking, she gets her reward, a thick gooey Rodney Blast all over her pretty face! - featuring Blaze & Rodney

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April 9, 2024   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"XL Toy Time"

Ruby's friend just finished a shoot and left her sex toys behind. Curiosity has those toys quickly put to use in Ruby's wet chubby pussy. Watch this hot XL girl show herself a good time. - featuring Ruby


April 8, 2024   Monday MANDINGO MADNESS Hot Update

"No Plot"

From the Movie, "The Real Behind the Scenes," you get a real look at what goes on during a pron shoot, as Dominica can't wait for Rodney to cum up with a plot, she's got to have that monster of Mandingo's in her mouth right now, so she gets on her knees and goes to town. Soon she's rewarded by lots of spunk on her face.

- Dominica Leoni with Mandingo and Rodney

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April 6, 2024   Super Slut Saturday Hot Update

"Branch to Butt"

Rodney's out hiking in the woods, and comes across Tessa whose got her hair stuck in tree branch. Rodney helps untangle her hair. She rewards his good deed by pulling up her top to reveal a huge pair of natural knockers. He also notices her butt hanging out of her too short shorts. He takes her home and makes good use of that butt, when after she sucks his cock and licks his ass, he fucks that big round butt good, then leaves a huge Rodney Blast on her tongue. - featuring Tessa & Rodney

Big Boobed Tessa Trailer     JOIN NOW

April 5, 2024   Friday Hot Update

"Scene 5 - Rodney Blast Survivor #1000"

Finally, the girls bring King Rodney the Goddess of Gush herself, Cytherea. While the two wenches warm up the royal staff, Cytherea warms herself with her hands, already starting to show off her infamous squirting. Soon she joins in and takes over the cock sucking, until Rodney is ready to ram his rod into her spinner honey pot. It doesn't take long before she starts squirting all over the place. Every time they change positions, she has yet another orgasm, and gives Rodney yet another drenching. When he's finally ready for the big moment, she insists before taking the historical Blast that he take the Goddess's Gush. With the wenches by his side, Cytherea unleashes an amazing spray of girl goo all over the three of them. Now she's ready for the record books. Cytherea becomes RODNEY BLAST SURVIVOR #1000 and gets the coveted creaming, while the two wenches lick the royal goo off of her face! - featuring Cytherea & Rodney

Goddess of Gush Meets King of Cream Trailer   JOIN NOW

April 4, 2024   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Tainted Gift"

Veronica comes over to buy Rodney's used massage chair. When she tests it out, she gets more than she bargains for. Some girls will do anything to get a good price, including modeling, fucking and letting a Rodney blast a hot load of cream all over them. - featuring Veronica Rayne & Rodney


April 3, 2024   Wacky Wednesday Hot Update

"Feed Me"

Rebecca sucks on Rodney's toes, works her way up to his balls and cock. Then Rodney eats her hairy pussy, she blows him and she cums in her mouth and on her face. - featuring Rebecca Jaynes & Rodney


April 2, 2024   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Sub to Cock and Cum"

Anna is Rodney's hot SBBW Sub, roped up and kneeling, waiting to be dominated. She loves to have her massive boobs whipped and spanked. She loves to be teased with his cock, then set free to suck and worship it. When she's a good Cock Slut, he rewards her with a Rodney Blast for her to eat up! - featuring Anna & Rodney


April 1, 2024   Monday MANDINGO MADNESS Hot Update

"Porn To Your Door"

Starting off shot from the prospective of a pussycat, in this "Movie within an Movie," Candy wants to watch an adult video so she tries ordering one from Jack 'n Jerk, a home porno delivery service. While her kitty watches, she bribes the delivery boy to stay and keep her company while she watches.

The porno is a hot blowjob scene with two cute girls. In that movie, after singing Happy Birthday to her best friend Sabrina, Princess tells her she has gotten her a BIG present. She wants it to be a surprise, so she blindfolds her and then presents her with a huge gift, Mandingo's monstrous penis. Sabrina loves her present, sucking on it with abandon. Princess joins in, and after lots of sucking, Sabrina takes a big load all over her pretty face, then Princess licks it all off.

Candy gets turned on watching this hot BJ scene, so she gives him Rodney some very wet head, and mounts his big dick, taking it right up her ass. The she gets her face covered with goo.

- Candy, Sabrina & Princess with Rodney

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March 30, 2024   Super Slut Saturday Hot Update

"Lust for the Limo Girl"

Rodney's off on a business trip, and a friend tells him to put pillows under the covers to make it look like someone's home and in bed, to discourage burglars. He does, then when the limo arrives, he's completely turned on by the busty limo driver. However, he must get right to the airport. When he returns a week later, he pulls back the sheets to remove the pillows, when lo and behold, there lays the hot limo girl, naked, horny and ready for cock. She gets plenty, in her mouth and pussy, and also a big Rodney Blast down the throat. - featuring Daphne Rosen & Rodney

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March 29, 2024   Friday Hot Update

"Scene 4 - Rodney Blast Survivor #999"

Avy entertains Rodney on the stripper pole, then goes to town on his pole, sucking and slurping it until it shoots right into her mouth! Putting her name in the record books as Rodney Blast Survivor #999! - featuring Avy Lee Roth & Rodney

Drooly Deepthroating with Avy Lee Roth Trailer   JOIN NOW

March 28, 2024   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Hairy Hottie Playtime"

Sylvia and Charlie are two Hairy Hotties with a lot of sexy clothes to try on. The girls start stripping and flashing their hairy bodies as they help each other get in and out of sexy lingerie. All of this touching and seeing each others naked furry bodies has made them super horny. So the girls head into the bedroom to have some real hairy fun. As they strip down, Sylvia playfully nibbles on Charlie's big tits. Then her fingers find their way down to Charlie's massive bush. Both girls finger each others' hairy pussies. Fingering leads to some heavy tongue action as Sylvia buries her face in Charlie's thick bush. Charlie returns the favor with her favorite strap-on toy. She thrusts her toy cock deep in Sylvia's hairy hole. The girls go at it hot and heavy and soon, Sylvia's hairy pussy is twitching in delight. Then it's time for some hairy girl snuggle time! - featuring Sylvia & Charlie

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March 27, 2024   Wednesday Hot Update

"Wet Raven"

Out on a sailboat on Lake Union in Seattle, Rodney stops sailing and starts spanking, sucking and fucking with the nasty Raven!

- Raven with Rodney

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March 26, 2024   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"British BBW"

BBW Sindy is doing her laundry when Christian stops by. He has purchased shoes for his girlfriend to smooth things over and wants Sindy's opinion. Before Chrisitan can get Sindy's thoughts her huge tits are out and she is getting in his pants. Since Christian is already in trouble he figures he might as well fuck Sindy's chubby pink pussy. Sindy's big boobs even get a rough titty fuck before they are coated with cum! - featuring Sindy Strut & Christian XXX


March 25, 2024   Monday Mandingo Madness Hot Update

"Help in the Tub"

Hot blonde nurse Annie Andersinn is hired to help Mandingo rehabilitate his hurt leg. She has to give him a bath and he is trying to act normal because she is dressed like a fantasy slutty nurse instead of a real nurse. Panties, a bra, a nurse apron and a nurse hat and ALL are tiny and show off her amazing tight body. She sees his big boner and decides she has a way to make him feel better. Her nursing blow jobs are the best and all of her clients feel 100 percent better after that. So she starts sucking his big black huge Mandingo cock. Mandingo plays with her perfect big boobs while she works his big ass dark pole. Sucking and sucking she works hard to make him feel better and won't stop till she draws out his thick white cum all over her pretty white face. - featuring Annie Andersinn & Mandingo

Hot Annie & Mandingo Teaser     JOIN NOW

March 23, 2024   Saturday Hot & Hairy Update

"Messy Berries"

Rodney finds lovely Jasmine Johnson picking blueberries outdoors. Her hands have blueberry goo all over them and she has no napkins. So he offers to let her wipe her hand off on his red underwear. Well, that gets his dick hard, so she blows him right there in the great Northwest outdoors. But why stop there. They go inside for some hot fucking. He licks her pussy and butt, in between pinching her nipples and pounding away at her. He finally drops a nice hot load into her hungry eager happy mouth!

- featuring Jasmine Johnson & Rodney

Hot Jasmine Johnson Teaser     JOIN NOW

March 22, 2024   Friday Hot Update

"Scene 3 - Survivor #998"

King Rodney learns from his two wenches that he's just about reached #1000. He certainly can't cum on just any wench's face, so he sends them off to find him a suitable goddess. First though, he watches wench Isabella Stanza shower, then takes her right in the bathroom, pounding her furiously until he explodes all over her face, making her RB SURVIVOR #998. - featuring Isabella Stanza & Rodney


March 21, 2024   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Furry Fun"

Tall and sexy Kristina is the Seattle Hairy Girl of your dreams. She has it all! Lush hairy armpits and perky little furry nipples, is just what you like. She beckons you to follow her treasure trail all the way down to her furry pussy, and let your tongue go wild in her thick bush. The fun is not over yet though. Sit back and enjoy the show as she pulls out her slick black dildo and thrusts it deep into her hairy honeypot until she orgasms just for you. - featuring Kristina


March 20, 2024   Wednesday Hot Update

"A Helping Hand"

Mandy asks Rodney to take some outdoor photos of her. She rewards his helping hand by taking him indoors and blowing and fucking him. He shoots a hot load all over her face!

- Mandy with Rodney

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March 19, 2024   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Packin' to Pop"

Dulce has arrived at Rodney's studio to be a model for a pregnant magazine contest she won. What starts of as some "innocent" photos get erotic when Rodney discovers Dulce's boyfriend won't touch her while she is pregnant. Dulce gets on her knees and has her mouth fucked and drools all over her pregnant belly. And the fun doesn't stop there; Dulce gets her puffy pussy fucked as her milk-filled titties shake and she moans with pleasure. She gets a huge, sticky Rodney Blast to the face before the shoot finishes. - featuring Dulce & Rodney


March 17, 2024   Sunday Spanking Hot Update

"Sour Note Spanking"

Rodney is resting. But playful Jordan decides to rudely disturb him by banging out some sour notes on the piano. For disturbing his peaceful rest, she must be disciplined! - featuring Jordan Bradley & Rodney

Jordan Bradley Spanking Trailer     JOIN NOW

March 16, 2024   Super Slut Saturday Hot Update

"Sneaker Wash"

Cute Shy Asian Girl Sunni offers to wash Rodney's dirty sneakers for $3. After she puts them into the washing machine, Rodney gives her a $5. But she doesn't have $2 change, so she give him a sloppy wet ball licking blowjob instead! Any girl who would BLOW a dude for 2 bucks deserves a "Butt Red" spanking and Rodney gives her one and a Rodney Blast! - featuring Sunni Nova & Rodney

Sunni Nova TEASER     JOIN NOW

March 15, 2024   Friday Hot Update

"Scene 2 - Survivor #997"

This wild movie starts with the 2003 Best New Starlet, Eve Laurence , an extra cute, popular porn star who is known for not doing facial cum shots. She is so hot and petite, an original spinner! However, she can't turn down a Rodney Blast, and in this scene, does indeed take a rare shot to the kisser for the cause, making her Rodney Blast Survivor #996. Then Rodney splashes her in the face with a huge bucket of water to clean off that nasty girl's face! - featuring Eve Laurence & Rodney

Drooly and HOT Eve Laurence Trailer   JOIN NOW

March 14, 2024   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Mop Topless & Very Hairy"

Rodney contacts Mop Topless to have his floors cleaned and the company sends over big boob babe Kitty Lee. She starts mopping, but the sight of those huge hot hooters is driving Rodney crazy. Of course, he whips it out and of course, she can't help to suck it! He is in hairy heaven when he finds out she has a beautiful thick bush too! He plows her pussy while she moans, loving every minute of his big dick in her hairy pussy. Finally, he unleashes a massive load of hot and sticky spunk into her mouth. Way too much to swallow, the load leaks all over her gorgeous gigantic juggs. - featuring Kitty Lee & Rodney


March 13, 2024   WITCHEY WEDNESDAY Hot Update

"Scene 4"

London receives a message from Tara to return the guitar or his sex life will be over. He brings it back, and Tara transforms the guitar back into her beloved Ravenna. Then they both fuck London, with Ravenna taking his huge cock up her ass. When he shoots a hot load on her belly, Tara licks up every drop and drips it into Ravenna's mouth!

- Anna Malle and Victoria Lee with London


March 12, 2024   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Phone Sex Solo"

Curvy hottie Angel is conducting a sexual telephone survey. But when one guy starts asking her private questions it soon becomes phone sex, which is fine with her since she happens to have a big black dildo handy and ready to go. She sucks on her big toy while jamming her fingers in her tight pussy. With the guys still on the phone, she pleasures herself until her big body shakes with orgasm. - featuring Angel


March 10, 2024   SUNDAY SISTAS Hot Update

"Virgin Slut"

Storm is a virgin, but she sure ain't innocent. What she doesn't do with her pussy, she makes up for with her mouth. Here her tell stories of strangers she sucked off while she sucks me doing her first scene. See her pretty face covered in goo. - Storm with Rodney

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March 9, 2024   Slutty Saturday Hot Update

"Tennis Anyone"

Rodney asks cute Ashley Shye if she'll play tennis with him. She knows how to hold a racket. She also knows how to hold a penis, as she fondles Rodney after in his car and blows him in the back seat. They can't wait to get back to his apartment, so they fuck in the elevator. Once inside, he fucks her up the ass and cums in her mouth. She drools the cum into a glass and sets it aside. She's still hungry for semen, so Rodney's buddy Wolf steps in and offers his big black cock for sucking. He unloads goopy gobs of semen into her mouth, then she pours Rodney's load all over her face! - featuring Ashley Shye, Wolf & Rodney

FUN and HOT Ashley Shye Trailer   JOIN NOW

March 8, 2024   Friday Hot Update

"Fiery Fiero"

Freckled from head to toe, Fiero is hot to pose for photographer Rodney! He has a big studio and a big dick and Fiero is fast and loose! Neither of them wastes time getting dirty. She gets to sucking him and Rodney gets to fucking her hot ginger hole. She finally gets a thick cumshot to her pretty freckled face! Fiero is even happy to stick around and pose for more kinky pics with that epic Rodney Blast dripping from her face! - featuring Fiero & Rodney


March 7, 2024   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Workout Wench"

Gorgeous, Hairy Wednesday is working out when she spots Tom pumpin' iron. She decides she needs a bit of pumpin' and starts sucking on his penis. Her well-developed mouth and ass muscles both get a good workout. He licks her hairy bush, then rims her hairy asshole, before pummeling her tight hairy hole. He pulls out and cums all over her hairy gaping asshole! - featuring Wednesday & Tom


March 6, 2024   WITCHEY WEDNESDAY Hot Update

"Scene 3"

London brings his new guitar to the club where his friend Rodney is performing. He lets Rodney try out the guitar on his next set. Of course, as soon as he starts playing it, the women in the club become cock craving sluts. Emily Hill is having a business meeting with her boss but soon is rubbing her pussy in his face. Waitress Michelle Chan shows Rodney its more fun to grab her little titties than to strum the guitar. When London returns, Michelle pulls his pants down, and once again, when he cums, the splooge shoots out of his mouth!

- Emily Hill & Michelle Chan, with London, Rodney Moore, Wolf Savage and Rod Fontana

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March 5, 2024   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Topless Housekeeper"

Jack has hired, O.G. Goddess, a topless housekeeper. When told he can look but can't touch Jack isn't pleased but settles for jerking off. After noticing the hard cock in the room O.G. is no longer able to focus on cleaning and she finds her hungry mouth and pussy filled with cock. Not wanting her to miss out on the opportunity to demonstrate her ability to clean, Jack covers O.G's face with goo! - featuring O.G. Goddess & Jack Vegas


March 3, 2024   Sunday Sistas Hot Double Update

"Beaten By Boobs"

Baliff Lola brings me before Judge Sierra. My crime, too much goo on girls' faces. My punishment? To be BEATEN BY BOOBS! And they have some heavy duty weapons, massive natural juggs. They beat my face and my dick, then they drain my hot goo all over Sierra's face. Lola slurps up the goop and drools it into Sierra's hungry mouth for swallowing.

- featuring Sierra, Lola Lane and Rodney

"Big Knockers"

Big Boobed Chaka has decided to try her first adult scene, after years of fashion and runway modeling. It's amazing she was able to keep her balance on the runway with those awesomehumongous hooters. She is more than willing to start with a wet sloppy drool blow jobRodney is more than willing to help her become an adult actress and leave healthy wad of Goo all over her massive mammaries!

featuring Chaka T and Rodney

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March 2, 2024   Saturday Spanking Hot Update

"Ashleigh's Ass Gets Bashed"

Rodney catches Ashleigh watching some sleazy lesbian movie that she's kept hidden under the bean bag chair, so Rodney pulls out what he's kept hidden under their, some nice riding crops and he uses them on her to teach her a lesson. He also tickles her cute feet which drives her crazy. - featuring Ashleigh Taylor & Rodney

Ashleigh Taylor Spanking Tickling Trailer     JOIN NOW

March 1, 2024   Friday Hot Update

"Scene 1 - Hot Starlet "

This wild movie starts with the 2003 Best New Starlet, Violet Lust , an extra cute, popular porn star who is known for not doing facial cum shots. She is so hot and petite, an original spinner! However, she can't turn down a Rodney Blast, and in this scene, does indeed take a rare shot to the kisser for the cause, making her Rodney Blast Survivor #996. Then Rodney splashes her in the face with a huge bucket of water to clean off that nasty girl's face! - featuring Violet Lust & Rodney

FUN and HOT Violet Lust Trailer   JOIN NOW

February 29, 2024   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Hairy Stress Relief"

Simone is in the kitchen doing dishes when Mistress Ivy comes home from a hard days work in the dungeon. She's completely stressed out and needs to take out some aggression. That's just what Simone is there for. She knows just how to get her Mistress relaxed. The girls start kissing and fondling each other's hairy bodies. Ivy smacks Simone's butt 'til it's pink. It turns out Simone hasn't finished all of the chores so Mistress Ivy decides to give her a little bit of tough lovin. She spanks her ass some more then commands Simone to start touching herself. Soon both girls are fondling their fur-covered clits. But Ivy needs to release some aggression so she straps on her big dildo and bangs Simone's hairy pussy hard. Both hairy girls climax hard but it's back to the kitchen and more chores for Simone. - featuring Ivy & Simone Delilah


February 28, 2024   WITCHEY WEDNESDAY Hot Update

"Scene 2"

Tara decides to get even with all sweet innocent bitches and casts a spell, turning her lover Ravenna into a guitar whose music wil turn any shy girl who hears it into a cock craving slut. Unfortunately, she leaves the guitar outside for a second, and London just happens to be passing by and thinks somebody has thrown away a great guitar. He takes it over to his buddy Lee's house who can't get his new girlfriend Gina to put out. When London starts playing the guitar, she goes wild with a kitchen sponge, then goes to town on both guys. Meanwhile, Tara casts another spell on whoever took her beloved Ravanna now in guitar form.

" I cast an ancient evil hex, upon you when you haveth sex.
Your cum shall abandon its normal spout, and henceforth spew from out your mouth

Poor London is shocked when his orgasm causes his cum to shoot out of his mouth. He hastily leaves, taking the cursed guitar with him.

- Anna Malle, Victoria Lee & Gina Rome, with London and Kyle Stone

Watch the Witches Are Bitches Scene 2 HOT TRAILER     JOIN NOW

February 27, 2024   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Itch to Scratch"

Rodney's out and about with his new camera when he suddenly spots chubby vixen Darling Nikki. But what's she doing salaciously straddling that traffic cone? Apparently she starting feeling a little horny and just had to scratch that itch right away. Well Rodney is more than happy to help with that problem and he would do a much better job than the traffic cone. So they had back to his place where she shows off her big curvy body. Rodney spanks her extra wide rump for being such a naughty girl but before long she's on her knees, slurping at his stiff prick. Then, Rodney grabs handfuls of flesh as he thrusts his cock between her thick thighs and into her tight, wet pussy. He pounds her so hard, her whole body quakes. Finally, he fills her mouth and coats her face with a big sticky batch of cream. cum! - featuring Darling Nikki & Rodney


February 25, 2024   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

"Mia Finally Sucks and Fucks"

Now that Rodney has done all four hot Black girls in the slides, Mia is finally ready to suck and fuck him, and receive a big Rodney Blast on her face!

- featuring Mia and Rodney

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February 24, 2024   Saturday Hot Update

"Penis for Peaches"

Peaches is a petite girl who goes to Rodney's room, sucks and fucks him and gets a Rodney Blast! - featuring Peaches Arnaz & Rodney

Peaches Arnaz TEASER     JOIN NOW

February 23, 2024   Friday Hot Update

"Scene 5 - Shannon Gets It "

Ho, Ho, Ho, a sweet and petite girl says. Is it Ms. Santa or just a HO? Rodney sits on her lap and gets his wish, a nice round butt to hump. After epic pummeling of her tight anal hole, he shoots a huge Rodney Blast on a mirror on the floor, and she slurps up every drop like a good HO! - featuring Shannon & Rodney

Shannon Gets It Trailer   JOIN NOW

February 22, 2024   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Vinyl Vixen"

Rent is due and Rodney is a little short on cash, so he goes to see hairy hippy girl Lena Ramon, the "Vinyl Vixen" to see if he can sell some old albums to make up the difference. Rodney shows her the albums he wants to sell but as luck would have it, Lena already has all the albums. So Rodney shows her the last album he brought with him and it turns out, that's the one album she needs for her collection, but Rodney really doesn't want to sell it but maybe there's something she'll trade for it, like her hairy pussy. Rodney makes an offer, if she lets Rodney do what he wants with that beautiful bush for 20 minutes, he will part with his album. He goes to town licking her furry clit and ramming his fingers up her hairy hole. She's even willing to suck his big cock for the record. She gives him a sloppy, wet blow job then she lets him bang that hairy pussy hard. She goes back to sucking his rod and sucks the spunk right out of him. Rodney's happy to give away his prized possession now, Lena's earned it! - featuring Lena Ramon & Rodney


February 21, 2024   WITCHEY WEDNESDAY Hot Update

"Scene 1"

Ashley Shye is collecting money for her brother's paper route. She doesn't realize that this cute sweet innocent girl has knocked on the door of a house inhabited by two evil hot witches. They try to seduce her, but she sneaks out the door. They don't care, they have each other to go down on.

- Anna Malle, Victoria Lee & Ashley Shye

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February 20, 2024   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Big Appetite"

Zoe is a cute plumper with big sexual appetite. She goes back to her place where she quickly removes her clothes to show you her chunky body and her cute muffin top. Her full breasts are just as perky and plump as the rest of her! She massages her pink tasty chubby clit. She plays with her plump wet pussy moaning with pleasure. She shows you all she's got till she makes herself cum! - featuring Zoe Zack


February 18, 2024   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

"Big Black Titties"

Red finally finishes and cums all over Sirena's face. Now Rodney has to do the last hot black girl that Mia is showing him. This time, it's out to Atlantic City, where Rodney is attending the East Coast Video Show. There he finds Sierra and her huge black titties ready to get on her knees and give Rodney a nice hot blowjob. He cums a huge blast all over her pretty black face. - featuring Mia, Sirena and Sierra with Red and Rodney

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February 17, 2024   SLUTTY SATURDAY Hot Update


Rodney offers to seranade AK back in his hotel room. While he sings "If I Sang You a Song, Would You Suck My Dick," she is so touched that she gets on her knees and does indeed proceed to suck it. Boy, does this girl love giving nasty blow jobs. She adore's Rodney's cock, can't get enough of it. He cums all over her face and she licks it all up with her fingers! - with AK and Rodney


February 16, 2024   Friday Hot Update

"Scene 4 - Compulsive Cock Sucker "

Gorgeous and petite Shy Love has a problem. She's a compulsive cocksucker. Well, it wasn't such a problem before since most of the guys she wanted to blow didn't mind a hot sexy girl suddenly dropping to her knees and sucking the jism out of their joints. But she tried to blow an undercover cop, who busted her. Now the judge says she'll be in trouble unless she can get therapy. Meanwhile, she has to wear a mask over her mouth. Can Dr. Howard Ramone help her? You figure it out! Does it involve a crazy big cum blast to her pretty face? Yep! - featuring Shy Love & Rodney

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February 15, 2024   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Hairy Lila"

Lila romps around Seattle wearing nothing but an overcoat and flashes her hairy twat. Then she goes inside and gets naked showing off the rest of her completely hairy body. She's even got hair around her perky nipples. Get in close and get a good look at her furry armpits and legs. Then follow her treasure trail and bury your face in her luscious, hairy pussy. - featuring Lila


February 14, 2024   WILD WEDNESDAY Hot Update

"Roadside Romp"

Rodney is admiring the view of the Valley from Mulholland Drive, when he spots a damsel in distress. CJ's car won't start and she's worried about being alone. Rodney offers to sit with her until a tow truck can come. Speaking of cumming, CJ gets horny seeing the bulge in Rodney's pants, and proceeds to whip out his cock and blow him. Soon, she's got her cute ass up in the air on the front seat of her car, so Rodney can plow away at it until he shoots cum all over and into her mouth. - with CJ Bennett and Rodney

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February 13, 2024   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Lazy Becky"

BBW Becki lays down on her couch in a skimpy bikini to relax, but then she remembers that the wireless Internet guy is coming. But she's too lazy to get up and dress appropriately. When Rodney shows up to set up her computer, he sees that she's half naked, and takes a chance by fondling her huge tits. She doesn't protest, so he gets even bolder and pulls her bikini bottom off. Now fearless, he sticks his hard cock up inside her wet pussy, and she gets a second wind. Soon he's fucking her on the couch and the floor, and gets enough gumption to get her to give him a nice blowjob. Then he has her shake her big fat ass for more enticement, then gets her down on her knees for some doggie plowing. Rodney shoots all over her stomach, then spoons all of the Rodney Blast into her mouth, which of course Becki swallows down. - featuring Becki Butterfly & Rodney

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February 11, 2024   SUNDAY SISTAS Hot Update

"Workout Disturbance"

Chocolate Honey Kennedy is working out in her back yard, minding her own business, when Rodney walks by. He throws a ball over the fence and begins to make his move. Soon Kennedy is naked and sucking on Rodney's cock. Rodney coats Kennedy's beautiful African Angel face with his signature Rodney Blast and what a load of goo it is! - Kennedy and Rodney

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February 10, 2024   SLUTTY SATURDAY Hot Update

"Blow Dried Fantasy"

London and Guy both try to pick up lovely Melissa Hill walking along the beach boardwalk, but both get shot down. So they decide on revenge. Guy grabs his video camera and sneaks into the ladies rest room where Melissa is warming herself with the hot air dryer. He sneakily records her as she lifts her skirt and warms her cute bottom! She catches him and chases him away. They go home and start to watch the video of her. But in a wild fantasy dream, she suddenly appears in front of them, and blows and fucks both of them until they both cum on her face. Then, just as miraculously as she appeared, she disappears! - with Melissa Hill, London and Guy DiSilva

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February 9, 2024   Friday Hot Update

"Scene 3 - Holly's Revenge"

Brooke caught her boyfriend getting a BJ from another girl. So she wants revenge. She wants someone to film her giving a blowjob to Rodney so she can trick her new boyfriend into watching it. Won't he be shocked? She asks Brooke to film her sucking Rodney off. Right in the middle of her BJ, Brooke recalls how she had dumped a recent boyfriend after catching him screwing a slut. This revenge idea sounds good, so she gives the camera to Holly Wood and rides the sweet revenge train on Rodney's cock. Rodney cums on her and Holly sucks and slurps it all up! - featuring Holly & Brooke & Rodney

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February 8, 2024   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Red Pussy"

At the Pussy Pussy Strip Club, Rodney sees the beautiful Marie McCray with her long legs and fiery red hair. When the bikini comes off, Rodney sees that she has a great hairy bush too. Excited, he whips out his cock and starts to masturbate. Marie tries to tell him not too but he keeps beating off. When he talks her into letting him rub his cock against her pubes, he manages to slip inside her. Before she can protest, she starts to moan with delight. She takes him deep inside her bush, then her mouth. Grateful, he soaks her fiery red pubes with a Rodney Blast. - featuring Marie McCray & Rodney


February 7, 2024   WILD WEDNESDAY Hot Update

"Flashy Skater Girl"

Cute petite blonde Marilyn Martyn is flashing as she skates in Marina del Rey. But she needs help when her bag rolls down toward the water, so she asks passerby Rodney to retrieve it. She's so grateful she goes back to his place with him and sucks his cock, and let's him fuck her up her tiny asshole. That's his reward. Hers is a Rodney Blast down her throat. - with Marilyn Martyn and Rodney

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February 6, 2024   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Squeeze Me In"

Sonia arrives at Christian's massage studio just as he is closing for the day. He is hesitant about staying late but Sonia uses her hot curves to change his mind. The massage quickly heats up and soon Christian is putting his cock into Sonia's hungry mouth and she's massaging it with her tongue till both of them get their happy ending! Christian gets to blow his load straight into her mouth and she gets to swallow it! - featuring Miranda & Christian XXX


February 6, 2024   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

"Visual Aids"

Nurse Maia is trying to help a patient overcome his impotency. She tries showing him her sexy body to no avail. Then she avails herself of Dr. Rodney's cock, which perks the patient up a bit. Then she sucks him to a full erection, complete with an orgasm which she being a tidy nurse cleans up with her tongue. Then she finishes off Rodney. - featuring Maia Ginger & Rodney

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February 3, 2024   Slutty Saturday Hot Update

"Panty Girl"

Sexy, delivery girl Kristina Black delivers the panties that Rodney ordered but, they're useless to him now because, his girlfriend broke up with him. So he has no one to give them to. Dominica feels kinda sorry for him so, when Rodney asks her if she'll be kind enough to model them for him, she says okay. Little did she know, that was all Rodney needed to hear because, before you know it, the panties are off and his big penis is in her mouth. She sucks and drools all over his fat cock, at then lets him stuff it deep inside of her tight, wet pussy. Then Rodney thanks her by filling her mouth with a creamy Rodney Blast to swallow! - with Kristina Black and Rodney

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February 2, 2024   Friday Hot Update

"Scene 1 - Dark Days at the Ding Dong"

It's dark days at Howard Ramone's club. They won't let his girls at the BaBa Ding Dong Strip Club show any skin at all! The girls have to dance in covered-up and are making no money at all. Howard does get to audition a new S&M act with two hot girls. Of course, he explains to them about the back room, where customers get blowjobs. After he samples the pairs BJ skills he cums in one of their mouths and they swap the goo! - featuring Francesca & Jessica & Rodney

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February 1, 2024   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Extra Hairy Latte"

Hairy cutie Carley comes to the coffee shop wearing a tiny dress and no panties. Her thick, hairy bush is fully exposed. She tries to order coffee but server Olivia asks her to leave since her pubes are hanging out and customers are complaining. But Carley wants some coffee so Olivia tells her she can borrow a pair of her panties. When Carley goes to look for them in the employee lounge, she also finds a big dildo. She sucks on the toy and starts to rub it against her hairy pussy but Olivia catches her in the act. Olivia doesn't mind at all and takes over pleasing Carley's hairy muff. They explore each other's hairy bodies, licking and sucking on their fur covered nipples and clits. Then Olivia pulls out another surprise from her draw, a strap on. Things get really kinky and Olivia bangs Carley with it. After they've played with the strap on for a while, they finger each others pussies 'til their hairy bodies quiver in orgasmic delight. - featuring Olivia & Carley


January 31, 2024   WILD WEDNESDAY Hot Update

"Panty Girl"

Sexy, delivery girl Dominica Leoni delivers the panties that Rodney ordered but, they're useless to him now because, his girlfriend broke up with him. So he has no one to give them to. Dominica feels kinda sorry for him so, when Rodney asks her if she'll be kind enough to model them for him, she says okay. Little did she know, that was all Rodney needed to hear because, before you know it, the panties are off and his big penis is in her mouth. She sucks and drools all over his fat cock, at then lets him stuff it deep inside of her tight, wet pussy. Then Rodney thanks her by filling her mouth with a creamy Rodney Blast to swallow! - with Dominica Leoni and Rodney


January 30, 2024   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Big Catch"

Miranda is a chubby girl who loves to be chased. If you catch her, she will gladly get naked for you. Miranda is so horny that she doesn't really play that hard to get. So it's back to her place so that she can undress for you. Watch as she reveals her hot huge boobs and massive ass. Then enjoy as Miranda sits back and whips out the toys that will make her cum. - featuring Miranda


January 28, 2024   SUNDAY SISTAS Hot Update

"French Fire"

Monique gives Steve a drooly sloppy wet blowjob until she gets the "Austin Explosion" on her face! - Monique with Steve Austin


January 27, 2024   SLUTTY SATURDAY Hot Update

"Nice Pussy"

Queeny Love loves being submissive, and after she finishes lapping up water from her bowl,she lovingly devours my cock! After a hot slobbery mouth job, I unload a huge creamy load of man milk into her bowl, and she laps up the goo. - with Qeeny Love and Rodney

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January 26, 2024   Friday Hot Update

"Scene 5 - No Rough Sex"

Here's the final scene in Rodney's full-length feature, "No Rough Sex for Rodney." Finally, Rodney's luck changes. A new company headed by a very sexy girl named Holly Day heard he's out of work and hires him to shoot his kind of movie for them. She even asks him if he'll make a "private" video in his world-renowned and highly imitated POV style for her private collection. She gives him a camera and he gives her his cock in her mouth and pussy and drops a huge Rodney Blast all over her face. "Thank you for hiring me," he says, as he covers her face in goo! - featuring Holly Day & Rodney

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January 25, 2024   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Fast Growing Pubes"

Cherry has a big problem. Seems her pubic hair grows back as fast as she can shave it off. She can't get work from the bald beaver crazed porn producers. She decides to visit Dr. Howard Ramone to see if he can cure her problem. Of course, the Doctor loves pubic hair, and his cure involves lots of licking, sucking and fucking. And of course, a huge, sticky load his patented cream ointment . - featuring Cherry Poppens & Rodney

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January 24, 2024   WILD WEDNESDAY Hot Update

"Prom Day"

Caroline is out picking flowers in the woods in a "college" prom dress. When I ask her to have sex on a rock, she of course says yes. After many interesting (and painful) positions, she swallows a big, creamy Rodney Blast. - with Caroline Pierce and Rodney

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January 23, 2024   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    


Christian comes onto Beverly, who she thinks is gonna fuck him. That's gonna be hard because he is behind bars. Hot big-titted Beverly decides to have some fun with big dick Christian. Christian hopes this will be his chance to get off. He fucks her good, plays with her boobs, and then cums all over those huge tits! So whose gonna get off? - featuring Beverly Paige & Christian XXX


January 21, 2024   SUNDAY SISTAS Hot Update

"Girl Talk"

Rose and Samantha talk about their sexual experiences, then they both blow me, I fuck Rose and cum on her face, and Samantha licks the goop of of her cheeks. - Rose & Samantha with Rodney

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January 20, 2024   SLUTTY SATURDAY Hot Update


Ashley finds out her husband's been cheating on her, so she kicks him out and vows to get revenge by fucking the first guy she sees. So she puts on a slut dress and heads out the door. The first guy she sees is a homeless guy, so she drags him home and gives him one hell of a handout. She even does nasty things with him she never did with her husband. Like taking his big cock deep in her ass, and swallowing all of his hot, creamy goo. - with Ashley Brook, Jordan and Rodney

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January 19, 2024   Friday Hot Update

"Scene 4 - No Rough Sex"

Rodney starts imagining whether or not he can do an extra rough sex movie. Can treating these girls that rough that be empowering? He imagines the legendary fan favorite Rayveness in this scenario. She deepthroats his big cock and loves it. She licks his ass and then gets her ass licked and ready to go. Rodney starts to pound her tight asshole, because that's what these dirty sluts want. Does he call her enough degrading names for her to get off or can she just get off with a good old-fashioned anal fucking? She sucks her ass juice off of his cock and gets spanked till he "empowers" her slutty wanton face with a huge Rodney Blast. - featuring Rayveness & Rodney

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January 18, 2024   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Hairy Dream Date"

Katie Zucchini is doing time and after a month in lock-up, she finally gets to see her boyfriend, Rodney. However, since they won't let her have razors in prison, she hasn't shaved in a while. She takes her shirt off for Rodney, warning him about the hairy situation. However, he's so excited just to see her boobs again, he doesn't seem to mind the hair at all. In fact he kind of likes it, especially likes her hairy pussy. His dick dives right into her hairy muff. Then she sucks his cock and licks his balls. She climbs on top of him and rides him hard. Rodney continues to pound her newly hairy snatch. He's enjoying her new growth so much, he leaves his spunk deep inside her furry twat. - featuring Katie Zucchini


January 17, 2024   WILD WEDNESDAY Hot Update

"Warm Milk"

Rodney asks Krista for some coffee, but she has something much tastier, and so she squirts some warm mommy milk into his mouth and on his cock. She blows him, then he gives her some of his special "milk" directly into her mouth, and just like he swallowed her milk, she swallows his. - with Krista Leigh and Rodney

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January 16, 2024   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Too Hot For Panties"

Rodney stumbles upon the buxom Brenda North stranded in her white convertible at the beach. She can't find her keys anywhere. Ever helpful, Rodney spots them hidden between her huge breasts, and the flustered beauty asks him to drive her home. As she takes the passenger seat, she flashes him her pink pussy. Did she lose her panties too? No, it's just way too hot to wear them in the summer! To thank Rodney for all his help, she offers to let him play with her enormous jugs and give him a blow job. As he jiggles her heavy tits, her nipples get hard, and he smacks them around. Then, Rodney face fucks her until she gags on his cock, and drool drips down all over her boobs. She titty fucks him until he shoots a huge gob of goo all over her tongue. Brenda swallows every last drop. - featuring Brenda North & Rodney


January 14, 2024   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

"Rooftop Titties"

Cleopatra is blazenly flashing her huge titties and butt for her photographer on a rooftop. After the shoot, she catches him jerking off to her photos on the computer. She decides to help him out (and herself) by sucking his cock till it's hard enough to get into her dark coochie. He shoots on her big boobs, then she licks it off. - featuring Cleopatra Reign with Sgt. Sexy


January 13, 2024   SLUTTY SATURDAY Hot Update

"Bruised Boob"

Busty Babe Tatiana accidently bumps into a girl on the street, who gets so mad that she punches her in the left boob. Injured, she comes to visit Dr. Hooters, who examines her lovely large natural breasts. Of course, he must give her a full exam with his big meat thermometer. She passes the exam easily and swallows a big healthy load. - with Tatiana Petit and Rodney

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January 12, 2024   Friday Hot Update

"Scene 3 - No Rough Sex"

Rodney starts imagining whether or not he can do an extra rough sex movie. Can treating these girls that rough that be empowering? He imagines the legendary fan favorite Lena Ramon in this scenario. She deepthroats his big cock and loves it. She licks his ass and then gets her ass licked and ready to go. Rodney starts to pound her tight asshole, because that's what these dirty sluts want. Does he call her enough degrading names for her to get off or can she just get off with a good old-fashioned anal fucking? She sucks her ass juice off of his cock and gets spanked till he "empowers" her slutty wanton face with a huge Rodney Blast. - featuring Lena Ramon & Rodney

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January 11, 2024   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Hard Time and Hairy"

Emma Evins is doing time and after a month in lock-up, she finally gets to see her boyfriend, Rodney. However, since they won't let her have razors in prison, she hasn't shaved in a while. She takes her shirt off for Rodney, warning him about the hairy situation. However, he's so excited just to see her boobs again, he doesn't seem to mind the hair at all. In fact he kind of likes it, especially likes her hairy pussy. His dick dives right into her hairy muff. Then she sucks his cock and licks his balls. She climbs on top of him and rides him hard. Rodney continues to pound her newly hairy snatch. He's enjoying her new growth so much, he leaves his spunk deep inside her furry twat. - featuring Emma Evins & Rodney


January 10, 2024   Cum Walk Wednesday Hot Update

"Messy Monique"

Rodney spots gorgeous black bombshell Monique hooking in the alley where she offers him a nice wet blowjob. First he gets a sample of her superior cock-sucking skills in the back of the van but then they move to his place where the fun really begins. Rodney strips her out of her slinky pink dress while she shakes her beautiful black ass for him. Before too long, she's devouring Rodney's dick with abandon. She passionately sucks and slobbers on his cock generating so much drool she earns her nick-name "Messy Monique." She rides his rod for a few minutes then gets right back to sucking and salivating. However, Rodney's time is up soon and Messy Monique must go back to hooker alley. Rodney drives her back to the alley but insists that he's just about to cum. So they climb into the back of the van where he blasts a huge, sticky load all over her face. Then she actually steps outside and walks down hooker alley with all that cum rolling off her face! - featuring Monique and Rodney

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January 9, 2024   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

"Kitty Comes Clean"

Kitty McPherson decides a nice hot shower is just what she needs. You get to watch this curvy cutie strip down and get all wet. First she oils up her giant juggs and big butt. Then she washes her naughty bits while putting the massaging shower head to good use in all the right places. Next, she uses her dildo to satisfy her pudgy pussy. She fantasizes that you cum all over her huge wet tits and finishes herself off with a big orgasm! - featuring Kitty McPherson


January 7, 2024   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

"Slobbery Maid"

Sexy maid Ryaan comes to dust the hotel room. She better make sure she gets everything in the room super clean, including Lee's cock. - featuring Ryaan Reynolds with Lee Stone


January 6, 2024   SLUTTY SATURDAY Hot Update

"Boob Tender"

Rodney is throwing a bachelor party for his buddy and hires one of the hotel bartenders to work the party. When he finds out the bartender is a hot babe, he talks her into serving drinks topless. But he also wants to make sure his buddy who's getting married has a great time, which means entertaining him with a blowjob from the cute bartender. Rodney wants to make sure she's up for the job but getting his cock up for her and into her mouth. So as not to make a mess, she swallows all the cum down her throat. - with Fawnna and Rodney

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January 5, 2024   Friday Hot Update

"Scene 2-No Rough Sex"

Victoria Givens tells Rodney that if he can make rougher movies, he'll be rehired. He watches female rough sex director BB filming an intense blowjob scene with sweet innocent Gen Padova who's decided to do porn to support her unemployed drummer boyfriend. With BB directing, she's called a worthless whore, a stupid slut, and is gagged, stuffed and endures too much degradation. All the while deepthroating and drooling the actor's dick. After making her talk dirty, he washes her mouth out with soap. She even licks a chocolate sundae off of a toilet seat. It's too much for fun lovin' Rodney. Disgusted, Rodney leaves. - featuring Gen Padova, Victoria Givens with Claudio & Rodney

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January 4, 2024   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

"Feminist Perspective"

Rodney's out of the porn business and his hosting a new show called the Feminist Perspective. Today's guest is Felina Sharpe, a scholar of eroticism who just happens to be pretty sexy herself. She tries to explain the difference between pornography and eroticism but both she and Rodney seem to be getting really turned on by what she has to say. Rodney can't resist touching himself and Felina can't seem to keep her hands off her own hairy body. Slowly her top comes off, Rodney's cock comes out and before long she's got that cock deep down her throat. Felina keeps talking as Rodney pounds her hairy pussy. He tosses her around in all sorts of positions then buries his face deep in her furry muff. Finally, he paints her pretty bush with his hot, sticky cream. - featuring Felina & Rodney

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January 3, 2024   Cum Walk Wednesday Hot Update

"Cum Bust"

It's back to Hooker Alley one more time, but just when I'm about to score a pretty blonde tramp named Alana, a female cop appears. Alana runs, and the cop tells me they're cracking down on prostitution in the alley. I'm warned never to come back. But I spot Alana hiding out and hire her anyway. She comes back to my place and she gives me a hot blowjob. She licks my ass clean but before I can drop a hot load all over her face, she insists I take her back to the alley. There, before she gets out of the van, I do unload a big blast of sticky white cum on her kisser. She gets out of the fan and she stands on the corner
with her face covered in cum. Suddenly the same female cop threatens to bust us for lewd behavior, but we deny that its really cum on her face. You won't believe how the female officer proves it's the real thing! - featuring Alana Evans & - featuring Alana Evans & Phyllisha Anne and Rodney

Hot Alana Evans & Phyllisha Anne Cum Walk Teaser     JOIN NOW

January 2, 2024   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

Dirty BBW fortune teller conjures up a big dick
to stuff her plump ass and splash her face with too much cum!

"Magic Orb"

Jennipher Doll is a kinky Scale Bustin Babe who asks a mysterious glowing orb to bring her a big juicy cock to suck. And lo and behold her wish is answered as a big juicy cock appears and starts to fuck her mask covered face. Then Rodney has an idea and asks the magic orb to bring him a nice big round fat butt to fuck. Once again the orb delivers and Rodney wastes no time as he plunges his cock deep into Jennipher's fat wet pussy. Next it's time to shove that big juicy cock of his into that nice big round fat butt of hers. Rodney pumps that fat butt for all it's worth and then fulfills Jennipher's last wish as he shoots a big fat load of cum all over her face. - featuring Jennipher Doll & Rodney


December 31, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

She's Got Big Black Hooters, and Finds Herself Sucking on
Two White Cocks With Lots of White Goo On Those Chocolate Mounds!

"Crowded Room"

Ms. Panther has checked into her hotel. They must have double booked the room, because just as she's getting undressed and ready for bed, a naked man comes out of the bathroom. She's embarrassed by her nudity, but he's turned on by her massive natural breasts. He begs to touch them, and one thing leads to a blowjob. Just as she's chowing down on his cock, another guest walks into the room. This hotel needs to get their act together. The 2nd guy drops his suitcase, then drops his pants and joins in for a 3-way BJ. They both shoot massive loads all over her huge brown breasts, and she can't help slurping some up with her tongue. - featuring Ms. Panther With Scott Lyons & Alan Stafford

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December 30, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot Update

Rodney Picks Up Cute Ashley on Hooker Alley,
and She Unloads Massive Drool On His Penis, Balls and Asshole,
and He Unloads a Huge Load of Goop in Her Mouth!

"Super Drooly Hooker Ashley"

It's time for a trip to Hooker Alley. Look who's there, it's cute Ashley Shye. She hops in my van and proceeds to deep throat my thick cock…boy oh boy, this girl is a monster drooler. And She swallows my creamy Rodney Blast too! - with Ashley Shye and Rodney

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December 29, 2023   Friday Hot Update

Very petite Careena deepthroats this guy's huge black cock
while he pulls her hair and gets rough! Just the way she likes it!

"Scene 1-No Rough Sex"

Rodney has been called in to his distributor's office because his movies aren't doing as well as they used to. The company manager Rayveness tells him it's because he hasn't jumped on the "Rough Sex Bandwagon" and that his movies are too tame. He asks to speak with the boss Careena Collins, but she's busy getting "roughed up" by her Black Master Shocka. The very petite Careena deepthroats this guy's huge black cock while he pulls her hair and gets rough! Just the way she likes it! - featuring Careena Collins, Rayveness, Victoria Givens with Shocka & Rodney


December 28, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

Very hairy girl shows you her hairy primal side by stroking
her hairy legs, underarms and wet, hot pussy!

"The Primal Side"

Cecilia is a Portland Hairy Girl. She never shaves because she believes that being furry is very, very sensual and brings out your primal side. And who can argue with those lovely hairy legs and armpits? She would love to show you more if you would follow her to a more private and intimate setting. Once there, she's going to give you a personal tour of her naked body, including that beautiful bush of hers. - featuring Cecilia


December 27, 2023   Cum Walk Wednesday Hot Update

HO Tries On HEELS, Gives Rodney HEAD,
Walks Outside HOSED Down in HACK!

"Shocking Heels"

Out on the beach, I get McKayla to try on a pair of sexy high heels for me, to see how they'll look on my "girlfriend"." She's shocked when I start licking the shoes on her feet, and even more shocked when I whip out my big dick and start stroking. But I'm the one who's shocked when she gets down on her knees and starts sucking it, causing me to explode all over her face. She then proceeds to walk around the beach parking lot with a facefull of goo! - featuring McKayla and Rodney

Hot McKayla Cum Walk Teaser     JOIN NOW

December 26, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

Hot BBW face sitting, rimming and
creampie with gorgeous Alexis Allure!

"Down and Dirty"

Hot Alexis Allure caught her step Rodney watching porn. Her mom has been out of town and Rodney must be very lonely. She teases Rodney about whether or not he has spent all his free time jacking off. He shows her his injured wrist, she realizes he hasn't been able to jerk it! So, Alexxxis starts rubbing his crotch, offers to help him out. Rodney doesn't want to cheat, but he just can't resist her advances. Her boobs are amazing and he would like to touch them. Alexxxis starts sucking cock. Then, Rodney gets a taste of her huge knockers while she jacks him off. He has her sit her enormous butt cheeks right on top of his face so he can eat her jiggling ass before fucking her from behind. While still penetrating her, he tickles her feet and sucks her toes. "You're so dirty" she giggles between moans. He also plays with her dripping pussy and her hot belly. After Alexxxis rides Rodney's big dick, Alexxxis begs him to fill her up with his cum, so Rodney drills her tight hole without stopping, until he squirts a huge load inside her. And when he pulls out, she spreads her pussy lips wide, and you can watch the creampie drip down her slick slit. - featuring Alexis Allure & Rodney

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December 24, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

Vida Finds Out Her Younger Sister Did a Porno, After She
Told Her, "Don't Do Anything I Wouldn't Do"
But She Did, So Now Vida Has To Do One Too, and Rodney's the lucky Guy!

"Suckling Siblings"

Vida finds out her younger sister has sucked dick in a porno. She likes to be able to say to her, Don't do anything I wouldn't do. So now that she has, she has to do the same thing her sister did so she can still say she didn't do what her sister hadn't done. Confused? Wait till you see the confusion Vida had getting these lines out of her mouth in the intro. However, she had no problem getting Rodney's cock into her mouth, nor his cum all over her face. - featuring Vida Valentine and Rodney

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December 23, 2023   SLUTTY SATURDAY Hot Update

When Rodney Burns His Hand on the Lava Lamp,
He Insists Lava Lamp Repair Girl Deedre Help Him Do Something
He Now Can't Do Himself, STROKE HIS COCK! She Does That and MOORE!

"Hot Hands"

Deedre is a lava lamp repair girl. While she's checking mine out, I burn my right hand touching it. Now I can't touch my big-you-know-what, which is what I want to do after seeing Deedre. Fortunately, she's willing to give me a helping hand,. and mouth too. So I help myself and give her a good hard throat fucking before filling her waiting mouth with a hot, creamy Rodney Blast! - with Deedre and Rodney

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December 22, 2023   Friday Hot & Hairy Update

Extra cute, petite hairy girl gets pumped hard
and is ready for the Rodney Blast of a lifetime!

"Shoes for Pretty Suzy "

Suzy's a hot English girl who needs some new pumps. She doesn't have any money though, but if it takes getting pumped by the salesman to get those pumps, she'll do it. She's extra cute with a hot hairy pussy so it's going to get messy and she is ready for the blast of a lifetime! - featuring Suzy & Rodney

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December 21, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

Pretty shy girl next door ready to show
off all her sexy hairy areas!

"Extra Shy, Very Hairy"

Pretty Seattle girl next door has never shaved. She has a beautiful body and is ready to show off to you all her special hairy areas, even though she is very shy. She starts by innocently taking off all her clothes and then lovingly caresses her hairy armpits, hairy legs, and extra hairy bush just for you! - featuring Donna Down


December 20, 2023   Cum Walk Wednesday Hot Update

and Wears her RODNEY BLAST Outside!

"Ho Down"

Shayla Heart is real shy. So what on earth is she doing on Hooker Alley. It's obviously her first time, but she's willing to give it her all, and she perks up real good once the fucking and sucking starts in the back of my van. She's so horny, she even dives her tongue deep up my ass! After I serve her up a hot Rodney Blast, she even walks on the railroad tracks with sticky cum still dripping off her cute face. - featuring Shayla Heart and Rodney

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December 19, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

BBW can't get enough of Rodney's cock and
goes all out with some super messy oral action!

"Second Times A Blast"

This isn't BBW Jordinn Nickole's first rodeo, or should we say porno. She did one before college, but now it's up to Rodney to give her a little refresher course in sucking cock on camera. Getting completely naked, she jiggles her enormous breasts, stomach, and butt for him. Time for Jordinn to demonstrate her blow job skills. He offers her a little guidance while he fucks her slippery lips, telling her where to put her hands and grabbing her by the ponytail. Next, she moves on to licking Rodney's balls. She starts choking on his cock for some drooly and very messy oral action Rodney slurps the spit up off her huge titties, but Jordinn can not get enough of his huge cock! She's never licked ass before, but she is eager to taste Rodney's and she does by rimming up a storm. This big girl seems willing to take it any way he wants to give it to her! So, he stands over her and jerks his cock against her wet mouth until he blasts her face with a ton of cum! - featuring Jordinn Nickole & Rodney


December 17, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

Damn, This Thick Black Girl Has Some Nice Hooters!
She's Hired to Show Off Hardware, but Those DD's Get
Rodney's Hardward Going, but Fortunately, It Doesn't Take Much
To Get Her Sucking and Fucking and Getting a Faceful Of Goo!

"Black and Yellow"

Renee auditions to be a convention model for a Hardware company. All she has to do is hold up hardware for "Black and Yellow" Tools. Unfortunately, she gets Rodney's hardware going and he's bound and determined to have this woman. First he tries to get her to show him her big brown double D's. It's take a lot of effort, but she finally shows them off. When he can't take it anymore, he pulls out his prick. Wow, seems like it's much easier to get her on her knees then it was just to get a little tittie flash. She sucks Rodney good, then he puts his prick into her dark honeypot. He goos up her face good. - featuring Renee and Rodney

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December 16, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot Update

Super Cute Sweet and Innocent Sabrina
Is NOT So Sweet and Innocent!!

"Hooker Sabrina"

I'm out on Hooker Alley again, but all I see is Sabrina. She's cute, but she's not dressed like a hooker, she has long pants on. When I ask her if she's seen any hookers, she whips off her pants and reveals the shortest tightest hot pants I've ever seen in public. She's a ho alright, and boy can she screw. The rocking in my van could have been mistaken for another LA Quake until I blast my hot magma all over her face. - with Sabrina Jayde and Rodney


December 15, 2023   Friday Hot Update

Dirty Mia Domore deepthroats, sucks balls, licks ass
and plays with a big drippy Rodney Blast!

"Down and Dirty Deepthroat"

Dirty Mia Domore comes over and wants to play. She doesn't want to waste any time. She wants to get down and dirty and get to deep throating Rodney's dick. She sucks his balls and licks his ass. When the time cums for a Rodney Blast she takes it to the face and then starts playing with the spunk till she swallows. - featuring Mia Domore Rodney


December 14, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

Sexy hairy girl gives good head in the shower
and gets a Rodney Blast to her nice knockers!

"Hairy Shower Head"

As Cara showers off her sexy, hairy body, Roommate Rodney suddenly bursts in on her claiming he's got to pee right now. She just wants her privacy but Rodney can't take his eyes off her huge tits and massive bush. He seems to forget he needed to go because he just stands there jerking off in front of her. She decides to help him out and soon she's stroking and sucking his cock. She takes his big stick deep down her throat while she plays with her hairy pussy. Eventually, Rodney soaks her beautiful boobs with his special skin cream. Looks like she's going to need another shower! - featuring Cara & Rodney


December 13, 2023   Cum Walk Wednesday Hot Update

Amber Picks Me Up Hitchhiking In Her Van, Then
Pulls Over, Takes Me in the Back and Sucks and Fucks Me
Then Steps Outside With CUM on her Face While Cars Pass By!

"Wild on Wheels"

Amber Lee picks me up hitchiking in her van, and drives me to a parking lot, where she gets in the back, spreads her legs, and says "FUCK ME". How could I refuse. I lick her pretty pink pussy and she sucks my fat cock. Then I bang her tight twat hard in the back of the van. After I cum all over her face, she goes for a walk on the sidewalk with cars passing her by with her face full of goo. - featuring Amber Lee and Rodney

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December 12, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

Dirty BBW is in the woods waiting for an outdoor fuck!
And this horny girl gets exactly that with a side of goo!

"Forest Fuck"

Rodney finds chubby Cassandra fingering herself in the forest. It seems she's incredibly horny because she's really going at it. He starts to jerk off but decides to introduce himself. Cassandra decides to suck his cock. Soon she gets him to stick his hard cock into her fat, wet pussy. He fucks her hard, then fills her mouth with his hot goo. - featuring Cassandra & Rodney


December 10, 2023   Sunday Sistas Hot Update

Rodney Hires a "Suck It Up Girl" To Vacuum His Room.
They Let You MASTURBATE While They Vacuum
But Horny Erika Wants To SUCK UP a Lot More Than Just DUST!!

"Suck It Up"

Erika Kane works for "Suck it up Girls." They send sexy girls out to vacuum horny guys' houses and allows them to masturbate while they watch. Some of the girls will suck other things up besides dust. Erika is definitely one of those. After pushing the vacuum cleaner around showing off her ample natural boobs and butt, she sucks up Rodney's cock, takes it up her pussy, then sucks down a big Rodney Blast - featuring Erika Kane and Rodney


December 9, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot DOUBLE Update

When She Finds Out Her BF Cheated On Her, Syren Decides
To Get Super Slutty Revenge with Rodney!
Hairy Angelina is Selling Cookies, but
Rodney Manages to Get His Penis Into Her Hairy Cookie!

"Syren's Revenge"

Syren has caught her boyfriend cheating on her. She vows to get revenge by screwing the first guy she sees. She spots an ad for girls who swallow and cums to Rodney's office. She says she'll swallow, lick butt, anything as long as she gets laid. Rodney can't believe how eager she is until, she's on her knees with his cock deep in her throat. Then she proceeds to give him a good rimming before he fucks her and squirts a huge creamy load in her mouth to swallow. - Syren Smiles with Rodney

"Cookie Delite"

Angelina is selling cookies. Rodney buys one, and they share it, mouth to mouth. The intense kissing leads to intense screwing and sucking, and Angelina washes down her cookie with a big, milky Rodney Blast. - Angelina Smith with Rodney

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December 8, 2023   Friday Hot Update

2 very shy cute first-timers go wild after a taste
of cock in their very first on-camera threesome!
They get a good fucking and of course
their first thick Rodney Blast!

"First Time Threesome"

Very shy first-timers Tanya and Trisha are curious about adult videos. They are friends and have been wanting to do each other. They come in for an interview and audition. They are so shy and awkward, but they start to get the hang of it when Rodney starts directing them. They spank each other and play with each other's boobs while giggling and being shy and cute. They lick each other's pussies and before long they want to suck Rodney. They give him a double blow job till they decide they want to be fucked. They each suck each other's perky tits while they take turns fucking Rodney's big dick. They kiss and suck each other's tongues while Rodney splashes their cute faces with a cum! - featuring Tanya & Trisha & Rodney


December 7, 2023   Thursday Hot & Hairy Update

No date, no problem! Hot hairy girl takes matters into
her own hands and brings her juicy hairy pussy to orgasm!

"Hairy Date-saster"

Briar Wilde has returned home after a date that was going well until he noticed she was a hairy girl. When told she needed to shave Briar took her and her hairy armpits and told the guy where he could go! She knows being a hairy girl is sexy, after all, you enjoy it don't you? Since her date didn't turn out as planned she will have to pleasure herself. Briar wastes no time digging her fingers deep into her hairy pussy until she hits that spot that makes her sing with delight. Her date missed out but Briar didn't miss anything! - featuring Briar Wilde


December 6, 2023   Cum Walk Wednesday Hot Update

I Catch Lena Peeing in the Woods, So She May As Well BLOW ME!
She Gets a Big Rodney Blast, then Walks Out on the Street
With CUM Dripping Off Her Face As Cars Pass By!

"Wetting the Woods"

I catch sexy Lena Ramon doing something nasty in the woods, and to keep me quiet, she blows me till I cream all over her face. Then we walk out on the street and cars passing by wonder what all that sticky white stuff is dripping off her face. - featuring Lena Ramone and Rodney

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December 5, 2023   Fat Tuesday Hot Update    

BBW with HUGE tits is in the mood for rimming and cum!

"Fantasies for Fucking"

The voluptuous Venomous One spends 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, working behind a computer. What her officemates don't know is that she spends most of this time fantasizing about being dancer at a BBW strip club. She imagines the way the men would look at her as she dances in front of them. The way they would stroke their cocks in excitement as she licked her gigantic nipples. Seated behind her desk, she slips down her top and begins rubbing and sucking on her gargantuan knockers. Now, completely lost in her fantasies, she visualizes a man smacking her massive mammaries and jiggling her huge belly. She also thinks about how much she loves sucking cock, how she loves feeling it get hard in her mouth. She envisions him grabbing her ponytail as she licks his balls and swallows his shaft. This buxom babe also buries her face in his asshole, before rubbing her boobs on his nuts and titty fucking him. In reality, she has her legs spread wide on her desk, fingering her sweet pussy and picturing swallowing a hot, sticky load of cum. But this hungry harlot isn't satisfied until she sucks out every last drop, and she even goes back to work with jizz all over pretty face. - featuring Venomous One & Rodney


December 3, 2023   SUNDAY SISTAS Hot Update

Hot and Horny Victoria Shows Up for a BJ Shoot Just as Rodney
Shoots His Load Inside Latia's Pussy! But Victoria Demands
He Do Her Scene, so Latia Helps to Get Rodney's COCK
Ready and They Both Blow Him and Share a Rodney Blast!

"Shoot Time"

Rodney has just finished humping Latia when Victoria shows up for a blowjob scene. But Rodney's tired, his load just deposited deep inside Latia's twat. Victoria demands he do a scene with her, but fortunately Latia helps her get his tired pole to rise to the occasion, eventually popping a big goey mess on Latia's face, which hungry Victoria laps up. - Victoria & Latia with Rodney


December 2, 2023   SUPER SLUT SATURDAY Hot Update

That She Slurps Up a Huge Rodney Blast Off a Plate
Then She Gets A 3 COURSE MEAL!! Salad with CUM DRESSING!
A Veggie Plate with a CUM DIP, and a HOT CUM SUNDAE for Dessert!

"3 Course Meal"

In a Rodney Blast from the Past, Nasty MILF Debette visits Dr. Dick (Rodney) to complain that her husband won't cum in her mouth, and she ADORES CUM! So Rodney, after she blows him, shoots a huge hot load on a plate, and Dirty Debette licks all the goo off it! 3 months later, the good Doctor arranges for her to take on 3 guys for a three course meal, first, salad with cum dressing, then veggies with cum dip, and for the third course, vanilla ice cream with a tasty cum topping. - featuring Debette with Rodney plus Damien, Max Cady and Dave Dodge


December 1, 2023   Friday Hot Update

Loni & Sunshine Do a Long Interview about How to Score
With Strippers, Then they Both Go Down On Rodney Cock,
Drooling Profusely Until He Explodes on Their Faces and They Kiss!

"Strap on the Cum Bag"

After doing an interview about the best ways guys can pick up two sexy strippers, they take turn giving Rodney super drooly blowjobs then share a nice Rodney Blast. - featuring Loni & Sunshine & Rodney

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