Unchain the Underground is proud to present an interview with Rodney Moore (from 2004).

What is there to say about Rodney Moore? Good guestion. Thanks. Well, let's see. The first time I experienced RodneyVision was in a video called The Sodomizer and Rodney was talking the girlfriend, Binky, of his roommate into fucking him while his roommate was out of town. He lied to her and told her that while her boyfriend was away on business he was staying with his other girlfriend that he fucks on the side. Rodney tells Binky that his roommate talks all the time about how much nicer the other girl's pussy felt, how much nicer her tits were, and how much better she gives head. Binky decides to get even with her boyfriend and show Rodney who the better lay is at the same time. When Rodney finally does come clean and tells Binky the truth, she doesn't get angry, she just fucks him even more. This is RodneyVision. All of his videos are chicked full of these silly little stories. I love him, for the scumbag that he truly is. Keep 'em cumming Rodney.

Interviewed by Al Kikuras and Piston Rod.

Unchain the Underground: From what we have been told, a guy has to bring a woman into the business with him in order to even get through the door. Did you get into porn that way?

Rodney: Actually, it was never my intent to "get into" the porn biz. I was at the time very frustrated with my music career and resulting lack of enthusiasm for it. I had just moved to LA and was doing a telemarketing job just to pay the rent, the first time in years I had to do something other than music to support myself. I was always a major porn renter, so when I noticed the sudden arrival of "amateur porn" on the market in late 1991, I figured maybe I could make a few bucks on the side and have some fun by shooting a few amateurs. Next thing I knew, I was making more money selling amateur scenes to Mr. Peepers and Odyssey Amateurs, etc. than I was telemarketing, so I quit. I also never intended to be on both sides of the camera, but how could I resist when pretty girls were coming to my apartment, stripping and offering their bodies to whatever male talent I put in front of them. So I figured, it might as well be me.

UtU: Did you have an epiphany where you suddenly realized porn was your calling?

R: No, but I noticed that whereas I never seemed to have the luck one needs (more so than talent) to be really successful in the music business, in the porn business I got very lucky. The first couple to answer my ad were in the business themselves, and they taught me about model releases, ID shots, etc. A week later I met Randy Detroit who helped me in my early days, let me shoot in his apartment cheap, gave me pointers, names of girls and companies, etc. I sold the first tape I shot to the first company I took it to. This was after getting turned down by lots of companies in the music biz in LA after I'd had years of experience and a couple of hit records and many successful jingles under my belt. Suddenly with no experience I was able to sell every video I shot. It was very refreshing.

UtU: Did you get laid a lot before you got into the industry?

R: I did when I played in bands. Otherwise, just average probably.

UtU: Were you hyper-sexual as a kid? Did you masturbate a lot?

R: Yes, I discovered at around 14 that my father had quite a collection of magazines and stag films in his closet, so while my parents were working, and grab a magazine and head for the bathroom. Sometimes if I stayed home from school sick, I'd set up the projector and watch the films. And even then, my favorite parts were the facials.

UtU: At what age did you first get laid?

R: I was 18. The girl was 21 and beautiful.

UtU: Did you have any control over yourself or did you bust a nut very quickly?

R: I was scared to death. It actually (this is embarrassing) wasn't until the 3rd night I'd slept with her that I was able to get it up and finally do it.

UtU: You are sort of a "geek" hero in porn, in that a lot of guys can relate to you. How do you feel about that?

R: I like being goofy, it seems to come natural. I was sort of an outcast in high school, not part of the cool crowd. I was one of the first hippies in my school. I spent most of my high school years in my room playing my guitar listening to the Beatles, Stones, Kinks, etc. I was always shy. But being geeky seems to be the easiest way for me to be funny. Hey, some of the richest guys in the country right now are geeks.

UtU: We love that red hat that you wear in a lot of your videos. Where did you get it?

R: I bought that hat in the 80's at a Chess King, and I used to wear it sometimes on stage in a band I played in in Seattle at that time.

UtU: Which of your series is your favorite?

R: Creme de la Face, because besides being the longest running, it's generic. Meaning I can put any scene into it, the scene doesn't have to fit into any formula, like Nurse Nookie needs to revolve around nurses, etc.UtU: UtU: Have you ever done a fully scripted film?

R: Yes, Witches are Bitches, a few years back. I'm getting ready to do another feature this year, one I hope will be quite good.

UtU: You play guitar in a lot of your videos... how long have you been playing for?

R: I actually play guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and even a little harmonica. I've written hundreds of songs, have played in many bands, and have worked as an recording engineer in a 24 track studio in Seattle. I've produced and arranged records, and have done over 100 radio/TV jingles. I used to hire Kenny G to play sax for sessions before he was famous. I produced an album for Meredith "I'm a Bitch" Brooks which was never released but is now available on CD because of her hit recently. I've been trying to get back into music for about 4 years, but my current career (videos, website) keep me too busy to devote any time to it.

UtU: What kind of music do you like to play?

R: It has varied. Put an electric guitar in my hands and I like to play blues, an accoustic guitar and I like to do folk music. Piano makes me do ballads. I love dance music, and the two hits I produced were both dance records.

UtU: How about listen to?

R: I'm a hard core Beatles fan. I also like Frank Sinatra (Capitol years only), Todd Rundgren and Madonna. I like listening to dance music, more so the early 80's and disco era stuff.

UtU: Is any of your music available to the public?

R: I'm going to start putting some of my songs and recordings on my website, and also I may start performing on video a song at the end of each new video, ala Ricky Nelson at the end of the Ozzie and Harriet show in the early 60's.

UtU: What do you think of Frank Zappa? Please tell me you know who that is...

R: I met the guy once, so of course I know him. He was playing at a tiny theatre (the Garrick) in Greenwich Village, and I sat through (and enjoyed) 3 shows. By the end of the last show there were only about 15 people in the audience, so we went up and introduced ourselves to him. I love his first 3 or 4 albums. CALL ANY VEGETABLE!!

UtU: Do you get a lot of respect from you peers in the industry?

R: Don't know, I don't associate with my peers, I'm an island.

UtU: Do you find women that smoke attractive? Unattractive?

R: Not personally, and I am very anti-tobacco, but I did recently shoot a couple of girls giving me head while smoking. It can make a girl look slutty if done correctly.

UtU: You look like a Jew... are you a Jew? I'm a Jew, I know a Jew when I see one, are you a Jew?

R: If you know one when you see one, why do you ask? No, everyone thinks I'm Jewish, but I'm not.

UtU: What are the pros and cons of being uncircumcised?

R: PRO: You don't have to use lube to jerk off. Your head stays more sensitive. CON: You have to wash more often. It was embarrassing in the high school gym class showers, because I was the only one not cut. However, I don't think this would be as much of a problem today, with circumcision not being so automatic anymore.

UtU: Personally, as a circumsized male I am pretty upset because I read that circumcised men lose 25-50% of the feeling in their penis. One of our writers, Big Tittie Car Wash (who happens to be a big fan of yours), is uncircumsized and he has told me that he can't get head for too long because his dick gets hyper-sensitive. Personally, I can't imagine a blowjob EVER being "too long." Does your dick ever get hyper-sensitive? (if so) do you think it can be at all attributed to being uncircumsized?

R: It only gets hyper sensitive after orgasm, but I think that happens to all men. I think these questions would be best answered by someone who was circumcised later in life, who's had it both ways. If I ever have a son, I would not circumsize him, not would I ever have it done to myself at this point.

UtU: You seem to like to pull your dick out a lot while women aren't looking. Have you ever done this in real life or only for a video?

R: Only on video.

UtU: What is the appeal of it for you?

R: Its a fantasy, I think, since what man would turn down a woman who whipped out a boob or showed him her pussy. In reality, most of the time if a guy whips out his dick to an unsuspecting female, she's going to get angry and walk out. I say, most of the time, I'm sure it could happen that the girl would in fact get turned on and things could happen.

UtU: Have we pissed you off yet? I hope not.

R: Hey, we're on my favorite subject.

UtU: Let's talk chicks. Give us your opinion on these girls you have has sex with:

Temptress: Is she as hot as she looks on video? How was it fucking someone this hot?

R: I liked her better when she had more meat on her bones. I enjoyed her very much. In fact, she's the only scene I can ever remember where I lost control and had to pull out and barely made it to her face before cumming. Fortunately Scarlett, my camera girl, was alert enough to catch it on video.

. UtU: Cheyenne Silver (Wildcat): Wasn't Wildcat a much better name than Cheyenne Silver?

R: Well, she really wasn't much of a wildcat, very tame. Very very pretty girl, but unfortunately quite the cum dodger.

UtU: Bobbi Bliss: Now this girl loves to suck cock.

R: The opposite of a cum dodger. There's few girls who can mouth a member like Bobbi. She also gives a great legitimate massage, too.

UtU: Allison Kilgore: What tits!

R: Well, they're fake, so how great can they be? But Allison is about as cute as a girl can be. The only girl cuter is her "twin sister" Alicia

UtU: Are their any porn actress that you would really like to work with and haven't yet?

R: Some of the ones I'd like to work with aren't doing it anymore, Bianca, and the girl that was doing spanking videos for Redboard, I'm drawing a blank on her name, but she has an incredible butt.

UtU: Do you find gaping anuses attractive?

R: Does anyone find them attractive? Maybe sexually stimulating, but I don't think it's a particularly pretty sight.

UtU: Real vs. fake breasts: which do you prefer?

R: As Cheryl Lynn might sing, "REAL, REAL, REAL, REAL."

UtU: Do you date any of the girls you work with?

R: Rarely.

UtU: You seem to be the hardest working man in porn, with a constant flow of new releases coming out. What do you do in your spare time, if you have any?

R: When I'm in LA, I usually don't have any spare time. That's one of the reasons I go to Seattle a lot, I'm forced to find things to do since I don't have so much work staring me in the face. I love dining out, I rarely go night clubbing, I'm more of a homebody. Getting a good massage is one of my favorite hobbies.

UtU: How did you come up with the idea for the I Swallow series?

R: Fan requests.

UtU: Will you be my friend?

R: When you're down, and troubled, and you need a helping hand, and nothing...

UtU: Could you get me laid?

R: Sure, just sign up for the next gang bang gross out.

UtU: Where do you find the girls you work with?

R: Referals, agencies and my own ads.

UtU: Why does it seem that the only guys you have in your movies are either that red-headed guy with a much smaller penis than yours or those two back guys with donkey cocks?

R: I use Red because while he may not have the biggest dick in porn, he does cum quite a bit, which is important to my fans. The black guys with the donkey cocks is just the thing of the moment, it will most likely change. For awhile, it was always Wolf Savage you saw.

R: Who the fuck is that red-haired guy anyway, and how the hell did he get into porn?

R: He's Red, he cums a lot, and I don't know how the hell he got into porn. He was already the hell into it when I met him.

UtU: The overweight chicks... talk to me. Was it that you didn't have the money to get a good looking chick, or did you have the money and you really like overweight chicks, or were you trying to reach a market that likes overweight chicks?

R: Well, a) sometimes I do like heavy chicks and b) there are a lot of guys who do like heavy girls. So I try to do one occasionally if I find her appealing.

UtU: Name the top three leading brands of sneakers.

R: This is a trick question, isn't it?

UtU: What's with Hairy Girls? Do you really like unshaved girls? Hairy pussies?

R: Actually, Wolf was the guy into the hairy girls. It all started with Samantha Bush, a Seattle girl I shot who was unshaved. I started getting lots of fan mail on her, then I heard about a magazine called HAIR TO STAY. On my next trip to Seattle I advertised for unshaved girls, shot two which became Seattle Hairy Girls Volume one, advertised it in the mag and it sold very well. I've actually grown quite fond of hairy bushes and treasure trails. I don't like designer bushes, Hitler bushes or bare. Trimmed is okay, but the full outline, nto the bikini line. I can take or leave armpit hair, sometimes it can be erotic to me. But I just can't get into hairy legs personally, the Hairy Girl fans love them, so I shoot the hairy legged girls.

UtU: Tell us about your website, rodneymoore.com, also known as monsterfacials.com. What does the site offer to visitors?

R: rodneymoore.com contains information and lots of photos and quicktime movies from the scenes I shoot. The most popular sections are the ON THE SET sections, which feature photos and info from shoots as I do them. My fans get to see the girls before the videos come out. They can also order any video I've ever made from my site. Monsterfacials.com which I'm soon going to make a separate site (but members will have access to both) features nothing but thousands of photos and movies on facial cumshots. I also have the furryfoxes.com site for the hairy girl fans, and I'm coming out with a new site for flashing and breast fans called "showmeyourrack.com". I've also got a really kinky site in the works which I can't mention yet.

UtU: What is it about facials that you find so appealing? I have a friend that finds cumming on girls' faces absolutely hilarious because they almost never actually like it and he thinks it's comical watching them blink and turn their face and try to avoid the spew. Personally, I think he just likes it because he finds it to be degrading to women, but that is his business. Why do you dig it?

R: Well, unfortunately, after doing hundreds of them in the last few years, I don't get the same charge out of watching one on video as I used to when I was just a whacker. But I remember how it was usually the only part of a movie that would really get me off. I also remember how many times I would fast forward through a movie only to be disappointed with the facial cumshot, if there even was one. That's why my motto when I started making movies was "No one who loves facial cumshots will ever be disappointed by a Rodney movie". I honestly don't know what the appeal is, I've never heard or read a good analysis of why it has appeal for so many men. Maybe it's the intimacy of it, the man's essence going into the womans mouth or on her face, the ultimate act of receiving. I don't know. I do think that I'm very much responsible for the trend towards almost 100% facials in porn today. However, there is only one "King of Cream". (Said sarcastically with a smile).

UtU: What is your opinion of really nasty porn stuff, like what Mila and Max Hardcore are putting out?

R: I honestly have mixed feelings about it. I call it "Trash Porn, like trash TV" . I am sometimes very dominant in my personal life, and have done things to women in a Master/Slave type relationship that would be similar to what Max and others do. However, these activities are consented to by both parties. If I "play" with a submissive woman, and I verbally degrade her or am rough with her, it's because she has said prior to the playing that she enjoys it, that it turns her on. Some of the stuff that degrades women in the current crop of movies can be taken as being done against the woman's will. I don't think that is good. But let's be honest, many men who watch a lot of porn haven't had much luck with women, they've been dumped, rejected and "shit on" by women. So watching degrading porn lets them get "revenge" vicariously. However, I don't believe there's any place for violence in porn. The whole appeal of hard core porn is reality, the women are really getting fucked, they really have a cock in their mouth, it's not like watching a mainstream movie where they're supposed to be having sex in bed, but they're faking it under the covers. In mainstream, the sex and violence are staged, not real. When you mix staged violence with the reality of sex in porn, it makes violence more real, more acceptable, and I am very much against any form of violence. There is some very clever stuff that's shocking but also creative and non-violent. Most of it though is just trash porn. That's just my opinion.

UtU: Has your single greatest sexual experience been on or off camera? What was it?

R: I'm drawing a blank. I'll have to go with most recent great experience, and it was a combination of the two. I did a scene early this year with Robin Wood, who I hit it off with. I had my camera girl Scarlett filming us, but she had to leave after taping about 30 minutes of sex on camera. So we went to the bedroom and had about 2 hours of sex off camera in the dark, then went back out and filmed the pop shot. That was very nice.

UtU: Just about everyone has a woman that for some reason they want to fuck, but every one else thinks she is gross. My 7th grade math teacher was wrinkled and cross-eyed, but for some reason I really wanted to do her. Is there anyone like that for you?

R: If you've ever logged into R.A.M.E. you could say assume that about most of the girls I shoot. Some of the regular posters on there always complain about the girls I shoot.

UtU: Any forthcoming releases you are excited about?

R: Drool Job Planet, Public Pop Shots, and more "I Swallows".

UtU: Having your job, is there ever a time when you don't want to get up and go to work?

R: Well, I stopped shooting couples because there's nothing more boring than sitting with a video camera in your hand waiting for some guy to get his dick hard.