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Heather Huntley     "Bye Bye Bush"

Added August 14

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Heather gets a new job as a stripper. She so excited, but there's just one catch: they want her to shave her pussy. Wanting to play with it one last time, she whips out her vibrator and has a little fun. She fingers her fuzzy bush and squeezes her big tits. She bends over on the fireplace and fucks her bearded clam deep and hard. She spanks her clit and licks all her juices off the toy before going to shave.

Dorian Grant with Rodney Moore    "Key Drop"

Classic Scene  Added August 13   JOIN NOW

Walking through the park, Dorian drops her keys. When Rodney returns it to her, she's so grateful that she jumps in his van and lets him lick her pussy and play with her big luscious boobs. Then it's back to his place for a bonking in the chair, and a big Rodney Blast on her face.

Crystal & Libbi & Rodney     "Sugar Daddy Goo for Two"

Added August 10   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

Rodney's sugar babies Crystal and Libbi are shocked to find out they have the same sugar daddy. Libbi wants Rodney all to himself, but Rodney wants a double blowjob! So he cleverly concocts a way to get his rocks off, and then the cute girls combine powers to blow his mind. They take turns devouring his huge cock and balls, helping and encouraging each other to choke on his thick meat. The good girls learn to share their sugar daddy's cock, and he rewards them with a sticky white glob of goo all over Libbi's freckled face. The sweet sexpot snowballs Rodney's cum to Crystal with a hot kiss.

Angel DeLuca & Rodney     "Face Sittin Stress Relief"

Added August 09   TRAILER

SBB bombshell Angel DeLuca can't wait to relieve some stress by sitting on her slave Rodney's face. She plants her plump pussy right down on his nose and rubs her wet juices all over his nose and mouth. She smothers submissive Rodney while he gasps for breath. He desperately licks her ass hole while she shakes her cheeks. Turns out Angel's stud--another guy--can't cum fuck her tonight. So lucky Rodney gets to pound the big boobed babe! Beautiful Angel sucks his huge dick and commands him to plow her fat twat. He pleases his Mistress so well she lets him shoot his huge load all over her hungry mouth!

Cindy Valentine with Rodney Moore    "Morning Cock"

Added August 08   JOIN NOW

Cindy has spent the night at Rodney's and when he wakes up and goes to get some coffee, he finds her still fast asleep. Rather than let her sleep the day away, he stuffs her wet pussy with his big hard cock and gently fucks her awake. Wide-eyed and aroused, Cindy gets up, then gets down on his swollen dick. She fucks him, sucks him and gets a morning facial with his Rodney Blast.

Nikki Rhodes     "Darling Nikki "

Added August 07

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Sweet and innocent Nikki comes to Rodney's studio so that he can take sexy photos of her as a surprise for her husband. She's shy when she changes into a skimpy little pink outfit, but there's no denying how hot she looks. Rodney makes her feel comfortable in front of the camera and soon she's showing her breasts and flashing her little red bush. He tells her how sexy she she is and to prove it, he takes out his big hard cock. Soon the photo shoot goes from sexy to nasty as she starts sucking his fat cock for the camera. Then Rodney fucks that tight, hairy pussy and finally gives her a Creamy Monster Facial.

Nikita & Aja with Rodney Moore    "Juice and Goo Bar"

Classic Scene  Added August 06   JOIN NOW

Hotties Nikita Denise and Aja are admiring each other's natural racks, when Rodney cums in. While the girls certainly love kissing each other, they also want some JIZZ! So Rodney drops his drawers and the girls go to town on his huge cock. They blow his big dick side by side, taking turns devouring his rod and balls. They hungry, horny babes suck and stroke Rodney's monster schlong until he shoots his white and creamy goo all over their mouths.

Mia Jemsen & Rodney     "Blue & Yellow Goo Sale"

Added August 03   JOIN NOW

Rodney stumbles across cute & sexy Mia Jemsen is sitting in an outdoor cafe. After some small talk, he tells her she would be the perfect model for a "Bob Yarrow's Blue & Yellow Sale" commercial that he's shooting, and gives her his business card. Later that day,Mia stops by Rodney's studio to do a audition for the commercial. After some candid photos, Rodney tells her that she's more likely to get the job if he can get some nude shots. At first she declines then, finally she strips naked. The sight of Mia's gorgeous perky tits and cute pussy is too much for Rodney to handle so he makes an excuse to pull out his swollen cock and masturbate. Before long, Mia has that big dick deep in her throat and then, even deeper inside her wet pussy. Until finally, Rodney squirts a huge load of sticky hot semen into her cute little mouth.

Stephanie Cane with Will Powers & Jack Vegas    "Who Do I Have to Blow?"

Added August 01   JOIN NOW

Stephanie has been trying to sell magazines all day long but she's been getting nothing by No's. For her next stop, she's determined to get a Yes and when Will begins to hesitate, Stephanie gets down on her knees and starts sucking his cock. Soon, his boss, Jack, walks in on them. He can't believe what he's seeing in his own front office. But when Stephanie offers a special two-for-one deal, he whips out his hard dick and joins in. She sucks them both until they cum in her mouth and all over her face.

Marilyn,Willow,Kiki,Denina with London, Wolf & Rodney    "Traffic School"

Cumm Brothers Classic Added July 30   Shoot Date   March 29, 1995     JOIN NOW

The Cumm Brothers attend traffic school, but they can't keep from misbehaving. Maybe it's because they want to fuck their sexy classmates. But before they know it, their dreams cum true, and a hot blonde is sucking on their buddy's cock. Now, that's way better than a boring old instructional video! Soon, all three dudes are balls deep in each of the slutty coeds and pounding hard. Then, the kinky girls have a little fun by themselves by strapping on dildos and forming a human chain of fucking, toy cock to asshole. Finally, the guys get on their knees and worship the girls' pussies and asses with their mouths, until they take turns busting on their beauties' cheeks.

Ivy Marie & Rodney     "No Frills Blowjob"

Added July 27   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

Curvy cutie Ivy Marie just got a haircut, which means her hair won't get in the way of a blowjob. To demonstrate, she immediately drops to her knees and starts polishing Rodney's huge shaft. But soon, she's face down, ass up, and submitting for a rough fuck. Her round bottom looks so tasty as Rodney rams her from behind. He flips her around so he can fuck her face some more, and then slides his thick cock into her tight, pierced pussy. She rewards him with a sloppy ass eating, before he pounds her brains out and pinches her nipples. The eager slut loves being manhandled, and graciously accepts Rodney's milky load of man juice all over mouth and cheeks.

Ashley Coda with Rodney    "Tub Suck"

Added July 25   JOIN NOW

Rodney has to use the bathroom, but his roommate Ashley is busy masturbating in the tub. Unable to wait any longer, he walks in on her. Amazed at how hot her naked body looks, he starts to jerk off. Since she's already worked up, she starts to suck his cock. Looks like a wet dream come true for both of them! She gives him a great nasty blowjob and he gives her a great Rodney Blast to swallow.

Daejha & Claudia with Rodney Moore    "Window Undressing"

Classic Scene  Added July 23   JOIN NOW

Rodney wakes up to find two sexy sluts dancing outside of his window. They say they want to come in and fuck him right now but he can only choose one. Both girls begin to show off their cock-sucking abilities on Rodney's big dick. Rodney ends up banging red-head Daejha while Latina Claudia watches with delight while masturbating the whole time. Finally, Rodney coats Daejha's face with one massive Rodney Blast.

Violet Monroe & Rodney     "Sex & Chocolate"

Added July 20   JOIN NOW

Violet flies into town to stay at her friend's place but when she gets there she finds Rodney, her friend's roommate. What's more awkward is that when she goes to take a bath, there's no privacy. Rodney promises he won't peek but as soon as she's naked, he standing there jerking off. It seems that Violet likes being watched, almost as much as she likes joining in and soon she's got Rodney's Rod hard and deep inside her pussy. They fuck and suck on the dining room table. Violet feels great but there's just one problem… she hasn't eaten all day. All she has with her is some chocolate. Rodney gives her something to go with that, a thick gooey topping of his cum. She eats it all up.

Gianna with Trent Soluri & Jack Venice    "Grease Pit Tit Job"

Added July 18   JOIN NOW

Busty Mechanic Gianna, is getting the car ready for the big race. Two of the guys in the pit crew want to see her work and also want her to put out. After tightening the nuts underneath the car, she loosens the tight nuts on the two pit guys by sucking their hard cocks and titty fucking them till they explode a load of hot, man grease all over her pretty face.

Alexis Amore with Rodney Moore    "Real Rubber"

Classic Scene  Added July 16   JOIN NOW

Spicy latina model Alexis arrives at Rodney's for a photo shoot for a new client of his. The magazine caters to people into S&M. Rodney assures her it is nothing sexual, but you know better! Soon Rodney has Alexis put on some glasses that block out all light. This makes the perfect opportunity for him to fool her by telling her his big cock is a dildo! Either she she loves it! When the glasses come off Alexis doesn't seem to care about the bait and switch because she wants the modeling job and is obviously a horny latina devil. Alexis gets the job and Rodney's seal of approval when he blasts her face with his king sized King of Cream goo.

Crystal White & Rodney     "You've Got Pubic Hair!"

Added July 13   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

Sweet and cute brunette Crystal White wants to try modeling, so Rodney graciously agrees to take some test shots of her wearing lingerie. But, he gets incredibly turned on when he spies her hairy bush and perky tits. And when he whips it out, she can't believe how hard his uncut cock is! Both aroused, they decide to explore each other's bodies…in particular, his huge dick needs to explore the inside of her pretty mouth. After she gives him some really drooly head, Rodney takes his turn licking her super furry pussy and pinching her pink nipples. He even sucks on her toes and tongues her asshole, causing her to moan with delight. Finally, Rodney fucks her hungry mouth with his massive member and spanks her juicy ass cheeks. She tickles his balls with her lips until he shoots a signature Rodney Blast all over her smiling face.

Lynn Love & Rodney     "Love that Banana"

Added July 11   JOIN NOW

Lynn Love thinks has been hired to do a banana commercial. But she finds out she has to lick it suggestively for the late night ads. She's a little out of practice, so Rodney offers his big cock as a reminder of how to lick erotically. Of course, if it's been in her mouth, it might as well go in her wet pussy, so in her wet pussy it goes. And after some deep, doggy-style action…Wow, look at that big, creamy load of Goo that Rodney leaves on her pretty face.

Soy Lin with Rodney Moore    "Noisy Neighbor"

Classic Scene  Added July 09   JOIN NOW

With all of the moaning and groaning that's normally cumming out of Rodney's pad, it's only a matter of time before the neighbors complain. So today, when he starts playing his electric piano super loud, his sexy neighbor, Soy Lin pounds on his door and asks him to quiet down. When she asks what is causing all the noise, Rodney shows her by fucking her tight Asian pussy and giving her a huge, sticky Rodney Blast.

Niki Snow & Rodney     "You Can't Do That In Here"

Added Julye 06   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

Gorgeous Polish American Niki Snow busts Rodney for shooting porn in her hotel, but he convinces her to shoot a foot fetish video with him. He starts out by licking her delicious feet, but soon he is sliding his huge dick between the surprised sweetie's soft heels. He also gets really turned on by her hairy bush while she is tickling his balls with her toes. Soon, Niki's mouth is neck deep with Rodney's giant cock. After a super sloppy blowjob, Rodney dives tongue first into her fur-covered muff. Then, Niki sucks his cock and licks his balls until he plasters her face with a thick and sticky stream of milky cum.

Brooke Logan & Rodney     "Brooke's First Time"

Added July 04   JOIN NOW

Brooke is a first time model who is nervous and shy but very cute. She's saving to buy a car and Rodney wants to help her out. He suggests that in addition to the Bikini shots that she's booked for, she does some topless modeling. That pays more, so why not? But why get a regular car when you can get a sports car? And the only way to save up for that is to do full nude modeling. It makes sense and soon Brooke's clothes are on the floor and Rodney's fat cock is out of his pants. Modeling turns to fucking with Rodney licking her pussy and Brooke sucking Rodney's Rod. When he slips it into her snatch, she moans with delight and he bangs her hard until unloading his creamy blast into her mouth. It turns out that Brooke loves to swallow!

Piper McCormick & Rodney     "Hot Licks"

Added July 02   JOIN NOW

Rodney can't seem to get a lick in on his Stratocaster because cutie-pie Piper McCormick keeps interrupting him by licking and sucking on his big fat cock. As a means to an end, Rodney takes some time to give Piper a real good fucking before covering her face in hot sticky goo and returning to his music.

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